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  • I’m confused. Maybe this picture doesn’t show the whole thing, but is there any kind of structure here? Where do they store and pour the beer? Even more important, where do I go to the bathroom after drinking the beer?

    I also don’t get how a place like this and Garden District make money when they close for so much of the year and are in prime real estate locations. I like to drink beer outside as much as the next person, but I am just not getting it.

    • Because you have exceedingly little overhead, and you make money hand-over-fist selling nothing but draft beer for $6 to 8 / glass.

    • I think those structures will be added later in the construction process. Their application said that there will be a structure erected for food/beer distribution and another (portable?) structure for toilets. Hopefully this will look nice once it’s done.

  • opening just in time.. for the SNOW!!!

  • Just hope the place doesn’t reek of rotten Chinese food.

    That’s the thing I can’t figure out – to date whenever you walk by that corner you can smell the funk coming out of those dumpsters behind the Chinese (Subs and Wings) joint next door.


  • It does seem to be coming along quickly, but i am confused by the timing too. Are they going to be open in the fall as well? We are now in late August, so obviously kinda late to be a summer beer garden this year. The one at 14th and S is always packed, but that one i believe is only open in summer months.

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