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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Chiggers. Long grass. Overheated horses. Flies. Looooong conference calls. Bug bites.

    Rave: Vacation tomorrow.

    Rant: Husband has a meeting scheduled during vacation, office wants me to call in during vacation.

    Rant: Family vacations are ridiculously difficult for me and the husband to get to (7 hours of bus – 4.5 hours drive (IF no traffic and that’s a big if) and family doesn’t give a shit as it’s only 1.5 hours for them.

    Rave: DC Library – stocking up on some great books and DVDs for the trek.

    • My family does the same thing with vacations, and then they wonder why we aren’t enthusiastic about coming. Sheesh!

    • My family does the same thing! You’re not alone in that rant 🙂

    • Phew! I’m glad I”m not alone!! Any tips in dealing with them?
      I try to be reasonable but when I’m wasting two PTO days to travel there and back and then you complain about me not being there long enough, then I just get frustrated!!

    • It’s a 4.5 hour drive for how long a vacation? New York’s 4 hours easy with a stop for the family to pee on the Turnpike and the inevitable unexplained backup just outside Rising Sun, and that’s a pretty standard weekend jaunt. Nine hours round-trip for (let;s say) a week’s relaxation yields a pretty good driving/drinking ratio. Invest in whatever it takes to get decent tunes into the car, hit the road at 6AM, unpack by 11AM and reward yourself for your initiative with an early beer. Unless, the problem is that you just feel roped into a family vacation when you’d rather be cavorting with your husband in a rustic B&B somewhere and are using the drive time as an excuse (as my uncle Sigmund Streete might suggest) which is perfectly understandable.

      • It’s all complicated by the fact we don’t have a car (which REALLY frustrates the family) and that the cost to rent is prohibitive (vacay is free for the entire family cause the house is paid for and they carpool but we have to pay exorbitant prices to get there)/it’ll just sit once we get there and traffic is horrible (driving to Cape May…).
        We’re talking about a five day weekend with two travel days of around 7 hours and three actual vacation days…
        Mostly what frustrates me is that our frustrations are not considered when planning the next trip. No one wants to extend their hour and a half drive to make it easier on us and then they get upset we’re not there longer or we’re stressed about travel. And no one lifts a finger to make it easier (like offering to drive 25 minutes to pick us up at a bus stop…)

        Ok sorry – RANT over. 😉

        • Two seven hour bus trips for three days of rest does throw the ratio off. And not picking you up at the bus stop is unforgivable. Given this new testimony, I think you should spend this vacation cavorting rustically.

        • That is so frustrating. My family does the same thing. I’ve had to stop going to things. I cannot attend every birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, or graduation party they have because I just cannot afford it and they tell me last minute and I can’t take time off work on such short notice. I now only go longer family vacations, weddings, and over holiday weekends. It kinda sucks because I feel like I’m missing out. I think it must be hard to get my entire family to change their schedules/plans for one person (me) so I try and be accommodating, but that means I can’t go to every family function.

          • On the other hand, the family could all decide to come visit you in DC and cram into your home like the guy yesterday!

        • Just rent a car, that’s like $200 split between the two of you. If you don’t want to deal with driving, then put the car on the Lewes – Cape May ferry.

          Seriously, you’re complaining about a practically free trip to Cape May and you won’t have any expenses once you get there. My family lives in California and I only get to see them twice per year. That’s it.

          Be thankful that your family is so close and that you get to spend time with them in such a beautiful place. Cape May is hardly a burden from DC.

          The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

          • Chill out.
            The husband is coming from New York (he’s there on work), I’m coming from DC. And car rental (with insurance that we have to get due to no car insurance) is over 50 bucks/day for each of us. Plus gas.
            Lewes ferry takes just as long and is expensive.
            And the trip could just as easily be to the shore around AC or in MD or Delaware leaving all involved a bit happier.

    • It does sound like a hassle, and sounds like the family isn’t willing to be very flexible.

      Do you actually want to do this family-vacation thing, or are you doing it mainly because you feel obligated? If the latter, maybe you should try doing your own vacation thing instead next summer.

  • Rave: Thank goodness traffic is returning to a somewhat normal pace again. I can’t remember a time when it was worse than last week.

    Rant/Rave?: Tonight is supposed to be a first meetup up with Ms. 22. wish me luck, we’re going to a noisy club. Not my idea.

    Rave: bought a dining table finally. I’m a little worried that it’s a piece of crap because I only paid 700$ for the entire set (table + 6 chairs), but I’ve spent 700$ on much less useful and fulfilling things in my lifetime… Meh.

