Cycletrack Updates: 15th Street Getting Resurfaced Later This Month, M Street Installation in October



“Update: M & 15th St. Cycletracks: 15th St: resurfacing later this month. M Street: Estimate October installation, weather permitting.”

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  • Sweeeet. Riding on this cycletrack is like sitting on a jackhammer. I still love it but it will be much nicer after this job is done.

  • Yay! Less bumps! 15th street for bikes is pretty rough in its current state.

  • Wish it were time to carve even more space for cyclists along 15th. So many times stuck at lights are more cyclists than automobiles, yet they get 1/5th the space. Amazing how many people you can fit into a space when you’re not all in 20 x 8′ boxes.

  • Awesome news for us bike commuters! Any indication of actual dates for the resurfacing project? Maybe they will post a sign – not likely – more likely we’ll find out when we try to ride down the cycletrack and it’s under construction.

  • Are they tearing up the road and repaving? Or just adding a layer on top of the existing street.
    If they are tearing it up, cyclists may need to find another route.

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