Finally a New Tenant for the former Blockbuster Space in Adams Morgan – A Health Clinic

1805 Columbia Road, NW

Thanks to two readers for sending word about the new tenant coming to the former Blockbuster space (closed since Aug. 2010) in Adams Morgan. Though at first we heard it would become a Citibank new permits have been posted and work has begun on a new medical clinic – Medstar Health:


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  • Oh, I’m sure there will be bitching from the usual NIMBY’s about this, but I think this is a pretty good thing. A daytime business that provides a service to the neighborhood and it’s not a bar! There will be naysayers, there always are.

    • Ditto, ditto, ditto. Between the employees and the patients, it will drive foot traffic to an otherwise sorta quiet area during the day. This is good for everyone – local business owners, residents of the apartment building above, etc.


  • Now if they’d only do something with the old Blockbuster at 17 an P

    • I’ve seen some stuff going on in there a few times in the past couple of weeks but I’m not sure exactly what is up.

    • Didn’t it become a gym/personal training center after BB shut down? What happened to the gym?

      • Ugh, Logan Circle already has too many gyms. I realize it’s just bursting with people who think they’re pretty, but it’s getting to be ridiculous! There’s a gym on every block!!

      • Oops… I see you were talking about the former Blockbuster site at 17th and P, not the one in Adams Morgan.

        (Isn’t 17th & P still Dupont, though?)

  • Fantastic! I dug that they opened the clinic in Cleveland Park a couple years ago. I went there a few times when I was sans health insurance and was able to get reasonable care at a reasonable price. Hope this place will provide an affordable alternative for folks.

  • Sounds like a good addition to the neighborhood. It’s always nice to have doctors close when you need them. My only question is will the medications will be locally-sourced?

  • Any idea what kind of clinic? Like, a walk-in/urgent care clinic?

  • goaldigger

    Here is a little more info on the clinic: This is a great addition to the neighborhood. I had strep throat this Spring and had to drag myself over to the Medics USA on 14th St (not the end of the earth but far if you are feeling like death).

  • I live just around the corner and I think it’s a fine addition to the neighborhood.

  • they only that would have been better is cleaners or cell phone store. a bank is an absolutely perfect use for such prime real estate in admo

    • Cell phone store?!? Aren’t there already three or so on the 1700 block of Columbia, just on the other side of 18th Street?

      There’s also a cleaner on the 1700 block of Columbia and at least one cleaner on the other side of the former Blockbuster site, between that storefront and Napoleon (or whatever it’s called now — can’t remember if it’s changed names/ownership).

    • Or maybe you were being sarcastic?

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