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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: My appraisal came back! House appraised for more than $100K than I paid for it in 2002.

    Rant: My side business is exhausting me. I would love to scale it back but this is the busy season so I’m locked in to crazy at least through Labor Day.

    Rave: Extra money from the side gig.

  • epric002

    rave: after 3 days of ignored calls/emails, finally spoke with a manager who agreed to refund the charge.
    rant: why is it so hard to get good customer service?

  • Rave: sat by Tommy Wells at Room 11 last night
    Rant: Took several minutes for me to realize who he was, didn’t get an opportunity to wish him luck with his campaign.

  • Rave: Spent Monday and Tuesday nights at events on the mall (screen of the green, air force concert). Beautiful weather, beautiful setting

    Rant: Nuthin.

  • Rave: one of my best friends just called out of the blue and is doing really well. I hadn’t heard from him in a while and was a little worried.
    Rave: I’m taking a vacation this weekend, can’t wait!
    Rant: People keep expecting me to be able to focus and work like it is a normal week. Don’t they know that my mind is on vacation already? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rant: I was really hoping for the JBG proposal and that Harris Teeter, especially with the Howard Town Center (and its grocery store) having fallen through again!

  • Rant: Parked out front of a half-reno’d Capital Hill rowhouse was a panel van painted with the words “Brazilian Floors: Installation, sanding, finishing.” What, no waxing?
    Rave: Son yelling at me to get my laundry upstairs and help him fold sheets. Progress!
    Rant: Maybe he’s just trying to seduce that hussy who’s been skulking about by luring her into an unusually clean basement for futon-based big screen adventures (or onto the high threadcount formerly guest bed sheets). .

    • Emmaleigh504

      Oh dear God…I’m so glad my parents (ok mom) think I”m pure as the driven snow (I am)! I don’t want to think about them thinking about me having futon-based adventures! Yes, I grew up in a prudish household and it’s had a lasting impact on my life/brain/etc.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Saw a dalmatian in my neighborhood this morning.

    Rave: Was in a really, really foul mood this morning because I had to get up extra early, but just had a lovely chat with a work pal, so I feel better.

    Rant: Had to come to work early b/c I have to have a blood test this afternoon. Quit stealing my blood doctors!

    Rave: Pre-op meal with my mom, a favorite cousin, and a favorite cousin in law at a favorite eatery, Afghan Grill, tonight.

  • Only 100k when you’ve owned for 11 years, bought before the boom, and prices have been skyrocketing in the past 2 years? That seems kind of low…

  • Rant: Pulled into two “quick” meetings that are ending up to not be so quick…

    Rave: Yummy leftovers for lunch. So much fruit and great veggies. Yum.

    Rant: Still have a very sore shoulder, neck, and arm. Need to go check out the chiro.

    Rave: Rediscovering the West Wing tv series. Damn it’s good fun!

  • rave: JBT and Soja show at Wolftrap tonight. Don’t know SOJA as well, but I’ve been obsessed with John Bulter Trio forever! nice way to spend a miercoles.
    rant: quiet day at the office makes me think i need to change it up/add a little spice to my life somehow. Not a good thing when you know WAY too much about a bad tv. Now just to figure out how….

  • Rant: Had to get my car inspected – feared the worst.
    Rave: Had a great experience with the most charming inspector, Tony. (He was in the first aisle, girls.)

  • Rave: I got tons of overtime from my last pay period
    Rant: Said overtime was taxed to the gills

  • I thought my mom thought I was pure as the driven snow (I’m not) until I accidentally sexted her. Whoops!

    • Emmaleigh504

      That is such a fear of mine. I delete all current text convos before I text anything the slightest bit racy. Not that I would ever sext or do anything remotely sexual out of wedlock. Hi Mom!

  • Rant: Debbie Downers like this.
    Revel: I’m no longer 100k upside down on MY house bought in 2006?

  • Rant: bugs that fly in your face, and bite you on knuckles. If I could push a button to end them I would not hesitate.

    Rant: Speed cameras in this area represent castration from individual freedom in a way… And they drive me towards wanting to live somewhere else. Red light cameras aren’t that big of a deal to me for some reason though.

    Rant: Music players on my phone and in my car don’t understand the word “random” for some strange reason. They always seem to play the same songs foregoing new ones I’ve added. VERY FRUSTRATING.

