Anyone Know What Happened at New Jersey and K Street, SE in Navy Yard?

New Jersey and K Street, SE

“Dear PoPville,

Something serious happened at Capitol Hill towers in Navy Yard. There is police tape barricading the whole corner with an ambulance and multiple police cruisers. Not sure what happened but looks serious. Any idea what is going on? Police tape was just taken down, but was up for 4 hours.”

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  • David Garber

    Just got off the phone with Commander Hickson from MPD First District. Apparently, there was a (possibly mentally unstable) man inside the DC Child and Family Services Agency at 200 I Street SE who assaulted — though “not seriously” — two people inside the building. He was chased out of the building and down the street by two officers, then also by a Marine who the guy also assaulted, and was finally caught outside Capitol Hill Tower at New Jersey and K SE.

  • Wow, glad everyone is okay. Thanks for the update.

  • There are so many military people in the area you’d have to be nuts to attack a marine.

  • I was taking a walk up NJ avenue – saw about a dozen cops standing around, one young black male shirtless, in handcuffs, sitting on the ground, emotionally telling some kind of story to the police.

    He did not appear stable.

  • I can imagine that if you’re already having a rough time, getting your kids taken away by CFSA could easily be the last straw. Probably a lot of emotional outbursts/risk of violence in that building. Glad no one was badly hurt.

  • lsrubin

    I looked out my window at around 12:15 and saw two police officers billy-clubbing the guy at 2nd and K SE, yelling at him to lie down. He started struggling, then got away from the officers and started running east on K toward New Jersey. Wondering why the building was cordoned off though; did he get into the lobby?

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