From the Forum – What are reasons why a Neighbor Would Hire a Land Surveyor?

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What are reasons why a Neighbor Would Hire a Land Surveyor?

“My neighbor’s had a land surveyor at their house today. Just curious what would be a possible reason for it? They are renters and I have a feeling they are vacating the property soon. Is it possible the owner is selling it?”

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  • I like to think they are just trolling for nosy neighbors.

  • If the house is stand-alone or has a yard, it could mean they are interested in determining the location of their property line precisely. Your neighbor may be selling the place, or preparing to resolve a property dispute (e.g. if you built a fence over a portion of their property, they may want to be sure that it is documented before they sell the place and/or seek proper compensation for that land). Most-likely the renters were not the ones to pay for the surveyor.

    Otherwise, they could be living out their feudalistic dreams of re-implementing Norman yoke and becoming emperors of their neighbors’ domain…

    • Now that you mention it, I think “being emperors of the neighbors domain” describes quite a few people in DC.

  • They could be doing an addition. They could be building a deck or a porch. They could be putting in a fence. They could be selling, but usually a survey is done after the property is sold prior to closing. They could be putting in a garage. They could just be curious. It’s possible but not likely they would be doing a survey for a refinance. The owner could have died and the heir is putting on a new loan. The survey company could have gone to the wrong house and they are doing nothing at all. I doubt the renters hired the surveyor. I find it weird that you are so concerned.

  • putting a fence, deck, patio etc, anythign that could extend into the public space. Given that it can vary, the publc space could practically be adjacent to house even though its appears to be their own yard.

  • It could be for a lot of things, but my first thought was a new fence. IIRC, Long Fence wouldn’t do the work until we had done a land survey.

  • This was my post. I was able to speak with the renters and they are vacating. The house has either already sold or will be put on the market.

  • I don’t know why your neighbor would need one, but I do know that no one should hire Tony Currie as their surveyor. I had a terrible experience with him.

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