Well This is Terrifying – A Car was Knocked off the Bay Bridge!?!?!

Photo by PoPville flickr user Nikoo’s Photos

The Washington Post reported on Friday:

“A woman swam to safety in the Chesapeake Bay Friday night after her car plunged 40 feet off the Bay Bridge following a collision.”

I can’t believe she was able to, thankfully, swim to safety. Absolutely amazing. And terrifying that it could happen.

She tells NBCWashington:

“Everything around me exploded,” Lake said. “Glass everywhere, airbag in my face and I felt that this was it.”

View more videos at: http://nbcwashington.com.

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  • Thankfully she was at one of the lower points of the bridge (the news stories said the car plunged 40 feet). Had it been higher, I don’t think there would have been as happy of an ending.

  • This women is so entirely badass: “The longest part was under the water, because I had time to think I was going to die and the time to process, to change my mind and to stop fighting and to relax my body and unbuckle my seat belt to swim out.” WOW.

    Also, this has increased by already-ridiculous fear of bridges like 10 fold.

  • She is my hero! What an amazing woman. That is an incredible survivor story. I can’t even imagine going through that- and I cross the bridge weekly. Hoping that her recovery is quick and comfortable and completely covered by insurance, etc. Is there a fund to assist her?

    • Absolutely. She is a total rock star and hero. I hope she does motivational speeches in high schools to inspire girls, especially, to trust their instincts and not give up! Love this story.

  • I always thought that the pressure of the water would make it impossible to open the door; and with the electric window controls shorted out…

    I guess her window was already open? She says she went out that way. Very fortunate.

    • I read in one article that her windshield and windows smashed when she hit the water.

      I think the pressure does make it impossible to open the door, so you’re supposed to wait for the car to fill entirely with water, and then you can get it open. The stuff of nightmares!

      • Yes, if the window doesn’t break, and you can’t break it, you not only have to wait for the car to fill up with water, you also have to remember, after you grab your last breath and escape, to exhale as you swim to the surface. This is one smart, strong, and lucky gal!

      • I researched this today, and you are not supposed to wait for the car to fill with water. The electric windows will work for a minute or two in the water, and you are supposed to lower them before the car totally sinks. Of course if you’ve just fallen 40 feet, your car probably sinks right away. Yes, it’s impossible to open the door when the car is submerged until the car fills with water.

    • I saw this news report last night and wondered the same thing. This article fills in some of the blanks. The windshield shattered on impact. She is so lucky, incredibly inspiring and bad ass!


  • Good opportunity to review what to do in such cases. This video is good:

  • Good for her. Instead of panicking, she stopped to think. If something like that happened to me I hope I can do the same. Also, another good reason why everybody should at least know the basics of swimming.

  • That bridge scares the crap out of me, and this has just confirmed my worst fears. I told my wife today that she is going to have to drive us across from now on.

  • This is one of my greatest fears and why I have a phobia about crossing these kinds of long bridges over large bodies of water.

  • This is a must-have for many drivers in Florida, particularly those that spend a lot of time driving over bridges – http://www.amazon.com/Seatbelt-Breaker-Emergency-Escape-Tool/dp/B002AMAXNA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1374586048&sr=8-1&keywords=seatbelt+cutter+window+breaker+emergency+escape+tool

    Obviously you would still need to stop panicking long enough to grab it and use it properly, but it’s certainly better than nothing and is a cheap investment that could come in handy one day.

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