Dear PoPville – What’s Going on at the Old Hoagie House at 4th and N St, NW?

1251 4th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Do you know what’s going on with the construction at 4th and N St. NW? Looks like it might be some type of restaurant/cafe.”


A permit was just issued last week for a 6 month extension on the buildout for a mixed use property. It is also interesting to note that on the permit the agent name is Steven May formerly affiliated with Bloomingdale’s North Capitol firehouse project…

CityPaper previously reported:

“It’s actually a long, comma-shaped lot, with more property on 4th Street behind the corner storefront, and Fathi plans to turn most of it into apartments with a cafe on the ground floor.”

Fathi was formerly affiliated with Shaw’s Tavern during their liquor license troubles.

Updates as construction progresses and when more info becomes available on a potential cafe.


View from 4th Street looking north towards N Stree:


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  • I don’t believe anything with this team… they screwed up Shaw’s (someone had to fix it) they screwed up the firehouse (someone had to fix it)… to the neighbors around this locale, good luck!

  • hahahahaha @ Fathi. what a tool. Unfortunate, too, since I regularly walk past this building and always think about how great it could be.

  • Progress on this project has been slow and stop-start since the beginning. If that is a picture from today there has been no work done this week.

  • On a semi-related note – anyone know what’s up with the old Mid-City Deli at 14th & P? I know the Taylor Gourmet guys are supposed to be bringing something there, but it’s been awhile and nothing’s happened.

  • Between the hoagie house project and the fonzanunes 2 properties down on 4th, there is nowhere to park anymore.

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