DPR’s Doggie Day Swim is Saturday September 7th

Photo by PoPville flickr user Wayan Vota

“Dear PoPville,

Are dates up yet for doggie swim day 2013 in the local pools?”

I’m told this year it will be the Sat. after labor day (Sept. 7th) but they are still finalizing which pools will host. Last year it was at Upshur and Francis pools but I’ll update when it’s been finalized.

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  • Oh, the Doggie Dip. To me, the signal that summer has ended.

  • I always look forward to this one – so much fun! But, be sure you have your dog registration up-to-date before you go. If you don’t have that tag and the vet’s rabies tag, you waste a trip out there for nothing – they won’t let you in!

    • Yeah, I made that mistake last year! I’m surprised to see so many dogs in the picture above. Last year at Upshur there were only one or two that had the necessary paperwork to get in.

  • I hope all those dogs will be wearing the DPR-approved swim wear.

    • Standard swimwear for teen males at DC pools these days seems to be any old shorts, worn over the cotton underwear that’s been rubbing against their underparts all day. So in the grand scheme of things, the Dog Dip doesn’t seem so unsanitary anymore.

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