From the Forum – Car Wash Service Refused Because My Car Was Too Dirty

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Car Wash Service Refused Because My Car Was Too Dirty

“I went to the Montgomery Hills Car Wash (on Georgia Ave.) today and they REFUSED TO WASH MY CAR. I asked for the regular wash ($13) and was told my car was too dirty and that I would need to get the ultimate wash ($22). Admittedly, my car was pretty dirty, but that’s why I went to get it washed in the first place!

Moreover, I’ve shown up with an equally dirty car to this car wash before and have found the regular wash to be more than sufficient. Nowhere on their website or any of their signage onsite does it stipulate that a vehicle may be “too dirty” to receive a certain type of wash. In addition, I stressed a number of times, that I didn’t care if it was perfectly clean, but that I wanted the best they could do with the regular wash. Not only did they refuse to wash the car, but I was treated rudely by the staff (particularly the gentleman that seemed to be in charge outside). I left a message with the manager, but have not yet heard back.

Am I right to be upset that they refused to wash my car? Any suggestions for actions I can take to rectify the situation?”

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  • Get some soap, a hose and rags and wash it yourself.

  • yeah.. Don’t go back. You’ve written your article and maybe even a yelp review. Walk away, don’t look back and especially don’t keep fretting about it. There are plenty of other places in the Metro area you can clean your dirty car.

  • “Am I right to be upset that they refused to wash my car?”
    They didn’t refuse to wash it, they just wanted to charge you more for the service. And sure, you can be mad about it.

    “Any suggestions for actions I can take to rectify the situation?”
    Go to another car wash.

  • lovefifteen

    Take your business somewhere else, or perhaps pay them $9 more since your car is disgustingly filthy.

  • Is this a serious question/dilemma? Wow.

  • They should have given you the service you asked for, agreed. I don’t know what the difference between washes is, but I would imagine that they were trying to circumvent criticism, in case the wash you wanted didn’t get the job done. I don’t think that there is much that you can do besides flame them on Yelp and find another car wash.

  • Yeah … this just seems kind of whiny. Do you really expect a car wash to have signage (particularly what they already have, on a very small lot) that says, in effect, “sometimes it’s just too dirty”? And is it fair for OP to say s/he was refused service, when the story is in fact that they just said you’d have to pay extra?

    Withdraw your business if you must, but the folks who work at these places spend most of their days on their feet or knees in scorching heat and sun for a minimum wage and paltry tips, so I’m pretty unsympathetic to OP jeopardizing somebody’s employment over not wanting to pay an extra $8, which is the direction this seems headed. Especially with the admission that the car _was_ really dirty.

  • this is so stupid. they probably felt your car was too dirty to do a satisfactory job for the $13 wash. it’s the same as if you pay someone to clean your home. they are probably going to charge you more if you leave it disgusting. my advice: stop whining, wash it yourself or take it somewhere else.

  • I once had a girlfriend who had constant, free-floating anger, and was always trying to find a reason to justify it. Thank goodness she is long gone.

    You sound like her

    You ask: “Any suggestions for actiona I can take to rectify the situation?” — Yes – see a therapist.

  • +1

    If your car is that dirty, it makes cars washed after it dirty. I’m also guessing that the interior was dirty too? Stop neglecting your car, it has feelings.

  • Go further north on Georgia to Mr. Car Wash in Silver Spring. Competitive prices and they will not turn you away. 🙂

  • WOW…

    Is this part of a new listing or something… Joke of the Day.

  • It seems reasonable to me that a car can reach a certain level of dirtiness where they do not want to wash it for $13. The did not refuse to wash your car; it’s really disingenuous to say that they did.

    Suggestions for rectifying the situation: 1. Don’t let your car get that dirty before you bring it to the car wash. 2. Pay $22. 3. Find a different car wash.

  • Agree with those who say take it to Mr. Car Wash in Silver Spring. They’ll wash anything no matter how dirty it is, hell they’d even wash Anthony Weiner if he paid them!

  • Poor car. How did it manage to get so dirty despite all the rain we’ve been having?

  • I would never let a stranger wash my car, let alone pay someone to do it. Unless it’s a touchless car wash, it will damage the paint.

    High-pressure washes are much better but they tend to strip wax as well.

  • How is this a dilemma? At worst, they were aggressively trying to upsell you, which is no fun. But to “rectify” the situation…I mean, I’m not a lawyer, but I doubt this place is legally obligated to wash your car at the price you want them to. Step one, call the manager, which is done. Step two, if it comes to that, Yelp about how the staff are rude and the manager never responded, and their customer service sucks, if you want. Step three, let it go and take your business elsewhere.

  • I bet that car was hoarder style dirty.

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