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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • gotryit

    Rave: successfully secured the first row of kitchen cabinets!
    Rant: discovering all the things that I need to move / redo before I can do the next 3 rows.

    Rave: close to putting current house on the market.

    • Good luck and hope you share your progress! We’re in the process of designing our kitchen renovation now and talking with realtors about listing. Intimidating stuff!

      • I know realtors always pitch a kitchen re-do before listing, but it makes no sense to me, especially in a hot market. I’d much rather pay less, (or get a rebate after sale) and have the kitchen I actually want rather than someone elses design. Ideally, the kitchen would be gutted, and various plans already worked out, so the purchaser could at least choose their own cabinet styles & countertops & appliances.

        • gotryit

          I agree – I wouldn’t do it just to sell. To clarify, I’m renovating the house that we’re moving into. Just touching up the house that we’re going to sell / move out of.

      • gotryit

        Thanks. Maybe I’ll do some before / during / after photos when I’m done.

        What are you redoing in the kitchen?

  • Rave: To the suggestions of Maria on Popville about what to do in Ukraine! We tried almost all of them, and they were fantastic. We did the Gaslamp in Lviv and had a delicious lunch in the enclosed rooftop, watching a thunderstorm roll across the historic church roofs. And the chocolate shop was wonderful.

    Rant: Jet lag.

    Rave: Coffee.

  • Rave: Friday
    Rave: 6 weeks until the Iceland-England-France adventure trip
    Rant: Humidity. I am from Texas, and therefore no stranger to heat, but there is something about the Mid-Atlantic humidity that makes even modestly hot temps feel almost unbearable.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: In a bad mood and imagining horrible bloody thing happening to all the assholes I work with.

  • Rave: Took the day off work.

    Rant: It’s so hot outside I’m stuck inside posting on POPVILLE. πŸ˜›

    Rave: My dog, Best company I could ask for.

    Rave: A fridge stocked with Ice Cream… Happy Friday yall!

  • Rave: my parents arrive tomorrow!
    Rave: Weather is supposed to chill the F out tomorrow night, so Sunday/Monday will be nice.
    Rave: The Buzzfeed “29 Hill Staffer Problems” made me laugh all morning. Priceless. And so pathetically true.

    • That was a good buzzfeed! Please tell me you caught the one about the Running of the Interns. I sent that one to my interns, and reminded them how good they have it with me. πŸ™‚

      • yes, but this one is funnier to me because I was a staffer – I loved the “reception is on the HOUSE SIDE!!!!” Also, #2. I had a masters degree and it never got me jack but a second job so I could pay bills. Loved being there, though. This is a well thought out list!

  • epric002

    rant: this MFing weather.
    rant: the poor neglected dog who has been suffering through this weather outside all day every day.
    rant: the thunderstorm tease last night that thundered, lightninged, and DID NOT RAIN.
    rant: the heat induced headache that will.not.go.away.
    rant: no raves.

    • It rained at my house (U St area)

      • it also poured for us – logan circle. it was glorious. Then steamy.

        • I liked the unearthly orange glow last night as the clouds/rain started clearing right around sunset.
          (And I think it was like that some other evening pretty recently — I think Saturday the 13th?)

    • can you call animal control about the dog? This weather, they might do something. That’s ridiculous.

    • you should make sure the dog has shade, water, food etc. if not, call the humane society and they’ll come look into and make sure the dog is not in danger. esp. with the temps this high outside.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Got a nice rain shower at my house, right after I watered the plants. Thank Mother Nature.

    • Lots of thunder here in Mt P but only a few sprinkles of rain. I was hoping I wouldn’t need to water….

    • epric002

      it did not rain on the coheights/petworth line. i call animal control at least once a month on this dog. they know he’s there, but his situation is infuriatingly legal. he has a dog house and lots of water, so he gets to suffer. i’m also not there during the day so i can’t monitor how bad it gets around midday, though i’m sure it’s pretty effing miserable for him.

      • epric002

        * i mean WHS. i’m practically on a first name basis with a certain WHS officer.

      • perhaps if animal control comes around enough, the owner will give him up? Make it miserable enough for the owner?

