What’s the Early Word on Ghibellina in the old Logan Circle HR-57 Space?

1610 14th Street, NW

Ghibellina recently opened up in the old HR-57 space back in May. Their website says:

“Ghibellina is an Italian Gastro Pub brought to you by the owners of Acqua al 2, Ari Gejdenson and Ralph Lee. The inspiration behind this project was drawn from their days living in Firenze. On a daily basis the two would eat lunch at their favorite restaurant, Trattoria Mario and fell in love with the idea of creating a comfortable place where diners feel at home every time they walk through the door. The name is derived from the street, Via Ghibellina, where the two shared an apartment on one end and own an American Diner on the other. Executive Chef, Jonathan Copeland, has teamed up with this duo and has matched their passion and dedication to executing an authentic Tuscan menu in the heart of the 14th street Corridor.”

You can see their menu here.

Anyone check them out yet?

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  • Crazy overpriced at least for drinks. I believe the cheapest beer was $7 and that was for a 10 oz pour. We looked at the menu and left.

    • I’ve heard this from multiple people. My friends stopped there for a drink and were utterly astounded by the prices. $9+ for most beers and well drinks for $12+

      This ain’t the West Village, folks. Get real.

    • This is one of my fave spots! They have happy hour every day, even on the weekends. Cheap drinks & 1/2 price pizza. Can’t beat that. Love the pizza scissors. Unique way of serving. Plus it’s beautiful.

      • I think they’ve changed the prices on some of the beers because. And they are serving 20 oz beers, not the normal 16 oz. The prices seem pretty decent knowing that.

  • Is good. Is real good.

    • This is the best date spot in the city, hands down. Classy, sexy vibe. You can keep it casual at the bar, but it is so nice inside it feels really special. The octopus and the olive pizza are great.

  • $12 for a 20z Stella.

  • The pastas are fantastic, easily the best things on the menu. The octopus is really good as well, but like many of the other small tapas-like dishes, there’s too much olive oil coating the dish itself, masking the flavor. And the pizza is good, but it’s not good enough to make waiting for it worthwhile. Overall, maybe a C+/B-, but in that string of restaurants, that’s kind of a low grade.

  • Beautiful interior, but the food and drink are much too expensive for what it is. Will not be going back.

    • Sounds like most of the newer DC restaurants.

    • Sounds just like Acqua al 2. I love the ambiance of that place, but the prices make it strictly a special-occasion spot for us.

      • Acqua al 2 is my favorite restaurant in DC. Balsamic filet anyone? Really looking forward to trying Ghibellina soon. Have heard great things.

  • I went when it first opened…their menu is poorly worded. Meat was hiding in a lot of the pasta dishes, even though they appeared to be vegetarian. Just kind of annoying.

  • Agree that the beer is obnoxiously priced, but I did like the food quite a bit and tried a good cross section of dishes.

  • Stopped by last night (Wed) around 7:30 pm. Hour-long wait for a table. I know some people who swear by their happy hour, which extends into the weekends as well.

  • My experience: I walk by on my way home from yoga (I know, I know…it’s prenatal though!). I walk past a crushed bag of Bon Ton Hot n’ Spicy Corn Chips. Next I see Senator Mark Warner outside Ghibellina. I think, what a funny, gentrifying area this is. Bon Tons and Senator Warner.

    Plus, it cant be as annoying as the outside space at Pearl Dive if you’re trying to walk anywhere on 14th St. They spill out and it’s very, very annoying. Though I am genuinely happy if any of these places succeed.

  • Pizza is pretty decent, but not as good as some other options in the city (e.g., 2 Amys). Relatively pricey as well, and the chairs are insanely uncomfortable.

  • Pricey, as others have mentioned. Some weird design issues too. Front bar just serves drinks, not food. Bar chairs are torture devices. And it’s loud. Behind the bar, it looks even more uncomfortable – some narrow little spaces to work in. There are better places to go on 14th St.

