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  • NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this place. Such a terrifically, tasty, inexpensive lunch option for Dupont. I was totally going there today for a veggie slice. GD!

  • This place used to be an institution back in the days when there was more substantial nighlife on P Street (ie when Apex was bumpin back before 2008). I always liked it as a late-night slice option.

  • laurelo

    My roommate and I pretty much live in Alberto’s during the weekend. We’ve introduced the tasty, yet cheap, slices to so many people–devastated! I can’t imagine they closed due to lack of business–it was always busy when I went in (which was multiple times a week . . .).

  • Alberto’s pizza was lousy. And it was always a disgusting mess walking past there on a Saturday and Sunday morning from all the inconsiderate slobs who would just drop their half-eaten pizza, boxes, or puke wherever.

    The pizza at the other place upstairs is better. Not true NYC but almost like Pete’s New Haven. Jumbo slice is $4.

  • I hope it comes back. That Alberto’s is one of the best affordable late-night slices in town.

  • Wasn’t any better than the jumbo slice places on 18th, in my opinion.

  • good pizza but slowest take-out / delivery service ever….

  • Alberto’s: the place that burned down DJ Hut TWICE. Good riddance.

    • Exactly, not once but twice… Alberto’s is the place that killed the record store before MP3’s did. Glad to hear they are done because I wanted put them out of business years ago.

  • Nooooooo! Their chicken pesto pizza is the best. Agreed that their delivery is beyond slow. I’ve never gotten it in less than 90 minutes, and I live up the street.

  • We started ordering from them back when they were on the 1500(?) block of P, and they were great. I can’t remember what happened first, the move to the 2000 block or P or the opening of that second location on 18th in Adams Morgan, but there was a steep decline for us. At first we could order delivery from either place, but then they started insisting that we order from the Adams Morgan location due to our address. Then the service and food quality at that location took a nosedive and they were downright nasty the few times we bothered to complain about the wrong order being delivered, delivery taking over 2 hours, etc. I wasn’t surprised when the Adams Morgan location closed, and I guess I’m not surprised now if the same people were in charge.

  • GOOD RIDDANCE. That place was filthy. Piles of trash in the adjacent alley and pizza boxes overflowing trash cans. The rats will be sad to have them gone

  • When I walked by at lunch, I noticed a sign on the door saying it is reopening tomorrow.

  • Why do bad things happen to good people?!!

  • I just walked by it – and there was a sign on the door that said ‘Opens at 5.’ And the newspaper was off the glass.

  • Just passed by on my way home from work, and they are open!

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