Motofoto Moving Across the Street on Capitol Hill

660 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

The Motofoto located near Eastern Market at 660 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE is moving across the street to 645 Pennsylvania Ave right above the Labyrinth games shop. Motofoto’s last day at the current location is Friday and they are currently having a 25% off sale.

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  • Glad to hear this. I have never been much of photo taker so haven’t needed them much for developing even when there wasn’t digital photography. I have bough quite a number of cute cards from them and a number of years ago had some of the slides my father took underwater back in the 70’s converted to digital.

    • I don’t know if this is really good news for MotoPhoto. My guess is that they are struggling and moving to cut costs. The space across the street is not nearly as desirable – it’s smaller, and if I recall correctly, is above street level, meaning you have to walk up a flight of stairs to get to it, and the storefront is much less prominent. But I guess they’re probably not getting much walk-in foot traffic anyway, mostly people going there for a reason.

      I recently had a roll of film that I needed developed and was disappointed to learn that MotoPhoto no longer develops film on site – they send it off to some other facility once a week.

  • Wow there is still a moto photo in existence in the area? That is great though. I worked at a Moto Photo when I was in highschool!

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