New Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar, i-Thai, Coming to Georgetown in former Garrett’s Space

3003 M Street, NW

Just saw the coming soon signage for i-Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar posted in the old Garrett’s space in Georgetown.  The Washington Post reports:

“Owner Ann Chevasuttho said the menu would be similar to her other Thai restaurants in Virginia – I-Thai in Vienna and ThaiDeelish in Ashburn — but with more of an upscale atmosphere and a sushi bar.”

Updates as they get closer to opening.


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  • Does the name make anyone else think think this is some crazy Thai/Italian fusion restaurant?

    • I really hate these cutesy names… me little confidence in the food. It also makes me wonder about the Georgetown restaurant “scene”, when new openings are suburban Virginian imports

      • There are some very nice restaurants in VA, particularly Clarendon and Fairfax which are very wealthy enclaves, and have excellent culinary options. Maybe you should visit VA before bashing it.

      • I agree, you need to get out more often. Most of the finest ethnic restaurants are in the suburbs.

        • I actually go to the far-out reaches of the Virginia suburbs for Vietnamese food. My comment is more disparaging of Georgetown (and I live here) for its lack of originality and its inability to attract the type of restaurant going to 14th St or H St NE

    • do you pronounce italian as eye-talion?

    • no – me dosent think so

  • They’re a little late to be jumping on the “let’s put an ‘i’ in front of things to make it hip and cool so the kids will like it” bandwagon, but at least they didn’t do the whole “let’s make a witty ‘Thai’ pun with our name” thing (I’m looking at you Thaiphoon, Thaitanic, Beau Thai and the soon to be opened Thai/BDSM fusion restaurant Thai Me Up I’ve Been Naughty).

  • Isn’t “eye-tie” a disparaging term for Italians? And what does the i mean here: internet???

  • I like the cutesy pun names for Thai restaurants. It doesn’t seem right if it doesn’t have one.

  • ahh Garrett’s. you will so not be missed.

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