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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Observation: Shouldn’t they put screens with metro arrival times at the top of the escalators, so you you’d know if you have time to finish your smoke or add money to your card, or you need to trample old ladies and tourist families because the next train is coming in one minute and the one after that is 11 minutes away? In this heat, scrambling down the steps when you don;t have to is almost as annoying as getting to the platform just as the doors close.

    Rave: Apparently working out outdoors, even though it’s noticeably cooler at dawn than at 9AM, has has partially acclimated me to the heat, so I don’t sweat like a pig on the walk to the Metro in a suit, and the heat doesn’t feel nearly as hot as it used to. Also, dropping 15 pounds might have helped.

    • Don’t worry, soon enough they’ll ban smoking from everywhere outdoors too so that won’t be an issue. :/

      • I wish they would. Nothing more disgusting than getting a face full of someone cigarette smoke as you walk down the street.

        • Really? Nothing? How about all the spitting? Urination? Chicken bones on trains?

          At least the smoke dissipates in an instant. I nominate spitting as the single most loathsome disgusting thing I see people doing in the city.

          • I don’t care about spitting or urine as long as they don’t get any on me. The smoke though will send me into a coughing fit for the next minute or so.

          • Blithe

            An ex once painstakingly explained to me that “Men have to spit, because Man-spit is different…..” WAY gross! And I still don’t get the chicken bones. I’ve never actually seen anyone walking down the street eating chicken, and flinging the bones……. but maybe I’m happier with that one remaining an urban mystery.

        • Scrillin

          How about all the exhaust you breathe in every day?

          • The exhaust is usually less harsh on the throat and a bit further away, so more dissipated. Large trucks that spew out that thick black smoke do often bother me though.

        • If they ban it in anymore place then the government should stop the selling it. Call it illegal, stop subsidizing tobacco farmers and stop collection a ton of tax dollars!

      • Actually, quit smoking years ago (except in certain alcohol-fueled situations), but you c an never tell what will get this crowd going.

        • Anti-smoke fanatics are fun to rile up. The extent of my smoking career was the rare cigarette while out drinking years ago, but I still side with smokers in most cases.

          • Especially funny are the ones who naively believe someone is either a nonsmoker (who had never touched a cigarette in his/her life), a smoker (who smokes packs a day and is hopelessly addicted), or a former smoker (the equivalent of a reformed alcoholic who can’t be near smoking lest he be tempted). Like there’s no in-between category for people who enjoy a cigarette in certain occasions.

        • I always enjoyed smoking and used to enjoy when my old boss (a cabinet secretary) had to travel abroad, because that meant a good excuse to start up again, enjoying a few cigarettes a day and then quitting again when the stress level went back to normal. I still think of a lot of things in terms of a good smoke. We moved to Mt. Pleasant instead of Crestwood because I didn’t want to have to “get into the car every time I needed a pack of smokes.” And I still think there’s nothing better after a tough day than a martini and a Marlboro, even though I haven’t indulged in that combination in years. Hence the “long enough to finish your smoke,” reference in the original post. I think I’m annoyed slightly by the fact that anyone who smokes is seen as a pathetic slave to nicotine staving off the shakes, rather than someone who just enjoys it.

    • Congrats on the weight loss! It may be noticeably cooler but man, it is still warm and sticky out that early.

    • justinbc

      I’ve submitted this request to WMATA before. It would be helpful for stations that have a long eye-line distance as well, so you know whether to briskly stroll to it or put it in second gear.

    • I doubt they want to do anything that will encourage people to rush down the escalators and into the station. Cycnical people would also say that those things are never right anyway so why put up more of them. On a more practical level, this seems like it’s a ‘nice to have’ item that’s way down the list behind a lot of ‘seriously we need to fix this’ items. My advice is to have your smoke and add money on your way out of metro instead of the way in – that way it’ll never be the reason you missed your train.

