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  • This blog has some detailed information on their historically accurate stair renovations and search for a contractor. http://oldtownhome.com/2011/5/13/Cast-Iron-Front-Stairs—Step-Two/index.aspx

    It costs money to do it right.

  • Try to find Fred Mashack. He did work for the homeowners that have the blog Old Town Home and they had a good experience with him. Hopefully you find him by googling (and hopefully he’s still working).

  • Fred is good but is very very very expensive. Does anyone know of other options?

  • If you dig back (to early 2012) in the capitolhilldc listerv I asked a question about getting someone to replace my stolen gate. There were a few recommendations for guys that do iron work– I went with Jim Campbell who did a good job building me a new one.

  • I had Jim (or James?) Campbell do a security screen for my front gate.

    When he visited to give me a quote he was trucking around a HUGE set of iron stairs and showed me how he was repairing and reinstalling it. Looked like a big job.

    Given that I would suggest reaching out to him ([email protected]) and see if he can help.

    Working with him was pretty easy and the results are good – but it has only been a month or two so I can’t vouch for long-term.

  • Try Independent Metal Works for your historical iron needs. Woman and veteran owned, too! http://www.independentmetalworks.com

  • There’s also Suburban Welding in Virginia who knows how to do the Ni-rod welds that cast iron requires, so they do repair, but might not be able to help if you’re looking for replacement parts. Mashack and Campbell will actually cast replacement parts if you need them.

    Rumor has it there’s a cast iron guy from Richmond getting some DC jobs, but my google goggles must be broken.

  • Banks B. Banks. Google him, he’s got a nice website. He installed some bars on a basement window for us. Hopefully one day we can have him do something a little more interesting with the front railings.

  • We used Bartolo Ironworks to fabricate new stairs, but I believe they do repairs as well. They did a great job at a reasonable price for the new stairs.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    From Carlos:

    “I have a great local referral of an artisan welder with a machine shop

    just around the corner on Ontario Road alley from me here on Champlain.

    Paul from Suburban Welding told me a job could not be done to a century old ornamental staircase

    on one of my properties because of deteriorated support stringers. Not our friend/neighbor on Ontario alley.”

    • Carlos,

      Do you happen to have the name or contact information of your friend/neighbor on Ontario alley? Thanks!

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