Former Building Shells Become The Otis and The Redding 1 Bedroom Condos on Otis Place

809-811 Otis Place, NW

Well this the greatest name for a pair of buildings I’ve ever seen. The Otis was a former dilapidated shell for as long as I can remember. Now the Otis website says:

“1 Bedroom homes from the mid-$200’s Why rent when you can afford to own? Available Summer 2013”

Facing the El Haynes school and Georgia Ave

And another long vacant dilapidated building across the street will be called the Redding. Despite the possible accusations of swagger jacking, I think this is brilliant!

812 Otis Place, NW

Here is the great Otis Redding:

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  • That’s awesome. 🙂

  • brookland_rez

    Those are great deals. $250k is a price that should be within reach of a lot of young people, depending on the condo fees. And that’s within walking distance of a lot of stuff.

    • It definitely is and it has piqued my interest, but how much are you going to get for that price? and aren’t these priced to start a bidding war (depending on the size/quality/fees/etc)? So are you really going to get them for $250k?

      I love the names. Great choice.

  • Fully agree with brookland_rez! (Although, I’m guessing that you won’t get many high-end finishes at $250k, but that’s totally fine by me. Normal folks need a place to live too!)

  • that fence is way too high! not sure how it was approved

  • I gotta chuckle a little at the website’s mention of the “Columbia Heights ‘Hip Strip.'” Makes it sound like they mean “walking distance to burlesque!” 😉

  • Bravo and well played to the developers for tying in the street name with the late great Otis Redding, a man who cannot get enough praise (buy his songs on iTunes, you won’t regret it!)

  • “Where them towers go?”

    “Slow train rolling.”

    *confused look*

    “Progress Lamar! Progress!”

    *creepy laughter*

  • It’s interesting to see all of the changes that are taking place in our neighborhoods. I am curious, however, as to noting that the buildings of 809-811 are “Petworth”. My understanding of the neighborhood boundaries are that that area is “Park View”. Am I mistaken?

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