    Rant: DEAR PEPCO… When you’re going to change transformers/conduits for an entire block as a scheduled repair during the hottest week in summer, some warning for residents might be a good thing if the power is going to be out for 8 frickin hours.. I was really surprised that my home insulation held the cool air in for the entire time though and that my phone battery (A.K.A. backup flashlight) didn’t die early… meh.

    • Allison

      I only paid $700 for my 6-chair dining set and it’s fabulous! You can get quality stuff for $700 if you look around (usually the internetz.) Of course when it came the box was stamped “made in Thailand” all over it so all of my environmentalist street cred flew out the window when I realized I probably contributed substantially to Thailand’s serious deforestation problem. 🙁

      • I got mine from Bob’s, I’m pretty sure some of the proceeds from my purchase went to deforestation there too. 🙁

        • Allison

          That’s okay, Bob has awesome commercials! I just wanna squish that little animated Bob guy.

          • I tried haggling for a better price as much as I could but everyone gave me a big sob story about how Bob works for free and donates sales money to charity… LOL. I got this setup with the serving cabinet – http://www.mybobs.com/Omega

          • Allison

            Lol, Bob’s a charmer alright. Motto should be “You won’t get a better price out of anyone else… or Bob either!”

          • You have to be kidding me!!!!! I thought I escaped the scurge that is the Bob’s commercial when I left New England nine years ago. Then, one night I had the TV on and I was on the couch, not really paying attention, when I suddenly filled with rage, though I didn’t know why. My anger mounted and I’m pretty sure hairs on the back of my neck stood up, then I realized that f*ing Bob had come back into my life.

            I HATE those ads.

          • I just hate hearing the term “Bob-o-pedic”. hah.

    • I’m new to this forum – why is she Ms. 22? Hope it goes well for you!

      • Haha, opening that old can of worms again… I’m 37 and she is 22 years old. 😛

        • You opened it by referring to her as Ms. 22 instead of just saying the new woman you’re dating.

          • Ah, but then those of us following Jack5’s dating saga wouldn’t be sure who he was talking about. “Wait, the new woman you’re dating? Is this the 22-year-old you were mentioning the other week?”

          • I’m sure we could still follow the dating excitement if he were to describe her as the stunning red head or the amazingly cool brunette. If age doesn’t matter, why bring it up all the time?

          • Yeah, much better to describe a woman by her physical attributes than by her age. *eyeroll*

          • “If age doesn’t matter, why bring it up all the time?”
            Because Jack does?
            And some of us think age does matter, at least when your date’s age is lower what I think xkcd once called the “Standard Creepiness Rule”: (your age/2) + 7.

          • If he’s going out on a date with her, one can safely assume that he finds her attractive so referring to her in shorthand by a physical attribute seems fair to me. If that’s all he talked about after the date, then you would have a point. I would hope he’s not going out with her just because she’s much younger than him.

            I’d eye roll back at you, but I think that’s lame.

          • What else what I supposed to do with all the candy in my van… C’mon people! 😛

          • Jeez, how about lightening up on the “Ms. 22” thing, some of y’all? It’s just a jokey shorthand way of referring to a date on a blog comment thread (and it’s also reasonably obvious from context that Ms. 22 is a person he’s dating/about to date). Women AND men use that kind of shorthand all the time, and it doesn’t mean we’re actually reducing the person to a caricature in how we feel about them and how we treat them offline. I met my bf on the train, and for the longest time, friends asked me how things were going with “train boy.” (Yes, “boy,” and yes I sometimes refer to myself as a “girl”–and yup, I’m a feminist–even though we’re both in our 30s.) All in good fun.

          • I think the point people are trying to make is that if you refer to someone based on a singular aspect, whatever it may be, then you shouldn’t be surprised when someone asks “why do you refer to them as that?” Not everyone follows this guy’s daily posting about girls he tries to date.

          • There’s a pattern here that some of us are just growing weary of. On the other hand, there are many on here who find it funny/interesting/whatever so to each his own. The girl/boy debate is a whole other issue that polarizes the commentariats.

      • Its a fairly fresh can of worms. Also, you know them young kids always like going to clubs and listening to their hippity hop music.

        • Okay, if this one doesn’t work, I promise to try a woman who is 30 or above on the next round…. Sheesh!

        • Cmon… That’s like telling people on a dance floor they shouldn’t be dancing. This is a thread for rants/raves isn’t it? Who pissed in your corn flakes this morning? 😛

    • Emmaleigh504

      Good luck on your date! I’m calling this one Daisy.

