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  • The design back in 98 or 2000 or whenever was way better.

    • I thought I remember hearing that they re-used the same design/scrims from back then?

      • It looks pretty much the same during the daytime, but I don’t remember it being lit up quite this brightly at night back in 2000.

  • It was back around 2007, I thought. They re-used the scaffolding, but not the lights, it seems. The old lights followed the lines of the scaffolding, giving a sort of Lego-brick illusion. the new lights are just bright things inside the structure, so it looks like a pawn from a cheap chess set.

    • Queen, not pawn.

    • The Washington Monument was last covered in scaffolding around 2000 when it needed a major restoration. That scaffolding was designed by Michael Graves and primarily funded by NPS and Target. When it was taken down, Target tried to buy the scaffolding from the construction/restoration company but I don’t know what ended up happening to it.

    • Ronald is right. Up close you can see that the scrims are about the same, but the lighting is all wrong. From a distance there is no shadowing that gives an abstraction of the the block design. The fabric doesn’t give the shadow effect, and the lights are over bright. Details matter!

  • Rough crowd here. It looks awesome.

  • I love it. I love that they bother to make it look cool when doing necessary work. Same with the screen in front of the supreme court. They didn’t have to do that.

  • the second photo looks like a golden……”toy”. no disrespect gw.

    • Blithe

      I quite agree. I just thought I had developed a dirty mind from spending too much time with Middle School students….. (hides face in hands)

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