Blue Banana to Become the Petworth Patio?

3632 Georgia Avenue, NW

Back in April we learned that the Blue Banana had closed at 3632 Georgia Avenue, NW by DC Reynolds and Looking Glass Lounge just south of the Petworth metro. More scuttlebutt has come on in on the new management team. I hear the new team comes from the folks behind the Mason Inn in Glover Park, the Capitale nightclub on K Street and the George club in Georgetown. This scuttlebutt comes from two different sources who are both very confident in what they heard. One also hears that the new space will be called the Petworth Patio. Stay tuned.

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  • Petworth has arrived if the folks behind George, Mason Inn, Smith Point and K Street Lounge are opening a place on Georgia Ave.

    Did not know there was that much pastel, boat shoes, pearls and bow ties in that neighborhood.

    • Oh, believe me, there’s plenty of that in Petworth now! It’s amazing how quickly the neighborhood has changed, even over the last 2-3 years.

    • jack5

      Everyone’s sleeping on GA Ave! The people behind The Brixton built Chez Billys and it’s amazing (aside from needing a better sound system). This block is going to be amazing in another few years, and I live right next to it all. Stoked.

    • Don’t worry, you can still get shanked on Otis, Park, or any street east of Georgia Ave.

  • I used to live in Glover Park and was sooo excited when Mason Inn was coming. Huge disappointment when it opened. Always dirty, smelled like a mix between a Bros, Vomit, and chemical cleaning supplies. I hope they put more effort into this place or it will go the same way as Blue Banana. Especially with the new Shalal bros place opening next door too.

  • I hope it has the “sports bar” feel of Mason. Petworth is in dire need of a good sports bar with casual food. I hope it’s true. My friends and I are big sports fans. Make it a Chicago Bears bar and I may never leave!

  • True it is in Parkview but if you look at the houses listed on the market now Petworth seems to stretch from parkview to about oh say Silver Spring. Oh well what can you do. That being said it’s not a very catchy name. Plus the new place going in on Upshur is going to be called Petworth something or other. Seems like people are really trying as hard as they can to latch on to what is becoming “the” neighborhood to be in.

    • jack5

      This is actually also called Pleasant Plains… I haven’t been able to find Plains or Pleasantries yet, but the property value is climbing sharply every year.

      • I think Pleasant Plains is generally understood to be south of Park View, though I’m not going to claim there are distinct boundaries anywhere.

        • If I remember correctly, the boundaries of Park View are Rock Creek Church Road to the north and Columbia (or maybe it was Harvard? Or Hobart?) to the south.

          The Blue Banana/Petworth Patio is/was in northern Park View, about two blocks from the Petworth/Park View border. It’s definitely not in Pleasant Plains.

          • Pleasant Plains is south of Irving St. Trust me, I know, I live on Irving and got to hear all about the drama surrounding what to put on the neighborhood sign located on the Southeast corner of Irving and Georgia (it now says Parkview).

          • andy

            what’s the piece north of Howard, east of Georgia Ave, and south of Park View called?

  • That die-cut (?) banana should make its way into some gay bar somewhere. It would be a shame to lose the fancy metalwork.

  • I think Park View has arrived. Too bad the name doesn’t reflect that. Anyway, here’s hoping that the place works out.

  • Stop with the alliteration. Blue Banana, Petworth Patio. How about Mediocre Marketing and call it a day?

  • Ugh, Capitale (formerly K St Lounge) is the absolute worst.

  • Does anyone know of a company that makes or installs door overhangs like the one in the picture? I want to put that style of door overhang on my house. It’s a boxy postwar house so I think it would work. I just need to find a reasonable prices option.

  • What I would really like for Petworth/Park View are more places that aren’t some kind of concept, but just a good place to get a drink and a decent meal. It doesn’t have to be Belgian food, or Polish food, just a place where you can get a burger, a beer and watch the ballgame.

  • It is located in Park View – therefore I am still hesitant to hang out at this place. The owners have no respect for our neighborhood and community. Cater to the Petworth audience but you lose out on the Park View residents.

    • Maybe we Park View folk should encourage them to call it Park View Patio? There’s still time; it’s not like the name is set in stone.

      • I think there is some redemption – I think some of our neighborhood leaders are meeting with the business owners. There is still time to change minds. I hope so – I love supporting neighborhood businesses.

        • Good to know.
          I want to support local businesses too, but I get tired of explaining to people that where I live isn’t actually part of Petworth, although it’s nearby.
          The Metro station really should’ve been named Petworth-Park View.

          • Relax people. They can call it whatever they want. My friends and I are just excited that a quality establishment is considering the area. If its a sports bar, we’ll go there all the time regardless of the name! Arguing over neighborhood boundaries is so lame.

          • It might be lame – but neighborhood identity is important to a lot of the residents. You are right they can call it whatever they want but as a patron I can choose to eat/drink where I want. There are plenty of other options in this area so I am not stuck and will not be stuck on this place. However, I do think there is a happy medium that can be struck here – maybe not use a neighborhood affiliation at all? From a business sense I think they will want to be smart about how the tread.


    Are they seriously going to not give a crap and offend their neighbors, including myself, and local potential patrons by ignoring their neighborhood’s name? That would be so annoying.

  • interesante tu post realmente me a gustado mucho n_n gracias por compartir esta informacion, saludos y exito ! *O*

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