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  • A friend’s bike was stolen on Saturday and has just turned up on Craigslist for sale – it wasn’t registered and he doesn’t have the original sales receipt, maybe at best some pictures of him riding it – so we’re guessing the police can’t do much. So debating what to do now – show up with a couple of strong friends? Has anyone ever gotten a stolen bike back from CL?

  • http://www.today.com/video/today/52863305/#52863305

    This story says it’s not advisable to steal it back but it also demonstrates it’s doable.

  • Yeah, we’ve read about a few people who have just ridden off, “stealing it back.” The problem here is, he works at Bohemian Caverns, where the bike was stolen from. The bike is pretty distinctive and it was stolen by someone carrying around bolt cutters, looking for, we presume, bikes like this. So if he “steals” it back, and doesn’t get stabbed or shot in the process, he can’t ride it to work anymore anyway, and also, the bad guy would know where to find him.

    Here’s the stolen bike – http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/bik/4032309020.html

  • get 10 people to email the person and simply say that you know it is stolen

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