Fido & Kitty’s World Pet Store Opening in Petworth August 24th

4130 Georgia Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I had a tour here today. Here is a sneak preview of the new pet store coming up in Petworth. Projected opening day August 24th, 2013. Here are some of the cool things they offer:

Pet food/ they do delivery.
Pet accessories
Self Dog wash
Private Dog park in the back for their Loyal customers.
Dog walk.
Great addition to Petworth.”

Ed. Note: This is located right next door to Epiphany Open Pit Beef & Subs near the YES! Organic Market.



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  • With Petco opening a few minutes away, I hope they do well.

  • Does painting a wood fence with trees and a concrete slab constitute a dog park?

  • They have a few more weeks, maybe the landscaping is just the last part of the opening prep? It would be great if that back area was used for some other purposes as well. With it enclosed like that it might be a good spot for obedience training, or adoption programs? Regardless, it’s nice to see businesses opening up on that stretch – once the Safeway is built that whole area is going to completely transform.

  • Excited to check out when it opens. I have walked by many times and I had wondered if it was an old project that had died. Happy to see another local business pop up in the neighborhood though!

  • Where is this Petco you speak of? Columbia Heights?

    I think that’s far enough away if the pricing at Fido & Kitty’s is competitive enough. The store looks much better than i expected, I’m looking forward to the opening! Hopefully Petworth Animal Clinic renovates a bit also, their waiting room is tough.

  • Nice sign. I hope they do cat grooming. I would prefer this over Petco any day. Please carry Science Diet cat food. Looking forward to shopping here soon!

  • GOING to?! I think its done pretty well for itself in the short 7 years I’ve lived within a block of this place.

  • If they carry Weruva, I’m in. My cats go apeshit (catshit?) for that stuff.

    • I feed Weruva to my cats, too. I get it from Amazon, but I’d be willing to switch in order to support a small local business.

  • I hope they going to carry Grain free products that petco doesn’t carry. I Will definitely shop and use the park. Parking in Columbia hights is crazy. . Yes yes

  • I believe they’re going to have premium pet food, accessories, etc. I feed my dog Taste of  the wild & Zuke’s for treats. I am so exited for our neighborhood.

  • exciting! will be a perfect addition to the area. welcome!!

  • agreed. welcome. stock orange bag of cat iams please

  • Gotta say – it costs more, but I love having a pet shop within walking distance. The owner is great, super- knowledgeable – a great resource, especially for first-time pet owners. It’s the only errand I can run on my dog walks, and while a lot of employees have come and gone, they’ve (almost) all been friendly, helpful and really sweet with my mutt. I hope this place will be as good a neighbor and earns the support and loyalty of the neighborhood – even if you have the cheaper Petco option a mile or so away.

  • Looks great! Have been eagerly anticipating.

  • notlawd

    Sounds great! I hope they have one of those pet tag engraving machnines. Somehow my dog is constantly losing hers and I always have to go out to the burbs to get another. I guess there is always the Petco option if not, but I would love to keep my business here.

  • I am really excited for this place to open! I am always looking for no soy, no wheat, no corn food for my dog. I also think the back patio has a lot of potential. Happy to have this place in the neighborhood!

  • I’m so excited for this shop to open! It’s been not so fun dragging 30lb bags of dog food all the way back to Petworth. This store is only a few blocks from my place, and as the pictures show, seems really awesome. Love the idea of the little dog park in the back too. Can’t wait!

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