4th DC State Fair Sept. 28th on Barracks Row – Kickstarter Campaign Launched in Hopes of Waiving Entry Fees

From DC State Fair’s kickstarter page:

“Our 4th annual DC State Fair is coming up on September 28th at Barracks Row Fall Festival, and this year we’re trying something new. We’ve always relied on donations, sponsorships, and entry fees to help cover the considerable costs of putting on the Fair. But we want to make the Fair as open and accessible as possible. If we make our Kickstarter goal, we pledge there will be no entry fees at this year’s Fair!

Plus, you’ll definitely want to take this opportunity to get DC State Fair merch with our sweet, sweet logo. Tshirts sold out at last year’s Fair, and there’s no guarantee that we’ll have all merch items on hand at the Fair this year. Secure your swag today and help us make our goal! Plus, at the higher levels there are some pretty cool opportunities to help judge the DC State Fair’s contests.

Alternatively, if you just want to make a donation, go ahead and pick the reward level you’d like to donate at. After the Kickstarter is over, we’ll give you the chance to decline the items or judging.

About the Fair: Founded in 2010, DC State Fair is an all-volunteer non-profit that organizes several annual events for District residents, culminating in the big end-of-summer DC State Fair. Our contests celebrate the home-grown talents of DC’s bakers, gardeners, picklers, jam-makers, crafters, knitters, photographers, beekeepers, brewers, and kids. Each year we partner with a neighborhood festival, though in the future DC State Fair may turn into a standalone event.

DC State Fair 2013 Preview: We’ll have announcements soon with all the information about this year’s contests, registration dates, and deadlines. We expect almost all of last year’s contests to be back, and maybe a new contest or two. Last year’s contests included

Pie Contests (Best In Show, Best Apple, Best Crust, Most Creative)
Cupcake Contests (Best In Show, Most Creative)
Homebrew Contests (Best in Show, Best Malt, Best Hop, Best Fruit & Spice, Best Yeast, Best Roast/Smoke/Wood)
Arts & Crafts Contests (Knitting and Crochet, Sewing, Bike Accessory Craft)
Photography Contest
Contests for Kids (Art, Poetry)
Gardening Contests (Tastiest Tomato, Funkiest-Looking Vegetable, Longest Vegetable, Heaviest Vegetable, Heaviest Fruit)
Prepared Foods Contests (Jams & Jellies, Cucumber Pickle, Other Vegetable Pickle, Fruit Pickle, Fermented Vegetable)
Honey Contest (for DC beekeepers)”

Donate here.

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  • Same weekend as Crafty Bastards? I wonder what attendence is going to be like…

    • Crafty Bastards just hasn’t been the same since they left Adams Morgan. And having this event on the same day isn’t going to help.

      • They’re charging $20 this year! Why on Earth would anyone pay that much to go shopping?

        • The $20 is for a 2 day pass (though they’re running a 2 day pass discount right now). They will also sell $5 one day passes online. It’ll be $10/day at the door.

        • I stopped going when they left Adams Morgan and I’m not going to help fundraise for the crappy City Paper by giving them $20. Seriously, we have the worst alt weekly in the country. It used to be so much better.

      • The Vegetarian Festival (probably some other fests too) are the same day. Always too much to see and do this time of year.

  • This was really disorganized last year. Judging was HOURS off schedule, I had to ask five different people where to drop off my entry, and the booths were wedged awkwardly in a high-traffic area of the festival. I will not be participating again.

  • District Fair would be a more appropriate name.

  • How does Barracks Row get the state fair?

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