Renovations from PoPville – Opening Up a Kitchen


In March a reader asked for advice about opening up and renovating a kitchen. Here’s a brief update:

My personal favorite additions (aside from this being so much more open than before):
– outlets with USB plugs
– the bookshelf above the new bedroom door
– pocket door solution to the bedroom
– extra storage shelf built in bedroom on back side of the bookshelf


Ed. Note: If you have a renovation you’d be willing to share please send some before and after photos to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com. Before photo after the jump.


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  • Would need to see the “before” photos…

    • And the bedroom shelf, I’m having trouble visualizing something that doesn’t protude way into the bedroom (already know what a USB outlet looks like!).

    • Had the same thought, but the bottom pic IS the before. I’d like to see more after photos to see how they handle storage/counter space after taking out that wall of counter and cabinets. Because there’s not much counter space being shown, so even though the before counter is narrow, it would have been useful (for me, maybe not for current owners).

  • there is a link to the before conversation!

  • I’d be interested to hear how the OP likes his/her pocket door. We got one installed in our master bath and it’s not my favorite. Not enough privacy and it feels flimsy (although, maybe our contractor did a shitty job on it)

    • I like it. Agreed that it isn’t add sturdy as a real door, but it’s a relatively small space, so a pocket is the best solution. Since I’m almost always there alone, it really doesn’t matter to me and will be nice when I have overnight guests

    • is it a hollow core door? or solid wood?

  • OP here, there’s a ceiling beam a foot behind the new wall in the bedroom, so the ceiling was already a bit lower and the shelf fits in well. Agreed on the counter space/storage. What was there before was unusable and I salvaged storage with the cabinets on the left in the “new” photo and by replacing a short cabinet above the sink. Looking for a tall table that will double add bar and workspace for the kitchen. Any ideas?

    • A set of 42″ tall cabinets back to back with a counter top would do the trick. You can even put them on heavy duty casters for movability.

      Great job reusing the appliances, cabinets, and counters btw. Most people don’t bother and just throw away their money along with perfectly reusable materials (caveat: one should replace a refrigerator that is more than 7 years old to save significant money on electricity).

    • Maybe a breakfast bar. It will close off the wide entrance, but will buy you storage and cabinet space while still providing an open feel. My preference would be to put it on the oven side of the doorway so you have space behind you to put pans as you take them out of the oven, staging area for ingredients while you cook, etc. But depending on traffic flow, even on the sink side of the door would be good. I wouldn’t put full size top cabinets over it, but depending on ceiling height maybe shorter cabinets at the ceiling could get you some shelves, again without closing off the space.

      Nice job in getting a bedroom!

      • Wait, the bedroom was new?? I thought it was already there. Either way, it would be nice to see before/after photos of that space.

        • It isn’t clear from this posting or the earlier one, but the owner made a comment in the original post that it’s a studio and the main motivation was to create an actual bedroom. That info changed my impression of the reno from “eh, lost too much counter space given what’s left” to “not a bad transformation!”

  • OP: I have an open kitchen like you have with very little counter space. I have been looking at ikea stenstorp island, that has open shelves and provides seating space (about $400), the room & board counter height tables (which can also provide table/seating) also seems a good option.

    I really like your use of color as well.

  • who did the work?

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