        • epric002

          omg J, this particular situation is so effed up. the owner is keeping the dog in a pen in the yard of a house he doesn’t live in. so every time the WHS comes over (which is at least once a month), the obnoxious tenants call the owner and the WHS speaks to him on the phone. they have no way of independently contacting him. the owner always corrects every legal infraction (fixed dog house roof when it had a hole, provided straw for bedding during the winter, provided “shade” by balancing a folding table over the corner of the pen, etc.), but is apparently not interested in surrendering the dog. why you would go through the expense of having a dog to do this to it is beyond my comprehension. i’ve been trying to get the owner to let me walk the dog in the hopes that i can eventually convince him to surrender the dog or give/sell it to me, but i haven’t had any luck lately. he usually feeds/walks the dog in the early evening and i haven’t managed to be there at the times he does this. a few weeks ago i happened to run into him and asked if i could walk the dog, and he reluctantly agreed and told me a day/time to meet him. of course, he never showed, and i haven’t seen him since. i walk by every day though and talk to the dog and make sure he has water, which he always does. i am at my wits end about what to do about this.

          • anonymouse_dianne

            Contact Dogs Deserve Better. They are pretty radical – they took over Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels and turned into Good Newz Rehab for dogs. They are part of the coalition to unchain dogs and have a good success rate for getting people to relinquish their yard dogs.

          • epric002

            thank you thank you thank you anonymouse_diane! I just emailed them!!!!!!

          • anonymouse_dianne

            Yay! Keep us posted …

          • thanks for your efforts on behalf of this dog. it makes me happy to know there are folks who love puppies as much as i do, and are willing to take time to make sure dogs are well taken care of. πŸ™‚

          • epric002

            thanks anon. i wish more people would try and help when they see situations like this, which are depressingly common in DC.

    • em

      We got a fairly decent soaking in SW right around rush hour

  • Rave: Watching Todrick Hall and Pentatonix’s new video the “Wizards of Ahhhs” over and over on YouTube this morning at the office.

    Rant: I really should be prepping for my 11:00 meeting.

  • Rave – homemade berry smoothies for breakfast
    Rant – stupid neighborhoods put their trash out too late for the morning collection, again. They don’t even put their cans out, they just dump bags of trash on the street corner, in front of my building. Now those bags are going to sit out all day baking in the sun on the sidewalk unless they bring them back to their cans. Lovely.

    • epric002

      DC311 app is built for situations like this. just submitted one last night for the same idiot neighbors (i assume) who are emptying the household items into the alley AFTER trash pickup, and without calling for bulk pickup.

    • About a week and a half ago I called 311 to request removal of a set of boxsprings (for a full-size bed) that had been sitting in my neighbors’ back yard for about 2 weeks (and through multiple heavy rains).
      Yesterday I checked on the status of the request and was told that it had been investigated and nothing was found. I checked afterward and sure enough, the boxsprings were still there. I am livid. It’s not like the boxsprings were tucked away out of sight; anyone going through the alley couldn’t possibly have missed them. (Especially not with the street address.) So I guess the DPW (?) person was just shirking.

      • If they are sitting IN your neighbors backyard the city won’t do anything about picking them up (but they could issue a fine for accumulated debris and unsanitary conditions/potential vermin hazard). They can’t just come on private property and haul stuff away, and for good reason.

        • epric002

          agree- report it to DHRA (?) as a condition harboring vermin. unfortunately i don’t think that’s an option in DC311.

        • Hmm… they did so before when another neighbor had a sofa sitting in their backyard (through multiple rains).
          I’ve placed another request, this time through the online system (and referencing the earlier request). I chose the category “Sanitation Enforcement.” Fingers crossed for some sort of progress…

          • epric002

            good luck!

          • Thanks, epric002!
            I think I will try using the online 311 request system from now on, rather than phoning — I’ve run into inconsistencies in the phone version where some OUC staffers tell me I can’t report a certain kind of thing via 311, and others tell me I can.
            I also like the ability to be able to include details in the text box, rather than wondering whether the details I provide to the OUC staffer will actually make it into the service request.

          • epric002

            i like the DC311 app b/c you can submit a photo of the infraction along with details about what/where it is.

          • I didn’t see the option to add a photo… will have to look more carefully next time.
            Thanks for the info!

  • Rave: Saw a beaver this morning. Get your minds outta the gutter – I mean the animal. It was swimming in a creek I rode by on the way to work.

  • Revel: Whoever suggested black tea for migraines, I would like to buy you lunch.

