Dear PoPville – People Can Be Idiots


“Dear PoPville,

Around 2AM Saturday the entire 1600 block of Fuller street was awakened by an unholy racket, banging and clattering that went on a good five minutes or more down on the street. Police arrived in force, and a bicycle cop managed to track down the extremely drunk perpetrator. Apparently the noisy sound (which sounded like an elephant making sweet love to a dumpster) was him knocking over and throwing around a 3-foot concrete planter until it broke into multiple pieces, and then chucking the pieces at the closest parked car. Scuffed up the side all over, but mostly cosmetic damage.

Not the crime of the century, and this street gets a lot of foot traffic since it’s a shortcut rather than going up to 16th and Columbia proper, so we get a lot of littering and sporadic car break-ins, but this one was just odd enough for me to snap a photo.”

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  • Charge him with assbagery in the 1st degree

  • gotryit

    Where did you get to hear an elephant making love to a dumpster? I’m asking for a friend…

  • I don’t know if “People Can Be Idiots” is really appropriate. This guy could be a rocket scientist for all we know. A better title would be “Alcohol Can Make People Do Uncivilized Things”.

    • ??? Really

    • I think we all need to stop and be considerate of how we title posts. We need to understand that lots of people have family members that are idiots and we need to be sensitive to the words we use. (Sarcasm).

      • Ah, so you’re a whore.

      • gotryit

        Some of us are idiots ourselves; we just haven’t come out to everyone.

      • “People Can Be Unruly and Destructive” demonstrates a better-than-minimal command of the English language, but I guess it’s not as catchy.

      • I hear you on “unruly and destructive”, but “idiot” seems far more concise and appropriate in this particular case. Please carry-on with your command of the English language, Popville!

        • Not really. How did a lack of intelligence come into play here? Are you suggesting a smart person is not capable of destructive behavior when inebriated?

          • Smart or not waking up in jail for this crime is idiotic no matter how smart the perpetrator.

            The title is fine, “people can be idiots” even smart people (often drunk people), some people make idiotic posts on blogs picking apart syntax to make themselves feel clever.

  • He’ll probably get charged for a misdemeanor, even though the “cosmetic” damage on a car scuffed up across all four body panels can easily run $2000 to $3000 at a quality body and paint shop.

    • there’s a crime victim’s compensation fund. or after he’s convicted the car owner can sue him in small claims court. but I agree it totally sucks.

  • I hope that they put him away and throw away the key! DC’s legal system is just a bit too lax to keep everyone safe!

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