Shooting by the Arboretum, Stabbing in Columbia Heights

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@IAFF36 tweets around 11pm last night:

“Shooting – New York Ave & Bladensburg road Ne – use caution”

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and tweets around midnight:

“Stabbing -1408 Girrard Street Nw – use caution”

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  • What is going on with G-rod these days?

  • “Shooting by the Arboretum, Stabbing in Columbia Heights” – sounds like the title of a song.

  • Is something going on in southeast Colombia Heights? Does anyone know?

    • There are always occasional flare-ups of crime in Columbia Heights throughout the year, and especially in the summer. Columbia Heights has its struggles with crime, you are foolish to think otherwise.

      • I don’t see anything “foolish” in Anon 9:36’s question. The comment isn’t expressing any surprise or lack of awareness about struggles with crime in Columbia Heights in general; he/she is simply asking if anyone knows whether there’s something contributing to a recent spate of violent incidents in this particular part of the neighborhood (or at least the perception, based on previous PoP items, that there’s been a spate of violent incidents). For example, it could be increased gang activity, or a particularly bad drug house, or whatever. Or if the answer is “no, it’s just run-of-the-mill crime flare-up,” then that’s the answer. No need to insult anyone.

    • public housing, gentrification, travon verdict anger, hot weather, no school…

  • 14thandChapin

    been a lot of crime north of florida and south of columbia road recently…

  • It’s getting to the point where the PD really should be issuing a statement about the concentrated violence in that area. It’s getting hard to say it’s just coincidence anymore.

  • I agree that there needs to be action taken by the police, but violent crime in that area (14th/Euclid) is not new. It ebbs and flows, but it’s always there. It just happens to be flowing right now…

    • You’d figure after 30+ years of criminal activity, they’d run out of people to shoot at on Euclid. And you’d be wrong.

    • Yes, crime goes up (usually in the warmer months) and crime goes down. Have the police ever released information about the particular ‘why’ in this area though (gang activity)? Or maybe corner hot spots, or particularly violent times of day?

      • The 14th & Girard/G-Rod Crew is still active, and we used to have quite a few shoot-em-ups near the rec center (usually, but not always, with just cars as casualties). They also like to have mixers with the upstanding citizens in the 17th & Euclid Crew, often on Girard Street.

  • Just to provide some perspective, the number of homicides in the city this year is identical to what it was this time last year (55). Obviously any homicide is one too many, but last year was a record low number.

    • That number is city-wide. This seems to be heavily concentrated violence over a very short period of time.

      • Again, just to provide some perspective; according to the crime map on the MPDC website there were 24 violent crimes within 1,500 ft of 1408 Girard St NW over the past 60 days. This compares with 22 violent crimes over the same period and same distance last year. So, yes it has gone up 9%, but I wouldn’t say that violent crime is particularly high in that area at the moment.

    • And for those of us who have lived in DC for over a decade, these numbers are really amazing in many respects. Its good to point out the progress in the reduction of violence in the city when it is very easy to just get bogged down in the day to day stories.

    • Yea – seriously! Let’s make sure that we remember that people are killing one another no more so than in the previous year. Last year’s homicide totals totally seemed like a reasonable number of people to die from violence.

      • Oh the internet. In a face to face conversation you probably would agree or at least be convinced that a reduction in homicides in a city over an arc of time is good thing. Obviously the goal is ZERO but its not a bad thing to remind yourself that despite the fact that crime exists, it is comparatively less than it was years ago. Were you incensed about crime in Columbia Heights fifteen years ago?

        • I agree with NOTHING!

          • To clarify: obviously any reduction in violence is great! I was merely trying to point out that saying something along the lines of “hey – could be worse!” is a rather delicate matter given the topic at hand. (Sorry for the early morning trolling!)

  • I used to live at 14th and Fairmont and there is definitely something about this immediate area that attracts crime.

    I seem to remember that it is a border between two gangs which could be a contributing factor.

    That being said, I loved the area.

    • See? I didn’t know that. Information about the gangs that operate in this area and their typical patterns of activity would be useful.

  • Part of the issue is the park located at 14th and Girard Streets NW…..illegal drinking of alcohol continues unabated. Drug activity has been noticed there as well. That has been spilling over into the neighborhoods as we are again seeing empty alcohol cans/bottles scattered about in yards, in tree boxes and along the curbs. Some folks have even returned to the alley between Fairmont and Girard to do their drugs and have sex. We have lost the attention of our city officials and our Police Department and the neighborhoods are slipping backwards to where it used to be 6-8 years ago.

    There is also a lot of drug activity along the wall in front of the Health Clinic and adjoining alley on 14th just south of the DC USA….the alley itself reeks of urine…especially on a hot day.

    Until the city and MPD clean up this stuff, this section of Columbia Heights will never progress in cleanliness or safety and developers will continue to avoid the area.

  • “And people are still having bidding wars over $750k houses to live there?” – random poster subtlety dissing brookland

  • Is it actually heavily concentrated? What’s the per capita? Including not just residents, but also visitors?

  • ” occasional flare-ups ” hmm what do you have…lol

  • Something going on? The same as always. That section of Columbia Heights will never change until they get rid of all those section 8s.

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