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  • This is very, very Yaki. Arthur Treachers is down the street from where I live. Given their decision to paint over what was a beautiful mural, I question their ability to make sound decisions elsewhere. (I mean – “Lunch Yaki” ?!?)

  • andy

    maybe they will take the opportunity to paint a beautiful bird being turned into a beautiful skewers-worth of yakitori?

    who knows what plans might be – i assume they’ll take down the fish and chips and wings signs when they start yakking it up. we could be in for a delightful artistic treat!

  • That’s really not cool. I hope they replace it ASAP with another mural.

  • I can understand it… even though i may not like the decision

    hopefully they will have another put up though

    it makes business sense though, thats the best way to catch peoples eyes who are driving up fla torwards u st.
    im sure they want it to be known to as many people as possible that there will be a new spot there. this and new sinage is the best way to accomplish that from the front door

    but hopefully it will be replaced with SOMETHING other than a cream wall for others to come and tag

  • I was looking forward to new signage, but it’s too bad that they painted over the mural. Here’s hoping that they’ll replace it with something even better…?

  • Also, I find it kind of funny that in the picture the guy is painting around the Wing Castle sign, even though it clearly has part of the mural underneath it.

  • So sad! @PoP, did you see they also painted over the beautiful mural at the (now former) Good Libations at 5th & M St. NW? The ANC Commissioner asked the new owners to keep it and they ignored her. It’s supposed to open any day now under new management and significant reno but I’m not sure I will buy from them. It was a beautiful mural.

  • i wondered about that mural too… sad to see that one go away. kinda liked the zen buddhist theme going on with that one. also didn’t know about the management change. interesting.

  • Clearly the franchise requirements for an Arthur Treacher’s are extremely lax.

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