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Dealing with Yelping Dogs:

“My noisy neighbor lets her yelping dogs out at night in the backyard. They are her security system instead of an alarm. Usually she brings them back in, but last night she didn’t. She is not receptive when I try to engage her about keeping noise down; we are in attached rowhouses.
The dog clearly wanted to come inside last night at 1am. She sleeps in the front, so she probably didn’t hear them. I managed to fall asleep but was awoken around 3am by it.
Any suggestions?”

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  • I feel you on this one. I had neighbors who had two big hound dogs and they let them howl nonstop at all hours of the day and night. 6am on Saturday morning, 10pm on a weeknight…it was awful. I’m not sure how you couldn’t be aware that would bother people! If she refuses to try to make the situation better, I’d issue a noise complaint with the police. They will come if it is excessive noise. If it continues, call animal control and report her (also if the dogs show any sign of neglect, skip the police and call Washington Humane Society to report her).

  • My view has always been that barking dogs inside a house are just a menace of living in the city. But barking dogs left in the back yard are a nuisance. If it persists, I would file a complaint with the police.

    • Totally concur. Report as a noise violation next time. You’ll be helping the dogs and your other neighbors.

  • epric002

    the humane society can’t do anything about the barking nuisance, but absolutely call them if you suspect neglect. i actually have the # programmed in to my phone to report barking dogs, but can’t access it at the moment. 311 will direct you to the correct department- it’s a police issue (and i’ve had good luck with quick responses), not a humane issue.

  • Definitely call WHS if they are left outside for extended periods of time with no food, water, and/or shelter: 202-234-8626. I think police for noise issues. . .

  • they obviously long to be free – liberate them!

  • If they are Yelping, take away their computers and they will stop 😉 I am assuming there are lots of reviews of Petco.


    “900.1 No person shall own or keep a dog that, by barking or in any other manner,
    disturbs the quiet of any neighborhood or any person.”

    “900.9 Any person violating any provision of §§ 900.1 through 900.6 shall be
    punished by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars ($ 300), or by
    imprisonment not exceeding ten (10) days.”

  • There’s a rottweiller behind my building that is out 24/7 and used to bark ALL THE TIME. It took a lot of effort to finally get the owners to do something. Several neighbors tried to talk to the dog’s owner, but were only met with hostility (fun, racial hostility). I called the humane society and they came out and said the living conditions met the minimum requirements, so they couldn’t do anything. I started calling 911 regularly and the police would talk to the owners and the barking would stop for about an hour. The cops would tell me there wasn’t any more they could do – they said ticketing the owner for a noise violation required them to measure the level of noise, etc. This might be true for noise issues, but there’s also a statute that allows the police to gives tickets up the $300 for nusiance animals.

    I finally starting emailing the police commander for our district, explained the situation, and asked that his officers use the nusiance animal statute to ticket these people. After several emails, he finally directed the officers to ticket the owners the next time there was a complaint. I assume they finally got a $300 ticket because the barking has significantly dropped.

    Another option I looked into was a mediation program through the DC courts –

    Good luck. I feel your pain. I have a large dog and my neighbors have not heard him bark in four years; it’s not that hard to be a good dog owner.

    • Ugh…conditions meet the minimum requirements. If a dog is left out to bark 24/7, that right there is not meeting minimum requirements of dog ownership in my mind. But I’m one of those weirdos who thinks dogs are members of the family and not simply an alarm system…

  • When she lets her dogs out to bark, I would play the loudest and most bass filled songs until she stopped the dogs.

  • I resent the fact this posting has a picture of two beautiful italian greyhounds that have nothing to do with the yelping problem!

  • Why not knock on the door/ring the bell at 1am? Just like dogs don’t respond to delayed punishment your neighbor probably won’t respond with any urgency/sincerity to a delayed conversation. Next time, get out of bed (you are already awake), put on your robe and knock on her door. Ring/knock till she wakes up and then see if she’ll do anything about it. Even if she doesn’t at least she is awake with you.

  • Barkstoppers – one of several kinds of ultrasonic device that emits a sound annoying to the dogs when they bark. You set it up in your own yard. Doesn’t work if you are on a very noisy street however.

  • justinbc

    It’s pretty bad when Yelp has become so unreliable that even dogs are using it now.

  • burritosinstereo

    You should launch a counter-attack by blasting “Who let the Dogs Out” at full volume at 2am.

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