Diego Tex-Mex Already Closed – Will Reopen “in the coming weeks” at 14th and V St, NW

14th and V Street, NW

After great anticipation and a long time coming the Diego Tex-Mex restaurant recently opened up at 14th and V St, NW (the former AM PM Carryout space) on July 18th. On Thursday night Aug. 1st I got emails and tweets saying they had already closed. One reader wrote:

“Just passed by and it looks closed–for good–already. Know what happened? Or is it just for the day?”

Another reader tweeted the same night:

“Diego on 14th & V closed? Sign says to stay tuned for grand opening. Some staff outside apparently didn’t get the memo”

CityPaper reports that they closed because the owner was “not happy with the service and the food”. Apparently they’ve already hired a new chef. Stay tuned for a new “grand opening in the coming weeks”:


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  • Perhaps he can also fix the ugly signage?

  • I know, the AM PM signage was far more attractive.

  • It’s okay, head to Judy’s up the street b/w W and Florida instead – where the carne asada is $9 instead of $21 and it’s delicious.

  • Shhh, don’t give it away

  • An update since that previous PoP post about Judy’s… They do have happy hour specials now. Happy hour runs until 8 and a pitcher of margarita is only $15! We got 5-6 glasses out of one pitcher.

  • Way to start a business!

  • Reviews on yelp so far haven’t been encouraging either.

  • Better now than later when customers stop coming in. It takes guts to do what he just did.

  • The bar is pretty low for Mexican or even Tex-Mex in DC, but a great many people come from places with sizable Mexican populations and know better. It isn’t just California or Texas,–places as different as Denver, Chicago and Toledo Ohio have sizable Mexican populations that go back more than a generation and places like Atlanta have more newer communities whose restaurants for locals have been discovered by ordinarily unadventurous Gringos.

    Overpriced stuff from a can may finally be reaching saturation here–the challenge for the owner is a business model that isn’t based on taking in suckers with garbage.

  • Seriously? The AM PM signage looked old and greasy, these signs are a nice design and look modern.

  • the diego sign looks like wordart

  • This is pretty gutsy. kudos for doing it quickly.

  • I was so excited to see Diego come to the neighborhood. I went once and was not impressed. The food was not good at all. I reminded me of the terrible Mexican restaurant that was located next door to Dupont Italian Kitchen. I later learned it was the same owners, which explains why the bad food tasted familiar. Additionally, the service was absolutely terrible. It took over 30 minutes to get our check after we asked for it. Finally, the acoustics in the restaurant was probably the worst of any restaurant I have ever been in. I literally could not hear the person that I was with…..simply terrible. Hopefully, Diego will reopen with improvements in these areas. I will give them one more shot at my business……but fool me twice, shame on me.

  • Props to the owner if he really did close for those reasons. Better to nip it in the bud and get it straightened out.

  • If there is one good thing I can say about Diego is that it is within walking distance to many other restaurant options. Diego needs to get their act together (food and service) or it will never make it. I hate to say it, but my dining experience there was on the top 5 of worst ever. 🙁

  • I also suggest changing the signage while they’re at it. Agree with the WordArt comment.

  • Never be the chef at a restaurant on 14th and V. Eatonville has fired three or four chefs and now Diego is on their second.

  • I went with my boyfriend and a couple of friends last weekend and I have no desire to return. The food was basic, I could’ve gotten higher-quality food from the Yes Organic Market across the street for less. Irrespective of the food, our “sangria” was basically a pitcher of ice with dirty orange rinds in it…need I say more. Not to mention our waiter was odd, almost creepy, and kept trying to upsell things on the menu that were the most expensive. Even after reopening I doubt this place will last long. Very disappointing.

  • Given the neighborhood reaction so far, the owner sounds like he made the right call. Fix it before the reputation is permanent.

  • While you are at it, get a new recipe for your salsa. It was disgusting. 🙁

  • I think the biggest problem is that its on 14th and V.

  • Damn, these are some seriously negative comments. We went there one day (apparently fortunately before it closed again) and it was actually really tasty. Granted we primarily had margaritas and just some appetizers, but we all liked it. We just happened to be going right at 5:00pm when it opened so they had an ARMY of servers waiting to help people out (which actually was a little awkward b/c they were all out front just hanging out, but when we got our server assigned he and the water person were very attentive). Anyway, just tossing this out there since the b*tch-fest was driving me nuts. Looking forward to it reopening soon and being even better.

  • I thought the cheap sign was a temporary banner hanging on the building but, now I think it may be the actual sign. I hope they fix that too!

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