    Rant: Trying hard to not think of the past, but I think I’ve made a big mistake in sending a friend request to an ex. Hope she doesn’t accept it.

    • GiantSquid

      Speed cameras aren’t an issue if you don’t speed. You shouldn’t be driving 40MPH down city streets. I drive daily past the cameras on C St NE, 295 N/S, 395, Penn, tunnels, and have never received a ticket. If you want to go driving around at higher speeds, perhaps a more rural environment would be best for you.

      • novadancer

        seriously? There are plenty of areas where 40 is totally fine in the city AND is not breaking the posted speed. Example…the 395 tunnel speed (where the cameras are) is 45 yet people slow down to below 40!

        Sorry i’m with jack on this…

    • I can echo Jack5’s sentiments on speed cameras. There’s one on New Hampshire Ave in Maryland (oh so rural!) around the entrance to Slio Creek Parkway that drives me insane. The speed limit is 35, but everyone knows about the speed camera, so they brake to a snail’s pace–15 or so miles UNDER the speed limit. It is wildly infuriating. Just go 35 miles an hour like you’re suppose to!

      • GiantSquid

        I agree whole heartedly with going the speed limit. If it’s 50 on 295 or 40 in the 395 tunnel, then go that, you don’t have to go 15mph under. Those people annoy me too! I just have no patience for the people that zip around residential areas that are 25 like it’s a road course.

  • Carlos?

  • Rave: gorgeous evening, ate dinner outside, took the long walk home to enjoy it.
    Rant: trying to do 2 weeks of no/low carb and no sugar. only on day 5 and I hate it. all i want is a ripe peach or a bite of dark chocolate. I did this once before many years ago and found that it was a great shock to the system to cut out the sugar and then bring it back in slowly. but trying to maintain the will power and trying to find things to eat is a drag. no more salad!

  • rant: this cold won’t go away. Dr told me I could take Mucinex, so I did…and now I have the opposite issues – so dried up and my throat is super scratchy.

    rave: I haven’t really had any pregnancy issues, thankfully, so if this is the worst I have to deal with, I’m ok with it. Just wish I could have been off work.

    rant: Shae didn’t show up for my facial yesterday…probably a mixed blessing since I’ve got a cold, but still. haven’t heard from her about it. Bummed because I was so psyched.

  • 14thandChapin

    Rant: Lost playoff softball game last night (not to any of my wrong doing – not to brag but i was by far the most well rounded player on the team), my back is sore as a result….i feel like im getting old (im 24).
    Rave: It was a fun season even though we did not win it all, met some cool new people…i need to keep branching out. Seems like another slow day at the office, which is good because i am tired.
    Revel: not overly excited but at least its ‘hump day’

  • RANT: Traffic was pretty bad today getting into work. And I left at my “normal” time (8am). I’m wondering if a road was closed or if more people just happened to be driving rather than Metro’ing.

    RANT: Swarms of bikers in the downtown business areas. Seriously guys, pick a lane and stay in it. Bikers were spread across all lanes of traffic all over M, 19th, and L Streets, attempting to outrace one another. It’s getting to be a total mess. The worst was when bikers were in all three lanes going north up the small hill on 19th Street from L to I Streets. Stick to the right lane guys, there’s no reason for you to be the left or center lanes.

    • gotryit

      Sometimes there is a reason for me to bike in the left lane – like when I’m going to turn left. It makes me extra happy when drivers honk at me and tell me to get in the bike lane when I’m doing that. Please don’t be one of those.

    • 19th is one way southbound, not northbound. Many vehicles turn into the parking garages and onto side streets, and at that hour there’s typically a lot of pedestrians walking, so the vehicles waiting to turn always cause a back-up. There’s also a 7-11 down there that attracts illegally parked cars incredibly well during the morning rush, as well as plenty of delivery vehicles. So where it’s only 3 lanes wide you can expect cyclists (and all road users for that matter) that want to go straight to use the middle lane.

      “Stick to the right lane guys, thereโ€™s no reason for you to be the left or center lanes.”

      I turn left off of 19th and ride in the middle or left lane the entire way, depending on the traffic I see ahead. I don’t think I have ever rode in the right lane on 19th street.

  • Blithe

    Then there are those gnats that fly in your face and get stuck in your lip gloss. Eeew! Summer always puts a cramp on my nearly life-long lip gloss habit.

