Found Cat in Mt. Pleasant – UPDATE – Owner Found


“Dear PoPville,

My fiancée and I live in mount pleasant and a cat followed us home into our apartment this evening (tues 8/20). She is declawed and although she has a collar she has no tags, which leads us to believe she is an indoor cat that has gotten lost. She was very thirsty, and we are hoping for some help in finding her owners.”

UPDATE – Owner Found – thanks everyone!

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  • What a sweetie. Looks just like the cat I had growing up. Good luck finding his home

  • Since she’s declawed she might be microchipped. You should also put fliers of her picture around your neighborhood but be VERY CAREFUL about who you reliquish her to. A lot of nuts out there. It might be better to wait a day or two to see if any *lost cat* fliers go up instead.

  • Hi, this looks an awful lot like my roommate’s cat, who is not in the house right now (he’s a semi-outdoor cat). Is the collar burgundy/red by any chance?

  • Hmmm…that cat does look familiar. I know that a few weeks ago someone at 18th and Newton was asking about their lost cat – but that was a while ago. Trying to think where I have seen that cat before. Some flyers may be a good idea. Will ask around.

  • Thanks for seeing this rachel. Yes, that looks like Steve. Please call or text 201 951 1213. I have a gallery of photos to prove we belong to him.

  • Oh he looks just like my kitty growing up! I hope everything works out okay.

  • Does she have a tail? Saw a lost sign on Connecticut bus stop the other day for a similar cat who wandered off from a new home.

  • That looks like the cat we call “neighborhood cat.” If so, it’s been hanging around the neighborhood for at least a year.

    • is “neighborhood cat” one that runs up and down Mt. Pleasant St. near Marx Cafe? i see that cat all the time and wonder if it has an owner or is just loose. i hate to see stray animals (they need a home!) but i’m also loathe to call the humane society without more info…

  • Okay what kind of name is STEVE for a cat? Was fluffy already taken? LOL!

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