  • Rant: when is the titan arum going to bloom? Every day, I think today will be the day. I’ve become obsessed with the USBG video feed, checking in hourly, literally watching a plant grow. How did I come to this?
    Rave: living in DC, where I can do cool things like drag my kid down to see the biggest, stinkiest flower in the world.

    • pablo .raw

      I read somewhere that there’s a webcam.

    • Haha I was thinking the same thing yesterday: “well I’m at work… watching a flower” I just wanna see it (and smell it) already!

    • I’m also checking on this – can’t wait to see the stinkin’ bloom!

    • I told my intern she could take a few hours off to go see it. That, or she could come to my neighborhood, where I’m sure we could find her a dead rat to sniff.

    • Whenever it happens, the best part will be over by the time the public can see it! The titan arum apparently flowers at night and is at it’s stinkiest before the sun comes back up, then it only lasts about through the following day πŸ™

      We’ve been checking the cam every morning so we can get there as soon as the botanical garden opens!

    • Thanks for mentioning this — I’d read a story on it earlier this week but had forgotten to check back since then, and was worried I might’ve missed it.

  • Rave: Working from home and enjoying the perfect amount of A/C in my house.
    Rant: One of our cats is really having some food issues, second morning in a row that she’s thrown up at breakfast time. She still seems happy to eat dry food and is acting fine, so I don’t know if I need to take her to the vet yet.
    Rave: Basking in the “I just finished grad school and I have all this free time” glow. Coincidentally, the entire season of West Wing is free to watch on Amazon Prime, which is how I’ve been spending my recent evenings!
    Rant/Rave: We’re taking in my fiance’s cousin for a few months while she figures out if she wants to stay in DC after her work detail is done. I got the kick in the pants to reorganize *three* closets last night after work, which was sorely needed, but not exactly looking forward to having a roommate again. At least we’re charging her a nominal rent, which will help with wedding finances πŸ™‚

    • You may want to switch up kitty’s food. I had a pukey cat and it turns out she had some allergies. We had to experiment with some different foods, but eventually we found one that worked for her.

      • My cat had the same problem. Vet diagnosed her as allergic to chicken, which is one of the more allergenic protein sources for cats. She refused the brand of food I bought from the vet, but eventually (if begrudgingly) ate the Duck and Green Pea formula from Nature’s Balance that I got at Big Bad Woof. Good luck with her!

        Grr. Posting too frequently messages when it’s been a couple of days at least since my last one.

  • Rant: Have a reservation for 4 at Le Diplomate Saturday morning, but our brunch buddies cancelled. Head to OpenTable to change the reservation to 2 — but it says there are no available tables? So, I guess they schedule 2 & 4 person tables separately…totally fine. Then I try to bump it down to 3 — still no available tables? Whaa?

    Rave: Union Market drive-in tonight –!

    • epric002

      did you already cancel the res for 4? if not, i’d leave it as is and when you show up tell them you had some cancellations and there will only be 2 of you. you tried.

    • This is when you need to cut the OpenTable cord and just pick up the damn phone. Trust me, Le Diplomate wants to honor your reservation and won’t hate you for having a change of plans and letting them know well ahead of time. For the love of god, please just don’t show up and say “Oops, only two of us today!”. Then they will hate you.

      • Yep, the rant part is more of the ‘ugh I have to pick up the phone and call’ … minor pain, but major overlook by OpenTable.

      • epric002

        i hope they’ve improved their res process- i had similar experience where i couldn’t get the table i needed on opentable, so i called to make the res. when i showed up, they had totally botched it and of course blamed it on me. they finally fixed it, but was very frustrating/took a while.

    • skj84

      I don’t work at Le Diplomate, but I do work at a resturant that uses open table. Basically restaurants have tables assigned to time slots. Meaning there may be 3 two tops slots and 3 four top slots for that time. It probably means the slots for 2 tops at that time are full. I definitely recommend calling. Even if opentable says they are full or not available a lot of places may have reso slots that can only be booked by the hosts or managers. It helps control the flow of the resos and keeps from overbooking.

  • Rave: Think I’ll dust off my ice cream maker this weekend! Thanks for reminding me, guys!
    Rant: Shooting my first wedding next weekend, and having doubts that I lack the experience or proper equipment to do it.

