Standard Changing their Name to Garden District at 14th and S St, NW

14th and S Street, NW

The Washington Post reported on Friday afternoon:

“Eager to end complaints from the Standard Biergarten in New York, the operators of Standard in the District plan to change the name of their joint to the Garden District, says co-owner Tad Curtz.”

Garden District plant/gardening store was located in the space until they moved across the street in 2009 before ultimately closing in 2011.

Garden District from 2007

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  • vz

    That’s um imaginative. Were the owners of the original Garden District the owners of Standard? It’s such a different venture that I hadn’t thought so.

  • I’m always surprised how packed this place is when the weather is nice. Yes, I love drinking outside too but this place feels like a zoo and the wait for beers is soooooooooooooooooo long. And don’t get me started on the bathroom lines and there never being a seat available.

    • There’s potentially a beer garden coming to the east that should alleviate this problem. It blows my mind that no one had really thought of opening one until the Standard (Biergarten Haus aside). People are dying for this kind of space.

    • This is precisely why I’ve never tried the place. There are so many great places in DC for al fresco drinking, that there’s no reason to go to the one that’s most crowded.

    • I think some people have just decided they’re not going to like it. I’ve always had good times there. Food’s always pretty good, and sometimes really good. Long wait for beer? Just order your next beer before you finish your first beer and you won’t have to wait as long. Stick with the maas biers and your tank will never be on “E”.

    • Half the fun is going there when it’s crowded.

      Squeeze into a small spot at one of the tables and meet some new people. Many of a great day/evening has started exactly that way.

  • Hey another name with ‘district’ in it, very original

  • I never love the name ‘standard’. Always seemed generic and boring, and I was always forgetting the place even had a name. I don’t mind ‘Garden District’. Especially if they add more greenery! But its hard to see why a place in NY cared why they used a name as ordinary as Standard. Kinda lame.

  • I bet they have an old Garden District sign laying around, that’ll save some money!

  • They seem to be really missing out on an opportunity to call this place the Beer Garden District… Just post a sign that says “beer” in front of the Garden District one they already have!

  • Lame. Change it to Garten District.

  • It’s not at all confusing to have two different businesses with the exact same name across the street from each other.

  • They should’ve told this lame bar in NYC to pound sand.

  • No relation to the owner of the plant business…he pretty much went bust by sinking a million into an indoor plant shop that is now Estadio…not a great business idea…the across the street was last-ditch after that…and I agree the wait for a beer is way too long there…but it’s popular and seems to be a good addition to the neighborhood…

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