  • Another overpriced small plate place that will nickel and dime you. Seriously, $12 for a 20 oz Stella?

    And another website that has a menu but no pricing. Very annoying.

  • love love love Acqua, but this isn’t nearly as special. And yet the price point is comparable.

    Bottom line for me is that the food was good, albeit not especially exciting, and the whole experience was way overpriced. Good to try once but in the future I’ll stick to Etto.

  • Happy hour is incredible and extends thru the weekenf, though it ends early. Cheap cocktails, beer and half price pizza

  • How does it stack up to Posto? Posto is still my go-to Italian restaurant in the ‘hood. It always consistently good and friendly. Price point isn’t too bad either.

  • Overpriced – very small portions – and working out the kinks…the fire alarm kept going off throughout our dinner last Saturday – quite annoying.

  • I don’t understand why there are so many Italian places on those few blocks of 14th. Posto, Etto, Ghibellina, M Bar, and Bar di Barri. Italian food is not that popular. Just seems weird.

  • I love Ghibellina. I’ve been three times and have been very impressed with the food and service both times. The staff has clearly been well trained–my first visit was in their first week open and everything was surprisingly smooth for a brand new restaurant.

    Yes, it’s too expensive to go there weekly, but it’s a great place for a celebration. We just took a group for my boyfriend’s birthday and had a blast. Try the artichokes– they are amazing.

  • Not a fan of having to use scissors to cut the pizza.

  • The mini narrow bar in the front feels like eating on a bowling alley for dolls.

  • Beautiful interior but overpriced average-quality small-sized plates. Probably fun for happy hour sometime, but for a full sit down dinner no thanks. We ordered their “Calamari and fried vegetables”, it literally had 4 pieces of calamari and a whole bunch of fried vegetables, all for $14.

  • I liked it a lot. I don’t think it’s that much more expensive than the other places on 14th Street. I had a very delicious salad with avocado and a pasta with tomato and basil which was great. It’s much better than Etto down the street which is limited to pizza and wine. It has a nice variety of things pizza, past and entrees with a lovely cocktail list.

  • dcdon

    Love this place! great atmosphere. Perfectly priced for the quality. Definitley a go-to place for a great time

  • Yes! Love it. It’s really delicious Italian food–some of the best in the city. The portions are small for what they cost, but the pizzas are a good deal and really yummy.

  • Love the food here. Based on the quality and flavors I think the prices are pretty on point for DC. Wine prices were reasonable in my opinion. The small plates are great for sharing and giving you the opportunity to try different menu items. The menu changes so there is often something new to try.

  • Whenever there’s a run of super-positive comments, posted by users with previously unknown usernames and no associated profile (and not anonymous) I always suspect hijinks on the part of the restaurant owners/ realtors/ other interested parties.

  • I’ve been to that diner in Florence! Totally random. But the wine was good – and cheap!

  • Decent food, but way too expensive for what you get. Tried it with some friends and we shared small plates, but there was barely enough in each small plate to split. I thought the pasta dishes were ok, but nothing you can’t find better examples of at lots of italian places around the city. Because the plates are small the chef bumps up the flavors and fat/salt – I kept thinking I wouldn’t want a whole plate of the pasta since it would be too rich. Pizza was ok too but featured probably the smallest amount of cheese I’ve ever seen on a margarita pizza.

  • I’m excited to try it, despite a pet peeve of mine from their website. The whole blurb is in English, then they throw in Firenze to what, be authentic? Just say Florence.

  • Its ok. Kind of like a slightly fancier Piola.

  • The food was great and the atmosphere was lovely. However, you get shockingly little food for the amount you pay. I went with a group of friends and when the food arrive our jaws all dropped — these aren’t just small plates, they are TINY. We expected (perhaps foolishly) at least 50% more food for the money.

  • figby

    The other night there was a three-hour wait for a table, and I got there at 6 p.m. No online reservation system. No, thanks.

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