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  • So, has Michael Landrum, closed most of his locations?

  • The site pulled up for me just fine.

  • Yeah what’s the deal. I recall an article in the post or somewhere a couple years back about how successful he was and how he owns many of his places outright etc. Now it seems like they are all closing. Seems like there is more to this story than meets the eye.

  • Also, are the landlord’s in Silver Spring going to let Mike off of the Guaranty? Usually, you wouldn’t give up a good guaranty for people that have never rented a commercial space before.

  • This is not altruism or rewarding loyalty. It’s weird — something’s up.

    Reminds me of the suspicious Gryphon closure. PoP: any news on that one?

  • Is Ray’s The Steaks still open in Arlington? I haven’t been there since around the time it first opened, but damn, that place was sooooooo good!

    • I had to end my night early after going to Rays in Arlington… Was quite disappointed at the T-Bone, and 60$ for a bottle of 12 dollar Shiraz was also not a good look. I could have had a better time at Outback.

  • Read further Carman tweets. It wasn’t free. Just a very good deal for employees

  • This is only “fishy” or “weird” in the sense that it is not how a typical restauranteur operates — rewarding loyal and hardworking employees. If there’s anything to know about ML and his restaurants, it’s that they are not run based on what the rest of the industry is doing. That’s why they’ve been so successful. Eliot, et. al., have kept this place spinning like a top for years — I can’t even remember the last time I saw Michael in there. So I doubt the landlords are the least bit concerned. lol.

  • They definitely strokes my youthful sense of entitlement the right way.

  • Will we still be able to get bad service and mediocre food under the new management? The old ponytail dude up front was hilarious, trying to pretend guests “might” be seated, when the restaurant was near empty on a Monday night.

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