Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Adams Morgan


This rental is located at 1869 California Street, Northwest:

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 10.39.08 AM

The listing says:

“Spacious 2 bedroom Kalorama apartment just steps from all Adams Morgan has to offer. Upgraded Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances and Granite Countertops. Updated Bathroom. Great built-ins. Front loading washer and dryer. Large entryway/mudroom. Apply online, Contact Listing Agent for url.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $2,400/ Mo.

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  • Always wanted to live in a bathtub

  • This place is terrible. I wanted to like it, but tile? In a basement? with built-in wooden benches so you cannot fit a comfy couch in your own living room? For $2400? No thanks. The location is good, but I wouldn’t do it.

    • I have tile in my basement apartment in Adams Morgan. It is pretty common. Mine has not been updated though so maybe it is something they would do with an upgrade. I dont mind it since I have rugs and furniture that make the tile fine and actually a pleasure to clean and deal with in general. I would not pay $2600 though but for my location and space I think I’m spoiled. At least, that is what my friends tell me.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Tiles in a basement make sense to me (from New Orleans which floods), and I like the book cases, but the rest is weird.

  • Booo, dreary dark basement apartment, but I assume reasonably priced.

  • Odd apartment, but that’s why it’s priced so low. I’d say it’s reasonably priced given today’s market. But that also doesn’t mean I would want to live there.

  • I have never seen built in benches like that before. I am so utterly perplexed that I am unable to render an opinion.

    • My guess is that the apartment is prone to flooding and that they’ve lost quite a few pieces of furniture over the years. The built-in “couches” are basically waterproof. It’s cheap to replace the cushion.

      This is a weird-ass place and way over-priced. At $1200/month, a group house would be much nicer option if you’re sharing. At $2400 for a single person or a couple, you could get a much nicer apartment in the neighborhood at the same square footage (I’d estimate this to be 800-900 sq ft, if that).

      Bad, bad, bad deal.

      • Hmm… how confident are you that you can get other 2 bedroom apartments in this neighborhood for $2400?

        • I’ve seen listings for some, here and there. Granted, they’re probably going to be older, no-frills buildings, but in my opinion, that beats a basement (esp since this one looks pretty no-frills as it is).

        • You can definitely get a 1BR + den with the same amount of square footage as this place in the Adams Morgan area for $2400 or less.

  • Oh heeeeeeeeel no.

  • I’ve always dreamed of built-in bookshelves, although at that rate, they should have just taken them from floor to ceiling. Those sofa-like built-ins, on the other hand, are dreadful.

  • Levels, Jerry!

  • total shithole. don’t care how awesome location is.

  • Photos almost make you wonder if it was some sort of office space prior, like a dentist/doctor or something like that.

    • oh, wow. that must be it! I think someone (someone who’s far more creative than me) could do something pretty cool with this space.

  • This might be the dumbest looking apartment I have ever seen. I get the tile, though there are carpet options made especially for flood-prone apartments that are certainly better than this. And that living room…I mean…I just can’t come up with anything to even make sense of it. For $2400? What is this world we are living in?

    • Oh, and there is NOTHING upgraded about that kitchen. Can we stop pretending that silver appliances = upgraded. They do not. Those look pretty damned basic to me.

  • Notice how the big wall-mounted heater is placed so you can’t hang any artwork/pictures in the most prominent wall spaces.

  • Ok – serious question: at what price would you consider this place?

    I think I would seriously consider the place at $1400. If it was higher, I wouldn’t even bother checking it out.

    • If this were 1400, people would be fighting over it. H3ll, I’d even leave my awesome place for it. If I was 22 and poor like I was at 22 and still liked to spend all my money on alcy like I did at 22, then I’d consider this place as long as it was cheaper than all the other nicer options.

    • Too True 🙂 +1

  • This is a terrrrrible deal. That place is terrible. And $2400? You can do FAR better anywhere else.

  • ledroittiger

    My two-bed, one bath duplex (no basement) with full back yard, one block east goes for $2580. But hey, I’d consider living in a wanna-be morgue so that I can save the cost of two nice dinners out per month.

  • This place looks like it was constructed with Lego blocks. And I’m pretty sure the open floor in the living room is maybe 6.5 feet from the couch to the wall.

  • west_egg

    LOL @ “spacious”. What a depressing cave of an apartment.

  • i hope the owner reads these comments

    • The owner will probably end up getting $2000 for it from some desperate, clueless students.

  • LOL!!!!

  • Crispin Glover could film a great movie in that living room.

  • Perfect for Dexter! Hose it all down.

  • The hell is this?

  • Apart from the the already heavily remarked upon sitting nooks, did anyone else notice the mismatched tiles in the kitchen? There isn’t even a clear line of demarcation between the two colors just, ‘woops, ran out of terra cotta but got a great deal on the medical center white. no one will notice’. way to make an effort, owner.

  • Is this the house that love built? Remember when the Flanderosa was destroyed in a hurricane and all of Springfield pulled together to rebuild it? Then Flanders lost his shiz when he toured the place? This place reminds me of that. It has chief Wiggum and Homer all over it. Shoddily-oddily!

  • Lovely! At the end of a long day at work, you can kick off your shoes and Q*Bert around your levels on moist, mildew medical tiles. Then grab a snack in your kitchen where you are not allowed to step on lava tiles!

  • justinbc

    It’s not often a listing actually makes me LOL, but this one succeeded greatly.

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