    • I have wondered the same thing for years. I have often stood at 14th & Irving wondering if I should go for Metro or the bus. A sign showing the next train would help. By the way, there is an app for that, but a sign at the top of the escalator would still be nice.

      • There is a Next Train function on WMATA’s website, similar to Next Bus. I haven’t used it for trains very much, and I’m certainly not going to claim that it works 100% accurately all the time (the couple of times I used it, it was accurate–I think it’s basically the same as the countdown signs in each station, just on the web). May be a little cumbersome to have to go to the website on your phone, but given that Metro probably isn’t going to install train-arrival signs at street level or anywhere else outside the station anytime soon, it’s an option.

      • D’oh, read too fast and just noticed that you DID say there’s an app for that! Sorry! πŸ™‚ But yeah…it’s a pain, but probably our only option at this point.

    • andy

      I think the reasoning for the arrival times not being posted at the top was that they didn’t want people to see “1 minute to Branch Ave” and stampede down the escalators through the whole station. Of course, they could simply not display any incoming trains arriving in less than (4 or 5) minutes at the top of the station.

    • The signs in College Park are terrible! They often display trains that are minutes away but not ones that are arriving. Sometimes I get up the escalator and a train is closing its doors or leaving. If I had known it was there I could have caught it.

    • This would be good so you could stop and smell the flowers … oh wait.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I just want the clocks back. The big, fancy monitors don’t always show the time and it’s making me slightly more insane than I already was.

    • You gonna pay for that? I sure as hell don’t want to.

  • Rave: Traffic is finally much better on my way to work.

    Rant: guy sitting on my steps in the middle of the night last nigh cleaning his toes wanted to have a conversation with me when I came outside, of my house. No thanks buddy… (baseball bat in hand).

    Rant: I schedule a furniture delivery the one week I actually had an opportunity to go to the beach… Yes, that’s me, my name is stupid.

    Rant: Losing faith in people I know… Trying to figure out if it’s a new thing or if I was just more tolerant of it in the past, or maybe I just need to turn my thinking off.

    • Wait, so are you that guy who chased away a DC resident in Petworth earlier this year? (There was a Popville post about this.)

      • Resident? Nope I don’t chase away residents, just people who squat on my house steps… Many times, none of which have been stories on Popville though.

    • funny – I had to ask someone to get off my steps in the middle of the night on Tuesday. Asked him what he was doing, and he said he was just hanging out. Then he asked if I cared if he stayed. yes. You can hear my dog going nuts because someone he doesn’t recognize is on the steps….it’s the middle of the night….scram.

    • Blithe

      Um, so, could you, like, um, CHANGE your scheduled furniture delivery time for another week? Like, um, the week AFTER you return from the beach? Win/Win! πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Potbelly switched to a heavily-peppered bacon. I love bacon, I dislike pepper in large quantities. Sandwich ruined.

    • GiantSquid

      Contact them and let them know. They have a Twitter account, that might be the easiest way to inform them. Don’t be rude about it, just say “hey, I liked getting bacon on my sandwich but I’m not a fan of the pepper bacon. Can you switch it back?” It might turn out to not be a corporate decision but instead that one store ran out of bacon and picked up something from the local store to tide them over until they’re restocked. Crazier things have happened.

    • I think potbellys needs to improve their condiments… I’m a fan of their sandwiches, but just the basic choices aren’t enough for variety. No Honey Mustard, No green peppers, no BBQ – not enough for cravings… We could really use WAWA in DC. πŸ™

      • Yes to Wawa! Haven’t tried Potbelly since I’ve never lived or worked anywhere near one.

        • I mainly want the cheaper gas prices and cleaner stores than 7-11s in DC, but their sandwiches are pretty good! *sniff*

    • binpetworth

      I sympathize. I too has a disappointing sandwich today, mostly because Corner Bakery has stopped making my favorite Poblano Fresco sandwich. But at least what I ended up getting had bacon…mmm…bacon.

