Walmart Applies for Class B Liquor License at 77 H Street, NW

77 H Street, NW Looking East

If Walmart still comes to DC they’ll be selling beer and wine.

The liquor license at 77 H St, NW, hoping to open in November, says:

“Full service grocery store with accessory retailer sales and provides underground parking for patrons. Requesting a tasting permit.”

Hours for sales will be Sunday through Saturday 7 am – 12 am.

77 H Street, NW Looking West

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  • And here I was all hopeful that Walmart would actually leave DC …

  • 14thandChapin

    I really like the style of that building…hopefully more to come. wouldnt go to wallmart in the city ever…

  • HAIL Gonzaga

    but im extra ehh about these walmarts coiming into d city
    at least at most its 3 instead of 6 now

  • Why no liquor? We were just in a Walmart in Cross Lanes, WV that sold liquor and it was magical.

  • wouldn’t it be a shame if the ‘local businesses’ this wal-mart puts out of business are lovely places like Big Ben Liquors?

  • from the outside, it (hopefully) looks like commercial space could be reapportioned to smaller vendors should the walmart decide to leave, rather than having to demolish the building and start anew?

  • The only general merchandise or grocery store I can think of in DC that also sells liquor (not just beer & wine) is the Safeway on the HIll. Even there, the liquor department is technically a standalone store within the store.

  • I remember a few years back when the CH Giant started selling beer until midnight instead of cutting off sales at like 9 or 10. Yet Harris Teeter still only sells until 10 o’clock. Does anybody have any insight as to why this difference exists?

  • This was meant to be a reply to Col. Brentwood. Not sure what happened.

  • Whoops, was supposed to be a reply to “The only general merchandise or grocery store I can think of in DC that also sells liquor (not just beer & wine) is the Safeway on the HIll.”

  • Wait a minute…Walmart isn’t following through on their threat to pull their stores from DC if the living wage bill was passed?! UGH!

  • I see that as another reason to want Walmart to open stores here!

  • They are. Their threat wasn’t to pull out completely, just not go through with the ones they had yet begun constructing.

  • The living wage bill is going to be vetoed. We’re getting all six of the stores don’t worry.

    • brookland_rez

      I thought the bill was supposed to hit Gray’s desk last week. I wonder why no word yet? I’ve heard from several inside sources that it will probably get vetoed.

  • The Costco in NE also sells liquor and the deals are pretty amazing, worth the price of membership if you do a lot of entertaining or have a big event to stock up for. They have a lot of their own private labeled liquors at pretty ridic prices – their high end Kirkland vodka is only $23 for 1.75L and many say it’s as good as any other premium vodka (it’s also distilled in France, possibly by the same distillery as Grey Goose). Would be interesting to see if Walmart has the same kind of deals.

  • brookland_rez

    Costco sells liquor but I don’t see the liquor stores in the area shutting down yet. Looking at the typical patrons lined up outside Big Ben, I’m not sure they would step foot or be allowed by Walmart security to step foot in a Walmart.

  • There was never any plan for Walmart to leave DC. They merely threatened to not build three of the six planned stores. I’m with you, though. I wish they’d go far, far away. The net result is always worse for consumers when Walmart comes to town.

  • I’m hearing that the Kirkland American-distilled vodka is actually better than the European stuff, and quite a bit cheaper.

  • I think the reply to comment function is broken.

    • saf

      No, PoP said yesterday – it works fine if you are logged in. It simply doesn’t thread anon comments any more.

  • Am I the only person who thinks this building is depressing? Look at it, looks like a factory building built in the 1800s. I know what they were going for but some thing original would have been nice in its aesthetics. A splash of color would have been great. Seems like these Walmarts are more trouble than they are worth. They’ve been having a lot of issues getting one built and open for business. Is this the only one that is actually built?
    What happened to the one on new york avenue, i hear its no longer opening. Just cleared land and nothing being built.

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