Washington Humane Society Says Pill Pocket Poisoning in Logan Circle Unfounded

From Washington Humane Society:

On Thursday, June 27, 2013 the Washington Humane Society (WHS) was alerted to the claim that someone was alleged to be leaving poisoned dog treats in the Logan Circle area of Washington, DC.

“After a thorough investigation by our Humane Law Enforcement division, we cannot substantiate the claim that there is anyone out there intentionally attempting to harm pets,” Scott Giacoppo, WHS VP of External Affairs reports, adding, “Our investigation has revealed that one dog has been reported sick from the consumption of an unknown toxin. After a thorough investigation, which included outreach to every veterinary clinic in the District, we have received no evidence to indicate that this was intentional, happened in a public space or that there may be a threat to animal safety.”

Humane Law Enforcement Officers have been in contact with the owner of the dog who has gotten sick. Based on his limited cooperation, and the lack of direct evidence to support the claim, WHS has decided to close the investigation. Humane Law Enforcement will re-open the case if and when additional evidence is discovered.

WHS maintains that pet owners should always be cautious of potentially hazardous materials when walking pets in public areas. Dr. Megan McAndrew, WHS Medical Director, advises that you bring your pet to a veterinarian immediately if you notice signs of nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, weakness, rapid or difficult breathing, or pale, dark or blue gums within 12 hours after your pet may have eaten an unknown substance.

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  • Hmmm. Munchausen by proxy?

  • ledroittiger

    So the OP on the Shaw Dogs listserve basically just left Tylenol out around the house and his or her dog got into it and then they blamed it on some sick miscreant in Logan Circle? That’s a bit of a jump in logic…

  • Instead of being snarky, how about being relieved that there is not some horrid person out there trying to poison dogs? How about being grateful to learn that tylenol is toxic to your pet before you are the one in the pet er? I still appreciate the original post and the spirit in which the initial email was sent.

    • Perhaps all the wasted time?

    • ledroittiger

      I’m assuming that was aimed at me. Of course I’m happy it turned out to be a false report. It just really scared me, being a dog owner myself.

      As for Tylenol being toxic to pets, I think I could have guessed that feeding a dog several pills of the stuff would have had a negative affect on its health. Do the responsible thing and let your dog suffer through its headache.

      • My response was to a comment that has been deleted. And it’s not that I would have given my dog large amounts of tylenol, but now I know to be sure that he doesn’t get even one deliberately or accidentally. It’s like when you learn something like lilies are toxic to pets; you weren’t feeding them lilies but now you will make sure if you have them in a flower arrangement your pet can’t get to them whereas before you wouldn’t have thought about it. Again, no need to be condescending with the headache snark.

  • Emmaleigh504

    This is a relief! Be safe doggies!

  • The snarkly remarks that are being made on this site is precisely why my friend did not want to list his name. I know for a FACT that this happened and his dog came this close to dying. The reason Scott Giacoppo is saying they can’t substantiate these charges is because my friend will not allow his name to be made public and also because he refuses to release his dogs hospital records – right Scott? There is someone out there people trying to cause harm to our dogs and we’d better be on the look out because we sure can’t depend on the authorities to help us. Oh regarding the snarky remark abot Munchausen’s – actually the owner was right here with me at work all day long. I sincerely hope and pray no one has to go through what my friend and his family have had to go through for the past week and thank God their dog is going to be ok.

    • jim_ed

      That doesn’t make any sense. Why wouldn’t your friend release his pet’s medical records if it would help the investigation. Also, why would his name have to be released publicly? Crime reports are released all the time without a victim’s name attached to them.

    • boochow

      The dog owner need not share his infor with the media or Scott but how about the investigator in charge of the case? This is like an assault victim not cooperating with an investigation. No witnesses+no evidence= unfounded. If the dog owners are concerned about other pets in the community, they should cooperate with the investigation.

    • Wait — he won’t release his dog’s medical records? What, does the dog have an STD or do drugs and he’s worried it will hurt the pooch’s reputation? This doesn’t make any sense.

  • I told you so, and was lambasted. This had too many odd elements, including the lack of cooperation by the supposed victim.

    I’m relieved too, though, so now we can all get back to being annoyed at the real enemy: chicken bones.

  • This was so obviously a paranoid fantasy it’s hard to believe anyone took it seriously.

    The original poster’s dog had apparently ingested 44 tylenols? In pill pockets randomly strewn about Logan circle? Without other peoples’ dogs also being affected?

    Obviously someone’s dog ate a bottle of tylenol and their paranoid hysteria took over to invent a nightmarish explanation instead of applying occam’s razor.

    • I am normally really skeptical of stories like this, but I have to say that in this case it was so absurd and crazy I wasn’t sure. I mean, how would you even make up details like using pill pockets?!?!

    • You are assuming that there was a nearly full bottle of tylenol in the home.

  • figby

    I was going to go all aggro and hostile on whoever was PoP posting over the weekend doubting this story and saying it didn’t add up. Now I don’t know what to think — but I am scared to walk my dog in Logan Circle.

    Why won’t the owner release his dog’s medical records? The NSA already flagged them.

    • think about this – how likely is it that 1 dog ate 44 pills strewn around a park, yet no other dogs have reported problems?

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