  • RANT: Potential bed bugs. Roommate’s boyfriend has them and she found one in a book she took out from the library. She only had the book at our house for a couple of hours before realizing it, so we are HOPING itwas isolated and won’t spread… Apparently the house got them about a year and a half go, before I moved in, and the landlord got very angry and blamed the girls living there and wanted them to foot the exterminator bill. Taking precautions and washing clothes etc but… Argh.
    Rave: Going to Annapolis for the weekend. Grilling and boating!
    Rant: Looking like we may get nasty storms on Saturday, which will put a bit of a kink in our plans.

    • I read an article about bedbugs in library books a couple years ago and it scares me (but I still get books out from the library). Apparently it’s a big problem because they like to hide in the bindings. She should inform the library ASAP so they can keep it from spreading to other books.

    • If you live in DC and are renting a group house, you are responsible for the extermination costs of bedbugs. The landlord is only responsible if the building has more than 3 rented units.

      I looked up the statute two years ago when my group house thought we might have bed bugs. Fortunately, it turned out that we just had a paranoid roommate who was getting bit by other bugs (spiders or mosquitoes). Still, the landlord was nice enough to kick in a few hundred bucks to partially offset the costs of exterminators applying poison.

    • Eeeeeek. Good luck. I am now officially sceeved out.

    • Oh my gosh, had not even thought about the library book bedbug transmission possibility. Ewwwwww. And I like checking out books from the library too mostly because they are free. E-reader it is, I guess.

      • the good news is DC public library has a lot of titles you can check out for your e-reader! and you should check out Zinio too (available through the library), it’s a digital magazine database. so, tons of magazines FOR FREE! especially cool if you have a tablet.

        • Some of us don’t have e-readers and/or like print books better. Also, the electronic collections are not as extensive and are hard to navigate in my opinion.

          • very true. all the more reason to notify the library if you find critters in your books – that way they can take action right away. otherwise, i don’t know, got a deep freezer you could toss your books in?

      • If you have a car, leave the book in it for a day or two before taking it inside. The temperature will get hot enough to kill any bed bugs. I had the tiniest bed bug infestation one summer and we went nuclear even though we only ever saw 4. The only upside to having them in the summer is that you can put delicate things in your car to heat up and kill the little buggers.

  • novadancer

    rant: super tired due to alarm going off at 1 am and not getting back to sleep until after 3 (dealing with ADT, police checking house, adrenaline).
    rant: false alarm… glass breaking sensors malfunctioned πŸ™
    rave: thank goodness it wasn’t a real break in!

  • Rave: not to pull a Jack5 here, but set up a 2nd date with a lovely lady for tomorrow night. Hopefully it will go as well as the first date. Haven’t looked forward to a date this much in quite awhile.
    Rave: Have a New Zealander staying with me this week. Can’t think of a kiwi I’ve ever disliked…

  • Rant: Something is still not right with the PoPVille RSS feed. It does not refresh at all in NewsBlur, and displays the last update as taking place on July 11th. I can read the raw RSS file just fine, but there has to be something in the formatting that is making readers hang up.

    Is anybody else having problems?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It would be helpful if you could email me when these problems occur with a screen shot to princeofpetworth(at)gmail so I can pass on to IT. Thanks.

    • Newsblur is pretty bad at updating feeds. A lot of things on my list are rarely updated and a few have never updated.

      • You are right, it appears to be a NewsBlur problem, and not the RSS feed. Sorry for the false alarm!

  • justinbc

    Rave: Having the floors and the new house sanded down today and restained, and the contractors not only showed up on time, but half an hour early.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: That photo reminds me of listening to my youngest brother practicing his cello.
    Revel: Mr. Squid is slowly feeling better. Four days of flu-like symptoms and liquid poo. Wash you hands folks! This icky stomach bug is no joke!
    Revel: Determined where next tattoo will be going.
    Rant: Already know Mr. Squid won’t be a fan.

