Sandovan Restaurant and Lounge Coming to Former RAS Space in Petworth

4809 Georgia Avenue, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending the photo of the new Sandovan signage at 4809 Georgia Ave, NW. Back in June we learned RAS would be reopening under new management after abruptly closing in Dec. 2012. Stay tuned for Sandovan Restaurant and Lounge.

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  • I hope Maroni Bros. can now give up destroying eardrums and get back to serving passable pizza.

  • I agree. Moroni’s service has been going down and we stopped eating there because you can not have a conversation when the music is turned up so loud that you feel that you are in a club. The quality of the pizza has been going down and their service as well. We patronize them because we want to support businesses in our neighborhood but have been going less and less.

    • gotryit

      I’m all for patronizing local business, but not when they are crappy. If you’re looking for a good NY-style pizza, try La Villa over at 14th & Crittenden.

  • sandovan has unfortunately renovated the spot to include one way mirrored glass all the way up. Looks like a strip club or a gang bar. We were hoping for something more inviting for the locals, but it seems we are going to be stuck with more shady spots on Georgia. My fingers are crossed that its just tacky design and not indicative of the clientele they are trying to appeal to. Please can we get a nice quiet eatery without the blasting music across the neighborhood and fighting and littering outside at all hours.

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