  • Revel: Perfect timing for a crosswalk photo today!

    Rant: Yesterday afternoon at the Yes Market as I was walking into the store I see this little toddler standing there with only one shoe on and no pants. I stop as I enter, wondering about this little tyke and as I turn around I see he has decided to cross Georgia Ave alone. Thank God he had the light. I step outside and another man is standing there in awe/concern, as are 2-3 people across the street. Clearly no one in sight is the mom/dad. Finally someone calls 911 and police come.

    Rave: All the concerned adults who took the time to make sure this little one was safe. Hope MPD found his parents.

    Rant: If he had got run over on Georgia Ave, I think I would be seeing a shrink right about now (if only I stopped him!). Whew.

    • Yikes, that is scary. Toddlers + busy streets give me a heart attack. I once saw a little boy of about 3 or 4 years old toddling along Mass Avenue near Dupont Circle, seemingly by himself. I was alarmed and kept an eye on him for about 30 seconds, until the man rushing along 10 paces ahead (apparently his dad) noticed that the kid was so far back and retrieved him.

  • Blithe

    The gnat/lipgloss comment was a reply to Jack’s rant.
    So: Rant: my “Replies” still aren’t posting where I want them to….

  • Smilla

    Rave: going to China in the fall!
    Rant: the visa application for China looks intimidating. Does anyone have any experience getting one from the Chinese embassy here in D.C.? If so, did you do it yourself or did you use a service?

    I would prefer to do it myself, but I’ve heard that the Chinese consulate in New York prefers people to use a service and that individuals applying for a visa themselves get treated like crap (I think there’s some kind of kick-back deal involved). Is it true for the embassy in D.C., too?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Every time my parents go they get the visa themselves, though they go through a different consulate. They have never had a problem.

      Also don’t buy the wicked expensive Dragon tea. You can get the same flavor from fall leaves & twigs in DC ๐Ÿ™‚ [my folks love the stuff and bought some for everyone and were disappointed we didn’t love it.]

  • The China visa office for me was incredibly easy. They are quite efficient really. Did it all myself. Took less than 1 hour total.

    • Smilla

      Thanks, Anonymous at 11:09 a.m. Good to hear. Did you wait for your visa or did you have them mail it back to you later?

  • I’m on my scooter, not a car. But it was ridiculous today – there were 5 bikers across three lanes, all of whom were holding up traffic as they tried to huff & puff up the hill because they were trying to outrace one another.

    Side rant: I wish the city would ban deliveries in the central business district during rush hour (7am – 930am and 4-630pm). There’s no reason why deliveries can’t be scheduled for earlier or later in the days. These huge trucks sit and block traffic and bike lanes, making the situation more dangerous and stressful for everyone (including pedestrians, who can’t see around these massive trucks when they try to cross the street). The trucks are perhaps one of the biggest contributors to gridlock during the rush hours.

  • Blithe

    etcetera: I’m vowing to eat better — and snack less. My breakfast was an omelet with asparagus, olives, capers and smoked salmon. Might be higher in salt than you’d like — but pretty low on carbs.

  • I got yelled at and nearly pushed into opposing traffic this morning by a car who pulled along side me to my right to lecture me about how I should be riding in the bike lane. Of course this was on 7th, *after* the bike lane ends, and there was tons of broken glass and debris on the ride side of the road where I would normally ride, so I was forced into the lane. And, I was going 27 MPH, which means I wasn’t obstructing the flow of traffic at all but some drivers can’t handle the thought of being behind a cyclist.

    • They were more comfortable pulling up beside you and chiding you for your perfectly legal behavior than they were with just waiting behind you, which at 27 mph, is the speed they ought to be travelling around there anyways. Odd how some people work.

  • Rant: Still feeling despondent about work, side projects, and my general life trajectory.
    Rave: Dog adoption is finally moving along, and I’ll soon have a sweet pup in my life! (And lots of poop and dog hair and slobbery squeaky toys, but oh well.)
    Rave/Rant: Had a good old-fashioned snog with a new fellow last night. It was fun, but he left an enormous hickey on my neck! :O

    • epric002

      yay for a dog! if it’s short-haired (i’ve forgotten), the FURminator is highly recommended.

    • Congratulations on getting a pup – they are a joy.
      (I first typed “job” accidentally and I suppose that’s true as well Dogs are a joy and a job.)

