Update on Brookland’s Finest Liquor License Battle

12th and Jackson Street, NE

Update yesterday on Brookland’s Finest from the Brookland listserv:

“For your information, I attended a protester standing hearing this morning in the matter of the Brookland’s Finest liquor license. The purpose of the hearing was to identify who the valid protesters actually are as the matter proceeds.

Two churches had submitted protest petitions. Both of their petitions were dismissed for lack of standing as churches do not have standing to protest unless they are immediately adjacent. The two churches were First Church Christ Holiness at 1219 Hamlin St NE and Grace United Baptist Church at 1219 Jackson St. NE.

ANC Commissioner Carolyn Steptoe was granted standing on behalf of ANC 5B, as the ANC has standing to protest as a matter of right.

Three individuals were jointly granted standing as the designated representatives of 53 residents.

So there are two groups whose protests will move forward: ANC 5B and a group of 53 residents.

By contrast, 149 residents in proximity of Brookland’s Finest signed in support by endorsing a negotiated settlement agreement between the restaurant and the community.

Next steps: there will be a mediation session in early August to attempt to resolve differences. If not resolved, the matter will be heard at a full protest hearing open to the public on August 14th at 4 pm.”

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  • brookland_rez

    Just open it, we need more places to get a good beer in the nabe. As a side note, most of the patrons of those churches are MD residents.

    • Freaking exactly! They are nearly ALL Maryland residents. Are they concerned that their parking spaces around the churches will be taken up by restaurants guests? Or are they concerned that the buildings they have been using as churches may one day turn into retail and restaurants? Or perhaps both?

  • This is just stupid. What a waste of time. I guess some residents only like having 4 dining options in Brookland?

    I’d be interested to see if the protestors are aligned with any of the existing businesses in Brookland that might be against more competition. It’d bet money on it.

  • Everyone is aware that this isn’t “really” about the liquor license, right?

    • it’s abuot the parking spaces?

    • Then what’s it about?

      “Old DC” (aka African-Americans) vs. “New DC” (aka white yuppies)?

      • *dingdingding!* We have a winner!

        • Seriously. What the hell?

          I’m a “new white yuppie” – as you call it – and have experienced nothing but kindness from established residents of all colors. The vast majority seem to support the place. Most of those who don’t seem to object either because they are very close to it and are concerned about noise/trash, or because they are religious/anti-alcohol.

          If you live in Brookland (which I doubt), could you please take your brown flip flops on back to Arlington and leave the rest of us alone?

  • Why is everything so hard for Brookland?

  • Wasn’t there a voluntary agreement with those residents? Why is their protest still going forward? (Admit I don’t remember the few details I once knew.)

    • The voluntary agreement was with the 149 residents supporting it. The ANC has not been even willing to talk with the owners, much less come to an agreement. As far as I know the only interaction was with Commissioner Carolyn Steptoe who held a SMD meeting on the issue. After it became apparent that the majority of the crowd supported the business, she claimed the crowd was disruptive and prematurely ended the meeting. She has a recording of the meeting, but she claims since she made it on a tape recorder she purchased, she does not have to release it and so far has been unwilling to do so. This makes her claim that the crowd was disruptive a bit dubious in my opinion, when all who were there report that she was being quite hostile to the business owners who live in Brookland and are life long DC resident.

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