B.B. King’s Blues Club Looking at a DC Location


Well this could be awesome. EaterDC reports:

“D.C. Broker Bill Miller says they’ve toured several locations in D.C. proper, but there’s no lease signed yet. They’re looking at places between 8,000 and 12,000 square feet in size, and considering spots that stretch over two levels.”

B.B. King’s Blues Club website says:

There is nothing better than a full stomach to enjoy great music. Our menu offers a variety of great cuisine fused with that southern comfort touch. Steaks, fresh seafood, mouth watering bar-b-q, pasta and plenty of appetizers all come together to create the perfect combination of delicious food, energetic music, cold drinks and a great time all packed into one building. B.B. King’s Blues Club, “Its Good For Your Soul.”

Eclectic pieces of folk art portraying musical icons adorn the backdrop, the aroma of spicy gumbo and dry rubbed ribs float through the air to set the tone, boisterous musical notes drifting from the stage define the atmosphere, the dance floor satiated with elated guests dancing their blues away help to create the mood. This is B.B. King’s Blues Club Experience It Today & “Let The Good Times Roll.”

We feature live music every night of the week from funky & fast to soulful and smooth. Visit our monthly events calendar to find out which one of our many energetic, rock solid, grooving bands are performing. Visit B.B. King’s Blues Club because we are music where “Everything is Everything”!

Check out the menu here.

I’ve got the perfect space for them – how about the former ESPN Zone vacant since 2010 at 12th and E Street, NW? Or how about the former Filene’s at 1133 Connecticut Ave, NW?

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  • +1 to PoP’s ESPN Zone suggestion. That prime spot has been vacant for a while now. I would also suggest the nice building with columns next to the Sunoco gas station on U St between 14th and 15th. I’m surprised that nothing has gone in there yet.

  • Am I completely imagining things, or did I hear recently that we are getting a House of Blues in DC, as well? I Googled it, and the only thing I saw was mention of it back in 2006.

  • Too bad it couldn’t go into Tap and Parlor. I have no idea why that place is consistently dead…. such prime space. Was there the other night for happy hour and there were no more than 15 people in the entire place. Anyone know what the deal is with that spot?

  • ledroittiger

    I guess this place is like a Hard Rock Cafe? In that case, it would be good to be downtown near the touristy crap, but wouldn’t make sense to be right next to the Hard Rock if it takes over the former ESPN Zone. Filene’s is a great idea, but also a bit too far west, no? I would think that further into Chinatown might make a better location – like south of the Verizon Center on 7th, though I’m not sure what space it would occupy there.

    • Depends if it is like the one in Orlando (if so, then it’s basically Hard Rock). BUT, if it’s like the original in Memphis, it has the potential to be a really great local music venue that showcases some acts that might be overlooked by the typical concert venue.

    • Yeah I’m definitely seeing it targetting the tourist crowd so I’m 80% sure it will go into Chinatown area. Otherwise U St but then it would be competing with the live jazz places.

  • I’ll go there if I can get gig there!

  • +1,000,000 on the ESPN Zone site recommendation for BB King’s! Great idea!

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