Frye Boots Opening in early September in Georgetown

1066 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

From the Georgetown BID:

“Break out those wallets, Georgetown! @TheFryeCompany flagship store opens at 1066 Wisconsin Ave. TODAY!”

Back in Dec. of last year we first heard some scuttlebutt that a Frye Boots was coming to the former Papa Razzi space in Georgetown.

Apparently the Georgetown BID was a bit overeager – UPDATE from Frye’s PR team: “Their opening is currently slated for early September”

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  • “Break out those wallets, Georgetown!”
    Is there a type of person who would respond favorably to reading this?

    • Maybe wealthy Georgetown residents for whom breaking out the wallet is as normal as breathing? I agree– I’m a boot lover, and I’ve heard great things about Frye, and I’m excited that it’s finally boot season, but I’d rather not be reminded of how much I’ll potentially be spending there.

    • Power of flight – you’ve clearly never owned a pair of Frye boots.

  • I certainly respond favorably and can’t wait to take my 30 year old Frye boots down there and get a new pair!

  • Alright, people in this town like boots.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaand i’m broke. take my paycheck

  • clearly. you have to be an owner to appreciate and if you take good care, you’ll only break out the wallet once in 20 years.

  • Welcome to the 1970s!

  • Wow – memory road here! Around 1983 I was setting off on a trip around the world. A woman at my going away party had a brand-new pair of Frye boots that cost as much as all the money I was taking with me. Yes, it was a backpacking/hitchhiking/ hostel/camping/work my way along kind of trip – but I lasted for 2 years on the price of her Frye boots!

  • Blithe

    Frye boots can easily last over a decade — bringing the cost-per-wearing down to pennies. Frye boots and Phillip’s shoe repair shop are my perfect combination.

    • Don’t most shoes last for over a decade it you take them in for repairs?

      • Nope. Most of my shoes and boots aren’t worth repairing after a season.

        • Why not? I have $25 shoes from H&M and $12 shoes from Rack Room and I’ve gotten the heel tips replaced on those at least half a dozen times. It’s very wasteful to throw away a pair of shoes as soon as something needs to be repaired.

          • I walk a LOT, and I’m “hard” on shoes. Getting heels and soles replaced can cost a lot . If the insoles are worn out and/ or the uppers need something more than a cosmetic fix, it’s not usually cost effective to repair them unless they are very well-made, comfortable shoes. I would rarely – if ever, spend more than 30% of what it would cost to replace the shoes to repair them. Fryes are well made – particularly the ones still made in the US, so the price of the repairs makes sense. For less than the cost of a pair of good shoes, I can get another year of wear from my Frye’s.

          • A walk a lot too, and need the heel tips replaced on my favorite shoes about once a month. Doesn’t matter if the shoes are expensive or cheap, the tips wear down at the same rate and cost the same ($7.50) to replace.

  • Had a pair in the late 70’s (ok, jr/sr in high school), loved them so much but they were lost in a move. Thankfully the exact model is back/still around-I have missed those since then, and am so happy to be able to get the same ones I had so many years later. Great boots; you’ll wear your money’s worth for years!

    • I , too, had a pair in the 70’s – and I remember how appalled my Mom was when I was breaking in my Levi’s and my Frye’s at the same time…. Not for the faint hearted!

  • Have been waiting for this. Just got rid if my last pair of non Frye black boots and was waiting for it to open to buy a new pair.

  • OMG, I have wanted to own a pair of Frye Boots my entire life but the ones I want are so expensive. I may have to splurge.

    • You might want to check out – the sale outlet for Zappos, in addition to zappos and the Frye store. I recently got a pair of wonderful Frye boots for half price online. Since I think Frye’s are actually worth the money, finding Frye’s on sale is pretty sweet.

  • Zappos is great if you’re looking for discontinued shoes, but they never have the current Frye boots I need. No doubt the boots aren’t cheap, but I heard they have a limited 2 year warranty so if you damage your shoes, they’ll have them fixed or replaced. Can’t beat that!

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