Dear PoPville – Will Coppi’s Return to U Street?

1414 U Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Do you know what happened to Coppi’s? For a while they said they would be back in 2013 but that sign (and all sign of Coppi’s) is gone. Any word?”

I wondered the same thing back in December ’12. While I think officially they are supposed to return to this space I’ve been hearing some rumors that they’ve also been looking at some alternate locations. Anyone else hear something recently?

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  • This was by far my favorite pizza restaurant in the city. Absolutely delicious and worth the wait for a table. I am so eager to see a return of Coppi’s. Please, please, please…let it be so!

  • This was hand down my favorite restaurant in dc. Is anyone in touch with ownership?

    • The return of Coppi’s is in the works. I am in touch with ownership. I can pass along any questions if you’d like!

  • just to pile on, coppis was totally amazing and easily the biggest loss in the u street gentrification process. please come back exactly as you were! unlikely i know.

  • binpetworth

    Love Coppi’s. Great wine selection, food (especially the specials–best lamb chops I’ve ever had were there), and staff. Please re-open soon!

  • I love Coppi’s too. Please come to Columbia Heights!

  • I just asked them. Here’s what they said to the question “are you going to re open?”

    “You bet! Working out the details. We miss you!!!”

  • Their facebook page and website say they’re coming back, but sparse on details. I’d travel to the ends of the earth for their Merguez pizza, so I could care less about the location. Although the vibe of the place was amazing, and made me nostalgic for Philly BYOBs. Can’t wait to check out their new place when they’re back!

  • I walked by this morning and it seems like they’re starting to do some interior work on the space now that the major build-out of the Louis 14 project is getting wrapped up. The door to the DC Noodles space was wide open and let’s just say any restaurant reopening by the end of the year would be optimistic.

  • What happened? You must not recall that little issue of the owner getting murdered.

  • Clearly I am the only one who thought Coppi’s sucked. Like, hard. Snotty service and mediocre food. Maybe I caught them on a bad night.

  • Please, oh please, come back soon.

  • The restutant shut because the developer, JPG, forced it to shut. Finding any random location is easy in DC, but finding a good location for a resturanter is a challenge, especially if you don’t want to be on 14th and U Street, aka :Restaurant Row.

  • Coppi’s didn’t suck, and I actually doubt you know your food if you even are so bold to say that it sucked. It’s hard to come by fresh/fram to table food in DC like Coppi’s

    • Yes, because you must be an idiot to not want to pay $23 for a tiny pizza that’s smothered in artisanal locavore cruelty-free buzzword compliant arugula. The place was as crowded and mediocre as Lauriol Plaza but at least there, you don’t leave hungry.

      • Yeah, I think they need to find a less expensive source for their local ingredients if that’s how much they have to charge for the end product.

  • Wise guys > coppis

  • They should come to Adams Morgan!!

  • Their twitter says Coppi’s decided not to return.

  • Alot of divergent information here.

    Coppi’s please re-open in your old U st location. You guys have been serving amazing food since well before all the new trendy places came up 14th and across U st. Please don’t leave us! I’ve been dreaming of a Bianca Sette Colli for months now. I miss that sweet pie.

  • I loved everything about Coppis. Great food, great vibe. I hope they come back soon!!

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