  • Rant: I recently broke up with my girl friend after 6 months…I do not understand women I guess i never will. She pushed relationship, dopping the L bomb and then after 6 months realized she could not commit. Whatever…I am meeting up with my ex-girl friend (who i dated for 3 years) this weekend to talk. She got really mad after she found out i was dating a new girl (and has every time i started seeing someone new), i hope we can start talking again but it would probably be a big mistake to start seeing her again.
    Rave: U street outdoor movie series last night about Marion Berry…very eye opening, i feel like a lot of people do not know enough about the city they live in. Also there were two gorgeous girls sitting next to us!
    Revel: Its thursday almost friday, no real set plans this weekend

    • Crap! I missed the Marion Barry movie!!! I’ve been wanting to see it but Netflix doesn’t have it so I’m not sure how to, and it looks like I missed my opportunity. Woe is me (channeling Eeyore).

  • Rave: The Examiner is back in print.

    Rant: It’s only out once a week. I miss the daily version.

  • L bomb? as in love?

    Why are you meeting your ex? Doesn’t sound like a wise move from what you described.

    • Shit, that was for anonymous @10:43.

    • It is kind of a long story but we dated for 3 years and i still care about the girl…we also have many mutual friends so us being on better terms is important to me. I do need to be careful because I am ‘lonely’ and i definitely do not want to give off any mixed signals.

  • Rave: The possibility of getting out of this place.
    Rant: Waiting for the phone to ring/email to come with an offer (hopefully). Between me and one other person.
    Rant: Missing a lot of good stuff in DC this weekend, including a barbecue at a friend’s house and my brother’s in-laws coming to town. They are wonderful people and I LOVE spending time with them. Alas, we are traveling to my nephew’s second birthday, which would be a rave but *this* sister-in-law’s parents are awful, awful people and I am NOT looking forward to seeing them.

  • Anonynon

    Rant: I recently broke up with my girl friend after 6 months…I do not understand women I guess i never will. She pushed relationship, dopping the L bomb and then after 6 months realized she could not commit. Whatever…I am meeting up with my ex-girl friend (who i dated for 3 years) this weekend to talk. She got really mad after she found out i was dating a new girl (and has every time i started seeing someone new), i hope we can start talking again but it would probably be a big mistake to start seeing her again.
    Rave: U street outdoor movie series last night about Marion Berry…very eye opening, i feel like a lot of people do not know enough about the city they live in. Also there were two gorgeous girls sitting next to us!
    Revel: Its thursday almost friday, no real set plans this weekend

    -just so you can keep track of it πŸ™‚

    • Emmaleigh504

      I love you for getting a screen name so I can follow your love life.

      • Anonynon


      • Anonynon

        Sometimes I wonder if my life is more complicated than the average person, and if it is my fault…I don’t think it is (i could be wrong) but i somehow find myself in these situations that are just utterly rediculous.

        • 14thandChapin

          stay tuned for updates on monday πŸ™‚

          • Blithe

            But what about Friday? πŸ™‚
            — One thought: I don’t know the age of your girlfriend, but when I was in my early 20’s, 6 months WAS “commitment”. Not that I’m attributing that to her, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to be a bit more specific about what I personally mean when I’m using the L-word and the C-word — just to see if our definitions and expectations are on the same page.

          • 14thandChapin

            @blithe She was 23 I am 24. Yeah i agree…clearly we had different definitions of what words mean. Just took a little longer to figure that out. And yeah i agree 6 months is a commitment…

            Love: At this age…Willingness to work through problems and not just walk away after one fight (to be fair there were several disagreements that led to this), be there for comfot on the bad days, enjoy spending time with each other (dont expect every day but 3 times a week?), being open and honest about feelings

            As for friday I dont have any plans…let me know! haha

  • Rant: I heard that the Rolling Stones are putting a picture of the Boston marathon bomber on their next album cover! I won’t be listening to them anymore!

  • Rave: technology. Seriously, between Viber, Whatsapp, and Skype i’m going to still be connected to my friends here.
    Rant: my to do list.

