From the Forum – General practitioner recommendations for GEHA insurance?

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General practitioner recommendations for GEHA insurance?

“Any other federal employees out there who have GEHA insurance and a general practitioner you recommend, preferably one somewhere in the city? I live in Mount Pleasant and work near Union Station, so extra bonus points for being close to one of those two locations. Thanks!”

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  • Ugh. Sorry to say, that’s why I switched from GEHA to Blue Cross-Blue Shield. Very hard to find a GEHA doctor, in my experience. Apologies for the non-helpful comment.

    • Oh, but wait! Any Blue Cross recs? I haven’t found a good DC PCP with them…

      • Comprehensive Primary Care is a new-ish practice that I believe is still taking new patients. I wouldn’t say my PCP is anything special, but she’s nice enough and takes my insurance and is located near a metro (even if said metro is an hour from where I live!). That’s about the best you can hope for in DC.

      • The Medical Faculty Associates group out of GW takes BC and my primary care doc there is Bonita Coe. She is fine (I haven’t seen her that many times) and scheduling is reasonably easy. I find I like having a big group practice because any referrals are close by. They have a couple of locations, one on GW campus and one nearby at 20th and M.

  • Hard to find any PCP taking insurance that isn’t in upper NW or the ‘burbs.

  • I’ve never had any trouble finding a GEHA doctor. They’re part of UnitedHealthcare which is pretty widely accepted. The issue has more been finding a PCP that is accepting new patients. I see Dr. McMackin in Foggy Bottom, as do a few of my friends. They tried doing some sort of membership based practice a few years ago. Not sure if they’re still doing that, but I was a patient before they made the switch and still see them with no change to the service I get.

  • Try checking ZocDoc. You can filter by health insurance and specialty, as well as look at reviews, and book an appointment right within the app. I have Care First, and found a dermatologist, dentist, ENT, and eye doctor through that and love it. They seem to have a lot of doctors in DC, as well.

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