    • what flavor? I LOV me some chunks in my ice cream – cookies and cream, brownie, cut up red velvet cake. YUM! (I’m not a fruit ice cream fan…seems like a waste of good calories)

      • I have no idea; I’m not that crazy about ice cream but I like making it. My girlfriend favors chocolate and caramel so maybe I’ll do something along those lines.

    • Oh buddy….dont mess that up! I mean….this is only one of three or more times they will walk down the aisle! But in all seriousness I love to shoot things and would be willing to help for free if an extra body would make it easier. I have some photography experience. Are you shoot still or vid or both?

      • That’s nice of you to offer but I don’t think you’ll be willing to do the 4-5 hour drive for it. πŸ™‚ It’s for a family friend, and I’m not charging her that much, so that takes some of the pressure off me. I’ve shot a lot of non-wedding events so I don’t think I’ll screw it up too badly…

  • skj84

    Rant: This heat is oppressive!

    Rave: Good lunch two days in a row. Clam Chowder and bacon yesterday, shrimp ceaser salad today.

    Rant: This is going sound incredibly petty but here goes. I went to Kareoke the other day and got skipped by the dj because i already sang. Despite the fact i waited at least 2 song before i even put my name in and there were six people ahead of me. I didn’t realize i was being skippef for a while and ended up staying out way later than i intended. Either follow the list ot don’t take one at all.

    • I don’t do kareoke but I’m aware that a lot of places do that. It’s so some windbag doesn’t sign up for 18 songs and end up taking over the evening. They should have told you that, though.

      • +1. Seems fair that they would let everyone go once before letting someone go twice… but if that’s their policy, they need to be clear about it.

        • skj84

          Yeah that’s what I figured. And I get it. But I really would’ve liked to haven known beforehand. The DJ didn’t say anything when I signed up again nor was there a sign. I would’ve left a earlier If I had known.

  • em

    Revel: The curse of the Z Burger promo strikes again. “ZHeatWave” brought a rainstorm to SWDC just as we were making plans to get free shakes. Free milkshake + rain to break the heat = glorious!

    Rant: As soon as the rain stopped, the heat and humidity shot right back to where they’d been camped out all week.

    Revel: Played Wii to get some exercise after consuming said free shake (given that rain + heat / humidity made outdoors walking or biking highly unattractive) and made it to pro level in fencing

    Rant: Too much Wii fencing – sore arm today!

    Revel: Guy on the Metro who offered me a seat meant I didn’t further tweak my arm by hanging onto the ceiling bar during a jerky ride.

  • Rant: A/C has been out for a month. Last night was the worst night of the season by far!
    Rave Un: A/C is being replaced today. Has a remote and an additional 2,000 BTUs. Please let this thing be quiet! The last one was freight trainishly loud. Over night ‘friends’ were really annoyed by it as it is installed in the bedroom.
    Rave Deux: No more double showering or smelling myself like an over-zealous dog to make sure that I don’t have body odor from being inside a hot, swampy apartment all day.
    Rave Trois: Finally gonna get me some spectacles today. My eyes have decided that every day should have a little foggy/cloudy effect to them and I disagree. I’m going to get something saucy and really play up the naughty librarian look.

    Happy weekend, everyone!

    • Rave turning into a Rant: A/C install guy is now officially two hours late. Eye doctor appointment is now at risk! Grrrr!

  • Rave: Orange is the New Black
    Rave: Office is going to take the lead in feds feed families challenge!

    • ^This! I am completely and totally impressed with Netflix right now

    • We just started watching OITNB last night. Loving it so far. They did a great job balancing the humor and grim reality of prison life.

    • I just watched the whole season in the last 3 days. It is TOO good. And it’s not just funny, there are some really powerful scenes and strong character development throughout the season.

    • Nope, and he isn’t wrong.

    • good article based on facts, thanks for sharing.

      • Weelll…. even if the “facts” stand up to scrutiny, please be aware that lying with statistics is the easiest thing. He’s not exactly comparing apples to apples.

      • andy

        And even if true – what is he marshaling the facts for? To say that it is reasonable for some people to have race-based fears, but others not to have such fears? Not the prism I want to see the world through at all.

  • Rave: People watching on the crosstown buses. It’s the best.
    Rave: Found an apartment in SW and signing a 3 year lease for a pretty good price. Thrilled to start actually saving money…maybe.
    Rant: The apartment search has thrown me head first into sorting out our finances. My student loans are pretty high and with these new savings I’d like to contribute more than the just minimum payment each month to pay them down. But I’d also like to contribute more to our house fund… Dilemma.
    Rant: Moving. In August. The worst.

