Eola Restaurant Closing in Dupont August 31st

2020 P Street, NW

@toddkliman tweets the sad news:

“Big #DCrestaurant news: Eola, the inventive, offal-loving tasting menu restaurant in Dupont, will close. Last night of service: Aug. 31”

Eola’s website says:

“Regretfully Eola’s last service will be August 31st. The past four years have been an incredible ride and I’m proud of what we have accomplished. I would to extend my gratitude to my staff both past and present. Without their hard work and dedication, Eola would not have existed. I would also like to thank our guests of the past four years for their support.

Daniel Singhofen”

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  • Ate there once. Was tasty, but everything cost about 50% more than what it should’ve.

  • Yea, I don’t think folks are going to lose too much sleep over this one.

  • who would’ve thought a mostly organ-based menu would have trouble attracting customers…

  • Never forget my wife and I visiting soon after this place opened and being greeted with smoked pig’s heart–as an amuse-bouche, no less! Needless to say, my wife’s bouche was not very amuse’d–nor was mine, for that matter–and we haven’t gone back since . . . .

  • oddly enough, they had an incredible vegetarian tasting menu. But, it was always pretty empty so this is not surprising. will be watching where this chef turns up next.

  • This place is amazing. The chef made us a special menu tonight off the cuff and boy is he talented. I don’t judgefood Off someone else opinion. This food was great, and that’s saying a lot for someone that is closing in two weeks. Food impeccable. Service on point. Its a shame. ……

  • Can’t say I’m surprised. Went three months ago on a Friday, and the restaurant was deserted. Three tables seated, total. Unfortuantely, the food was affirmatively not good. Two of the offal menu courses were way oversalted- to the extent I tasted my wife’s beef loin and couldn’t taste a darn thing. All of the offal meats were preserved in some form or fashion (picked tongue, confit heart, cured jowl). Service was good, but the food, while showing a good deal of technical skill, was just not deserving of the price tag.

    It was a pity- the cash-strapped situation of the restaurant was even apparent during the meal. The deserts were made from basic ingredients (i.e. pastry cream and strawberries, creme brule), and not more expensive ingredients (i.e. chocolate, etc), the offal meats were all in a preserved form, and the wine pours were stingy (perhaps a quarter glass (2 sips) each course, for 9 bucks a piece). I also heard the waitress talking to another table, saying that they were starting a new 3-course prix fixe on weekdays for 35 bucks, and relying on word of mouth to promote it. Of course, with an empty restaurant on a Friday night, word of mouth isn’t something you want to rely on. The empty restaurant, weekday specials, wine pours, and even the food, added up to “on its way out.”

    I wish I could have gone here in its prime. But the chef’s talented- I’m sure he’ll land on his feet.

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