Good Deal or Not? “all it needs is YOU!” edition

3927 Illinois Avenue Northwest

This house is located at 3927 Illinois Avenue, Northwest:

The listing says:

“Newly renovated corner unit! 5BR/3.5Bath home with tons of space. Brand new kitchen with SS appliances, granite counter tops, new hardwood floors, professional landscaping, brand new rear deck, plenty of storage space, a fully finished basement with tons of natural light & tall ceiling heights. The home was just professionally painted and cleaned, all it needs is YOU!”

You can see more photos here.

This 5 bed/3.5 bath is going for $699,000.

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  • bfinpetworth

    Nice. I know there are houses in that neighborhood going for that much or even more. This one has a few issues though. First, the kitchen looks like it was redone just to sell the house and lacks certain aesthetics. Like don’t put in cheap stainless appliances like that refrigerator and expect people to ooh and aah at it. That one looks like crap there. It also needs an island or something to make it not look like they just tore a wall down and added granite (ugly granite at that). Also, the backyard looks a mess – potential is there, but it is bad right now.

    Given all that, I’d say it is not a good deal but it still may go for that price given its size, end unit, and potential. But the buyer is going to have to put some more money into it for that potential to be realized.

  • Wow, that kitchen has hardly any counter space at all

  • It’s a fine house but too much money for a neighborhood where there are still too many crime incidents. That half mile walk from the Metro will be dodgy for at least another 5-7 years. For that money, I could live in a house about as big, where it is less difficult to park, less noisy, more wooded, and as close or nearly as close to the Metro in either Takoma Park or Silver Spring.

    • You have clearly not been in the neighborhood recently, nor looked at crime stats.

    • Yeah, you clearly are a few years behind the times. Plently of people, myself included, live in that area and walk to and from the metro every day. I’ve lived in Petworth for about 10 years and it is nothing like what you describe.

    • Difficult to park? The house has dedicated off street parking.

      • You don’t just multiply pi by the amount of teenage sons of the middle-class black families in a neighborhood to get the number of “crime incidents”. You have to only count crimes that were actually committed.

        That said, too much money. Those houses were built to be affordable. They all look the same.

    • we live one block away from this house, and it is not a sketchy walk at all – I walk it twice a day.

      The price seems about right considering what renovated houses have been selling for in the immediate vicinity in the past year or so. I agree that some things need work (central air, crappy kitchen, etc), but houses with less square footage are selling for right around this price, so I think the extra square footage makes up for it.

      n.b.: basement ceilings do not look tall to me…

  • Interesting radiator retrofits on the first floor.

  • All it needs is you, forced air heating, major landscaping work, a kitchen upgrade, and a boat load of cash…

  • Hmmm… What appears to be a combination of baseboard electric and radiator heat? Expensive! Central air? Not that I saw. And a backyard that’s landscaped with…uh…dirt.

    I wouldn’t pay $700K for this place. You can still find properties in the southern end of Petworth with a much higher level of renovation for that price.

  • this place does NOT need landscape work. Nor is it a dodgy walk. I walk past here daily and the landscaping is awesome (read, nice mix of seasonal interest, native, evergreen, etc).

    • bfinpetworth

      you have to look at the picture of the back yard. It is not landscaped.

      • The yard is very well landscaped, not sure which of the pictures you are looking at. It is one of the nicer yards in the neighborhood. The previous owners have certainly put a lot of time into maintaining it.

        • Definitely one of the very best yards around…beautifully done and maintained. The back area is small and lacks privacy.

          The ‘weird radiator’ is baseboard hydronic – hot water – like the old cast-iron radiators – and is very nice heat, much more efficient convectors than the older ones. The best kind of heat there is.

          Depending on how you walk to the metro from here, there are some sketch stretches – if you stay on Shepherd to New Hampshire, the 600 block of Shepherd is not great…really from Blessed to New Hampshire is so-so. Rock Creek Church, Quincy or Randolph are great.

          I will be interested to see if it really goes for this much without Central AC. Very well cared for house.

  • If there’s no central air, that’s a big minus. (Why would you go to the trouble of renovating a house and not put in air conditioning?)
    I can’t tell whether the existing stuff at the baseboards is baseboard electric or some funky kind of radiator — if radiator, that’s OK, but baseboard electric is waaaaay expensive.

  • I live across the street from the house. The picture of the backyard is misleading. That’s the bit of land between the alley and the deck. 90% of the yard – the side and front – is landscaped beautifully, plus there’s a small patio and a deck. It would be easy to clean up/pave for off-street parking, though there is ample on-street parking.

    The house isn’t a flip – the owner’s lived there around 10 years – and when he bought it, he took it down to the studs and had it rebuilt, so everything’s fairly new. I just wish there were pictures of the rest of the bedrooms and bathrooms. Curiosity…

    And the neighborhood is safer than many – it’s a diverse mix of singles, families, and older homeowners. I’ve accidentally left my car unlocked, and everything’s been there the next day. It’s an easy, safe walk to the Metro, and people are friendly. And it’s a lovely, quiet neighborhood, a block from the Soldier’s Home and Lincoln’s Cottage (great views of the fireworks, without the hassle of getting down to the Mall).

  • For what you get for the price… I would rather go with 615 Hamilton St NW.. I love what they did to that home. The developer gave us a tour and all I can say is WoW!

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