    • +1 on your rave. Pretty fantastic stuff.

    • I only know what one of those is. I am 36 and apparently technology has already passed me by.

      • I’m 30 and I know of Viber, but only because my girlfriend uses it to stay in touch with her relatives in India. Never heard of Whatsapp, and never use any of those applications myself.

        • whatsapp is an app that lets you text people anywhere for free. Honestly, I don’t know why one would use it (since you can do the same with Viber, which also has a calling function), but I have it since some of my intl. friends have it and not viber.

        • Viber and WhatsApp are big in the ex-pat and frequent traveler communities. Free texting and calls to your overseas friends! πŸ™‚

        • I also use WhatsApp with my friends in US, it’s great for those with a limited text plan, or for those without a text plan at all (like my significant other).

  • Searching and searching for a good exterminator, cockroaches have invaded my nest. I want them to come once maybe twice, Finish, no long term relationships. Any recommendations?

    • Yeah, the cockroaches are really out in full force right now on the sidewalks around my building and in my parking lot.

      Summer is my favorite season, but at least in winter all those bugs are hibernating.

    • I’ve used Conner’s and they were pretty good. It took more than a couple visits, but that’s because the roaches were coming from the neighbor’s house. This was in VA but I’m pretty sure they come out to DC too.

    • I’m in the midst of using American Pest Control for my current problem. I’m going to have them come out 3 times, over 5 months, and hope that works.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: I love hearing about PoPvillians love lives way too much. Thanks for sharing, y’all!
    Rant: My work phone and mouse make me insane.
    Rave: Sent a present to a pal who is having a rough week. I hope she likes it, I think she will.
    Rave: I have extra cash so I can send pals random presents when they are having bad weeks.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Rave: My 7-month-old basenji puppy is progressing nicely through his training classes. Before I got him I read that this breed is one of the least trainable, but it turns out that (like his dad) he just moves very fast and gets bored easily.

  • MsNesbitt

    NERVOUS: Put in an application for an apartment. EEE! If someone steals this one out from under me, I am going to freak. out.
    Rant or rave, cannot tell: One of the apartments I applied for (and missed out on) last weekend is now available again. So, it’s annoying that my application didn’t go through the first time, but it’s nice that it’s back on the market and is a viable option should the apartment I mentioned above not pan out. Size and location-wise, they are basically the same. I just want to be done apartment hunting.
    Rave: I have a lot of “meaningful” projects on my plate at work. Feels so nice to be challenged at work and to be the lead on several important initiatives.

  • RAVE: A. Litteri is extending their hours to 8pm!

    • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa????? Only weekdays? Or do they also have expanded weekend hours?

      They are going to make a killing.

  • Allison

    Rave: when I am so delirious that my own typos crack me up. When writing “guilty pleas” I typed “guilty please”… like the defendant is gonna jump up and wave his hand around and say “ooo! ooo! pick me! guilty please!” Also, while typing that, I spelled “wave” as “waive.” The worst part about this… the bar exam has no spell check. FML.

  • Rant: I recently aplied for an internal promotion that I really wanted – much more interesting work, more money, froegn travel, all round beter use of my skills, career path – but I did not get it.

    Rave: Just found out that the person who was offered the job first accepted it and then rejected it, so teh position is still open. Now I am waiting to hear what can happen next – they might have to re-advertise it, or they might be able to just go back to the folks they interviewed the first time around. Still doesn’t mean that it’s me they’ll offer it to, but .. it sure would be nice. I need to get out of the admin rut I fell into after gwtting laid off in the Great Recession. Fingers crossed.

  • Anyone have an update on the Forever Yogurt coming to 1728 Columbia Rd NW?

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Had to switch around my schedule and some appointments at the last minute, all because I’m a moron who can’t read her calendar correctly.

    Rave: It all worked out in the end.

    Super Rave: Working at home tomorrow, then vacation with my awesome Dad and Grandpa!

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