  • I went to the Afghan Grill based on a previous discussion where talked it up, but it was empty and the food was disappointing. I wonder if it was just an off day or I’m missing something.

  • Rave: Freecycle, and people who pick up when they say they will. Bonus is when they say thank you.

    Rant: Not only unfriended by sibling on Facebook but now also blocked. Part of on-going family drama and she is the drama queen.

  • Rant: why does no one think that I am raising money for my high school band?
    Rave: at least some people care about whether I can go on my band trip.
    Rave: my band is headed to the local liquor store.

  • Thanks Mom.

  • Rant: Federal job application requires a copy of my college transcript. I didn’t have a copy on hand (who does?) but did have one from my graduate program.
    Tried to upload but the file was too big (transcript was TWO pages – sheesh). Compressing the file and it was still too big. So I didn’t get it uploaded therefore disqualified for job. This despite the fact that I’ve worked for the government before and currently have a security clearance.
    Related rant: Even if I’d been able to upload my graduate school transcript I would still be disqualified because it wasn’t my undergraduate transcript.
    The possible silver lining is that the job was in VA and I’d have to drive every day.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Absolutely wonderful dinner at Granville Moore’s last night. Moules Mariniere et Frites with two really good beers.
    Revel: Working from home and there are puppies under my desk. Dog Cave.
    Rant: Probably shouldn’t get a tattoo the day before surgery…right?

    • You know a medical examiner can determine if you had a tatoo even if the tatoo’d limb was missing after death because the pigments last forever in the lymph system. Curious fact I learned while getting a tatoo in 1988 and used for my second novel.

  • who is he?

  • @Smilla – I went in one day to drop off. Came back and picked it up 2 days later. It took longer to park and walk in than the wait inside. Their visa office is over on Wisconsin. I had two great trips to China last year – Beijing, Xi’an and Chongqing. It was for work, and I had official invites to attach to the Visa application which likely helped somewhat. Enjoy your trip. China is awesome. But beware the air pollution, it is really really bad at times.

    • Smilla

      Wonderful. Thanks for the info.

      I’ve heard/seen the stories of the air pollution (and the thousands of dead pigs floating in a river). Right now Shanghai is experiencing a terrible heat wave, and I’m sure AC isn’t nearly as widespread there as it is here. Glad I’m going in the fall!

  • Why did you want it to fall through? That is a woefully underutilized space.

  • whoops.. comment posted to bottom..

    Why did you want it to fall through? Seems that space is woefully underutilized.

  • Rant: Limited vacation time means not being able to take a day off to spend with a friend who is leaving town this weekend. The missing begins already. Lots of good life changes for her, just so sad to see her go.

    Mini-rave: I may (gods willing) be resolving the wedding planning issues.

    Major-rant: I hate that I have become one of those people who stresses over wedding planning. Objectively I realize that none of it really matters, but the timing of these glitches just sucks given everything else going on at work and home.

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave: Thank you so much to PoPville for all your kind words about Walter’s passing. Yesterday was rough, but I’m feeling better today and you all really helped.
    Rant: One of the guys I’m seeing could not have been less considerate about my grief. That, coupled with weeks of feeling that he is overly self-important confirm my suspicions that it’s time to let this one go.
    Ranty rave: I move tomorrow! I’m excited about my new neighborhood and the new apartment, but MAN moving is the worst.

  • You assume I bought in a neighborhood that saw a lot of growth during the boom. Not all of D.C. is being gentrified at the same rate. Come visit us in Riggs Park!

    • andy

      Hey what is Riggs Park like? I’ve driven and run out there (NH Ave) and it felt kind of isolated yet homey – almost a village-like feel. How has your experience been?

    • Riggs Park is coming along–you have some development with those block-like Comstock homes on NH Ave, paired with the new apartments going in at the Takoma Metro. Some of that will trickle down Eastern. Just wait until that Purple line comes in 2020.. looking forward to some increasing property values along NH Ave!

  • Nope! I’m riding dirty!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Couldn’t you have just called the school and got your undergrad transcripts?

    • Not the original commenter, but it can depend on the school. My undergrad had some kind of onerous process for requesting an “official” transcript, and it had to be by mail because they charged and you had to send them a check. My school also had a thing where they would only send the official transcript directly to the institution (ie, the graduate school) instead of to the student. Although maybe the policy has changed recently, if more and more employers are requiring transcripts.

