Summer Restaurant Week Announced for August 19 – 25

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From a press release:

“From Monday, August 19, to Sunday, August 25, DC area foodies are invited to dine at their favorite participating restaurants and discover new dining destinations, which will feature three-course, prix fixe lunch and dinner menus priced at $20.13 and $35.13, respectively. The full list of participating restaurants will be available online at early Friday, July 26.

Make reservations early online at

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  • Has anyone ever had a good experience with restaurant week? I’d rather go to spots that actually do a special dish, or special discount every once in a while, than a place that drops the price on the least popular menu items for a week.

    • epric002

      the only truly awful experience i had was at osteria elisir. zaytinya remains one of my faves for rest week.

    • It depends a lot on the restaurant. A lot of nice places uses it for exposure and offer good dishes or their whole menu (Chef Geoff’s and the group that includes Ceiba and Acadiana) I’ve had some great experiences at Poste too. Also, lunch is a lot better than dinner (roughly the same food for $15 less).

    • I always have a good time with it. It’s pretty rare to run into a place that skimps on the menu. Most places know that RW exposes them to a lot of new customers who might not come in otherwise, so they are trying their best to make a good impression. WTHBS, RW is obviously really crowded, so the service can be a little pokey. But I’m there for the food and to catch up with friends, so that doesn’t bother me much. YMMV.

  • I had a couple of misses with Oval Room and 1789. My best RW experience was Ris for what it’s worth.

    I just booked a couple of dinners for Vermilion and Mintwood Place which I am beyond excited for.

    • Mintwood Place is great – you’ll love it assuming they do a good job with RW. I just got a reservation at Rasika which I’m super psyched for 🙂

      • Hint for Raskia. Their RW menu is the same as their pre-theater. Something to keep in mind between RWs.

    • I had a great experience at Oval Room, so sounds like it could be hit or miss. The only bad RW meal I’ve had was Bibiana. It was pretty terrible.

  • I have to admit, I think it’s time to retire this old dog. Restaurant Week jumped the shark many years ago and became a victim of its own success.

    • Presumably the participating restaurants don’t think so, or they wouldn’t be participating.

      • Nor do all of us who go out for a special meal that we otherwise wouldn’t have, thus making it worth the restaurants’ while. If you’re over it, that’s fine–just means more availability for those of us who still enjoy it.

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