Adams Morgan White House Voting Rights Mural Painted Over After Being Vandalized


“Dear PoPville,

This weekend, the mural of the White House on the alleyway between 18th St and Champlain in Adams Morgan was graffiti’d over. Yesterday morning there was a workman painting the entire wall back to white. It’s a shame this iconic mural is no more.

Not sure whose artwork it was or who actually owns the wall, but I would be interested to know if anyone plans to restore it.”


Unfortunately this mural often was hit with graffiti. It’s unfortunate they weren’t able to salvage it. When I stopped by yesterday the top of the mural was still visible. Here’s how it looked in 2009:


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  • From an image I saw that was posted on Twitter, the graffiti was much worse than indicated in the picture linked on flickr:

  • Policie in the 18th are very indifferent. I have called numerous times about teens hanging out in my alley, in my parking spot (private property) playing music, drinking and smoking pot, and they rarely come. The couple of times they’ve come, the cops are more upset at me and appears that the kids are their friends and joke with them and make fun of me (cop and hoodlums). I’ve also called about people parking in the alley and is the same thing. The cop appears to be buddies with the scofflaw and then both give me a hard time about being so uptight with my parking spot.

    Would not surprise me if the a squad car actually helped the guy to spray painted this a hand with their spot light.

  • shitty lettering too… what a tool

  • There were a few eyewitnesses on the DC Reddit forum that said the cops sat and watched the graffiti artist create the tag. Apparently, no one realized that the tagger was defacing private property – everyone assumed he was legally allowed to deface the mural (i.e. he was hired by the property owner).

    Yuppie “street art” confusion! LOL.

  • Here’s what I propose be done to graffiti “artists”: when they are caught the punishment should be that they get their tag branded on their forehead with a hot fire-iron. Seems completely fair and just to me.

  • Eye for an eye and such?

  • It was the same group who painted that madams organ ad. I watched them work on both. The way I see it is why would you hire graffiti kids to paint on your wall? In the end they are just a bunch of vandals!

  • I agree, it was a great mural, but with a confusing message. We can all vote in DC, as long as we’re registered.

    There’s a difference between voting rights and voting representation, and while well-meaning, messages like this only cause confusion and don’t help to further the cause.

  • Some people are such jerks.

  • Agree with Anonymous at 1:00pm. It’s amazing how many people think we’re not allowed to vote at all. I’ve seen out-of-state people call DC residents idiotic for giving up their voting rights. Last Presidential election, a friend who I thought was well-educated on political matters aggressively challenged me when I said I just got back from my polling station: “Uhh, didn’t you know you’re not allowed to vote in DC.? I think you were mistaken and it couldn’t have been a real polling place. Someone tricked you.”

  • andy

    Do not paint a quarterback in that spot again. Bad juju! Remember what happened to Jason Campbell? He got painted into that spot and . . . . anybody remember that guy, Jason Campbell? Quarterback for the Pigskins???

  • People who senselessly deface murals are a**holes, but the mural itself made no sense so I’m not sad to see it being painted over.

  • Oh la la, your majesty.

  • Building is owned by Bill Duggan who owns Madam’s Organ.

  • Does anyone have an explanation for why the ground level storefront in that building has been empty for ten years now? What a waste.

    • My guess – the liquor license moratorium on 18th Street and the lack of a viable business plan for renovating the space for anything except a restaurant that serves alcohol.

  • Let me add that this building deserves a horse’s ass award for sitting empty for so long.

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