  • Rant: Can’t make it to Newport Folk Festival next weekend (rant), and have been unable to sell the tickets (double rant). Looking at either eating the costs or completely rearranging everything to make it up there.

    • Hey I’m from Newport! That is a great time (although I never went on a paid ticket, watched it from a small boat)

      Sorry you cant go. I was planning on maybe taking a trip home next weekend and if I do I’ll let you know and maybe we can work something out.

      • Hey Newport resident – any chance your family wants to visit DC next 4th of July? I’m looking to do a house swap for my niece’s wedding.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: A picture of Walter helped get me out of my funk. Thank you Walter’s human whose Popville name I forget.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Me and my party have died of dysentery.

  • MsNesbitt

    SUPER RAVE: Got approved for a great place next to the subway and a ten minute walk to work. SO glad to be done with apartment hunting. Really excited about the move.
    Rant: Ugh, packing. I hate it so, so much. I never know where to begin and so I just procrastinate and procrastinate until I’m totally overwhelmed and freaked out by the time crunch. Also just found out it will cost me A THOUSAND DOLLARS to hire movers. New York City, you slay me.
    Rave: Guys who text/call when they say they’re going to and also when you’re not expecting it, just to say hi. Big smiles today.

    • Check Flat Rate Movers

      • MsNesbitt

        Thanks for the suggestion; will do. Have gotten quotes from 3 other places and they’re either not available for August 1 or just outrageously expensive since that’s apparently the most-requested moving date of the year.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Second. I used them in DC and they were very reasonable, fast, and nice. Don’t know about the Big Apple though.

    • When I moved places in town two years ago (from Columbia Heights to Adams Morgan), it cost me about $1,000 and then another $200 as tip for the two movers. They were a flat rate service but the flat rate was for a block of hours, which if you exceed (and it did), I entered into the next block of hours at a flat rate.

      I’m sure some others have some good suggestions but the price you referenced sounds about right. I didn’t feel screwed or anything, they did a good job but it was not possible to accomplish the move in 6 hours; was more like 9 hours. Finally, if you live in a large building, be absolutely sure to get the key to the freight elevator, ask if others have reserved it for the day and work with your parking garage (if your building has one) to determine when your movers should arrive in the event that other movers will have access to the most convenient space. I did all of the above in advance but still ran into hassles just getting the truck situated and the freight elevator was in use for moving in/out by multiple tenants that day. This definitely added to the time.

      • MsNesbitt

        Fortunately (?) both my current place and my new place are walk-ups, so I won’t run into the issue of juggling freight elevators. When I lived in DC, I always used Hire-a-Helper for movers and rented my own U-Haul, so it was more of a hassle for me, but definitely cost me less. Sticker shock, I guess! (Though, one moving company quoted me about half the others, but only if I moved on August 2nd which isn’t possible for me.)

        • When I moved from a walk-up (4th floor!) I had all my friends come over to move all the light things, lamps, plants, etc. which cut down greatly on the mover’s hours. Also, anything unbreakable – clothes, linens etc. I double bagged in heavy garbage bags and just dropped out the windows.

  • I’m looking for a particular service and I don’t even know what to Google so I’m hoping POP’ers can help.

    We’re removing a section of fence from the rear of our yard in preparation for a new one. We also need to remove an old parking slab. I basically need someone w/ a bobcat/skid steer type machine to come in and clear it out a bunch of debris and the concrete slab and fence along the sides of my lot. I may also need to bring in some dirt in order to fill in any areas that had debris in them before.

    What am I looking for? Landscape services, GC, demolition? What?

    • Most bigger landscapers or driveway companies would be equipped to handle this, but if you are looking for specific services try searching for “hardscaping”. This generally includes things like driveways, patios, retaining walls, etc.

  • RAVE: Renting a car tonight for a day trip to the beach tomorrow!
    Rant: Friends are getting tickets to Orioles game next Friday to see the Sox, but I’ll be stuck at work and can’t make it. Really heartbroken.
    Rave: Best friend moving to DC in 11 Days!
    Rave: Taking a week off to go to Maine in 13 days!

  • Anybody have a list of non-DC schools with off-campus locations in Washington, DC? For example, I know that University of California offers classes in DC.

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