    • When I needed to get transcripts (also for a fed job application) I had to mail a transcript request to the school and they would mail the transcripts back. I could also pick them up in person which would be great if I lived in Boston.

  • I am right there with you. I cheated on day one. This doesn’t bode well for me.

  • Meant as a response to Etcetera’s sugar/carb comment.

  • People also have this reaction to cops on highways as well. Drives me freaking insane. If you’re going 5 over, you’re okay… no need to slow down to 10 under!!!

  • Rave: Made an appointment to get my daughter a passport. We don’t have any international travel on the horizon, but it’ll be nice to know that we could take advantage of any opportunities that pop up. Especially important now that she’s old enough to get something out of it.
    Rant: No one ever offers me easy opportunities to travel internationally. Gotta do it the hard way, with planning, and you know, paying for stuff.

  • I just moved into the new Comstock homes about a month ago, moved from my high rise in Arlington, needless to say its been a huge adjustment but I absolutely love it up here! It is so quiet and friendly. It seems very out of the way, but its really not, takes 10 minutes to get to CH to go to target and whatnot. And I got a MUCH bigger house for the price.

  • Granted my experience was from 2004 but it was super easy. I just went to the Embassy here in DC, filled out a form detailing the dates and locations of my trip, and picked up my passport with visa the next week. I did not use a service and didn’t even realize that was an option.

    It was a little scary leaving my passport but everything turned out fine. Short lines, nice people, I was expecting the worst and was very pleasantly surprised.

  • Okay, I am definitely registered and I still couldn’t post a reply! Grr!

  • Rant: Why do the police constantly block a lane of traffic when they give a ticket when they could easily pull off onto a side street or into a parking lot?

  • Rave: Boss brought in bagels today AND we had cake after lunch! Happy Feast Day, St. Ignatius!

    Rant: So many calories….

    Rant: Poor customer service expeience this morning – people who obviously didn’t want to be there. I’m not a huge fan of my job but at least I fake it!

    Rant: My mouse/cursor keeps moving by itself! And not just moving, but clicking on things, opening e-mails, minimizing documents, etc. I called IT and all they could tell me was to restart my computer. Done that, didn’t help, now what??

  • My point exactly! i’ve gotten my bike up to 65 MPH, and still had cars crossing the double yellow to pass me. I think drivers just hate cyclists, and don’t like to be behind us no matter what. ARGH.

  • Yes, you are correct – I meant to type southbound

  • One issue in cars not wanting to drive behind bikes is the matter of momentum (velocity * mass). Bikes don’t have brake lights and tend to stop very quickly. Driving behind a biker makes me feel extremely nervous. If they stop quickly in front of me, there’s a very good chance I won’t be able to stop in time due to the weight of the car and the close driving conditions in the city.

    As a rational cyclist, the LAST thing you should want is a car driving directly behind you. You should want them to go around you. You have no indicators (brake lights or turn signals) and any sudden stop could send the car directly plowing into you.

    I know bikers are stubborn and are trying to make a point about sharing the road, but is it really worth injury to yourself just to make a point? At 65 mph, you need significantly less distance to slow down than a car. That’s why they don’t want to be behind you.

  • Sorry that last response was meant for you, not Urbanengineer. I hate that the comment threads are f#cked up!

  • You’ve gotten your bike up to 65 mph – is this a typo?

  • Call an exorcist. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • yeah, no fruit for just two weeks, then I will bring it back in to the diet. I had to pass up a slice of watermellon yesterday – brutal.

  • Scrillin

    Then you’re following too closely.

    A good rule of thumb for everyone driving a car is, don’t ever assume you’re good at it.

    Otherwise (like me), you’ll make a bunch of mistakes that could take someone’s life.

  • I just looked and the menu and really want to try it! Any particular recommendations?

  • Yeah, he is short-haired and sheds. Thanks for the tip!

  • Sorry, this was meant as a response to a comment someone had made on my previous post. Technologeeee!

  • Try changing the batteries, mine was doi g that a while ago and that cleared up the issue. Or if it’s corded, open it up and clear out any gook inside.

  • It’s not at the embassy but a separate visa office on Wisconsin Ave. The visa form is long but not complicated. Just make sure you have all the right documents the first time you go and try to get there when they open or a little bit before. Also note that they take a lunch hour where the windows are closed.

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