  • Rant: Saw a huge accident on 395 this morning. A big white van plowed into the back of a long line of stopped traffic, going atleast 40ish mph. I don’t know how he didn’t see that all of 395 was stopped. It makes me want to get a new (read bigger) car. He would have crushed my mini. And we have a baby on the way – I want to protect my little guy!!!

    Please pay attention on the roads!

  • Rant: The stress of even starting to think about selling our house. Chances are that it will all work out as we’d like – we live in a hot neighborhood, the house is basically turnkey – but thinking about dropping money on updates and fixes, and maybe or maybe not getting that money back in the sale price is kind of terrifying. What if the market somehow dies between now and next spring?

    Rant: Waiting on home equity LOC application news. I’m ready to be approved already so that we can move on these projects!

    Rave: PoPville for realtor recommendations. Combed through past threads and found one that we already had a good chat with, and another who’ll visit the house in a few weeks. Hooray for a community of helpful people!

    • I’d recommend Hank Prensky (licensed in DC and MD). He certainly won’t take weeks to come see your house 🙂 Good luck!

    • Sean Aalai just sold out house in Columbia Heights, under contract in 4 days for 30k over asking. He is low key and highly competent.

    • Joel Nelson with Keller Williams Capital Properties is an expert at listing and makes it as stress free as possible!

  • MsNesbitt

    Rant: The apartment hunt continues. We lost out on two places over the weekend, and I’ve since had to change up my entire strategy/search criteria. I saw a GORGEOUS place yesterday, but mine is the second application in the pile, so it looks like I’ll probably lose out on that place too. Bummer!
    Rave: There is still time. There are still apartments to see. It’s not quite time to freak out yet.
    Rave/Rant: Reconnected with a guy over the weekend who I went out with once several months ago and REALLY liked. Excited to see where it goes, but the timing is not great since I’ve been seeing someone else for a few weeks. Other guy I’m seeing is nice, but I’m starting to see some signs that he’s not the right person for me. I’m not usually the type to date multiple people at once, so it’s sort of stressing me out.

    • Hey, you are apartment hunting in New York, right? Out of curiosity, has anyone asked to see your credit report BEFORE they show you a prospective apartment? One of my co-workers up there encountered that…wondering if it’s gaining in popularity as another BS broker/landlord requirement. (When I last rented in New York–granted, 10 years ago–credit check was pretty standard at the point of applying for the apartment, but no one ever asked to see my credit report as a condition of just going to look at a place. And I get that the agent maybe doesn’t want to waste their time if the prospective renter isn’t going to qualify, credit-wise, but I find that intrusive.)

      • MsNesbitt

        Yep, that’s me.
        I’ve never experienced this. The credit check has always been a part of the application process, not the viewing process. It’s possible that that one particular landlord requires it, but I would be surprised if the entire brokerage firm requires it.

    • i say you should treat your man hunt like your apartment hunt. having options is great, you know what you want and you haven’t signed on the dotted line with anyone (i am assuming). see where this reconnection goes!

  • Rant: Having to walk under dripping air conditioners every day on Irving Street en route to the Columbia Heights Metro Station. While I sometimes see people walk into stray sprinkler spray on purpose, it seems that everybody tries to avoid the dripping A/C window units here.

  • epric002

    rant: listened to my GPS this morning and took the “no traffic, 17 minute route” down 9th street. reality: nothing but traffic b/c 9th was down to 1 lane, and it took an hour.
    rant: mosquitoes
    rant: 20% defense budge cuts
    no raves at the moment.

    • As long as the cuts are made wisely I think a 20% reduction in our defense budget is a good thing. Our military Industrial complex is bloated and wasteful. We are paying contractors triple what we are paying soldiers to do things we would have soldiers to do if we just raised active military pay. We are building who knows how many vehicles and weapons systems that the Pentagon has said they have no need for but congress insists on. And lets not even get into the moral arguments about the actions currently being taken in the name of national security.

      • Yeah but the cuts don’t work out that way in reality. Instead Navy ships are deferring their scheduled maintenance, which is only going to make it more expensive later.

        • Agreed – I see so much waste that way: we’ll defer spending $10M now to fit in our budget this year even if it means someone else has to spend an additional $100M later. So frustrating.

        • The Navy is due for some serious budget cuts. The U.S. currently operates 11 nuclear-powered supercarrier battle groups, which is at least twice the number we actually need. None of our adversaries possesses even a single nuclear carrier, so it’s pretty retarded that we still have 11.

      • +100

        Put that savings toward paying down the debt, funding STEM R&D, and subsidizing college. That will return much higher dividends than dumping it down the blackhole of Big Defense. Though, those defense dollars have been great for the McLean and Potomac mansions.

        • While I agree that defense spending should be cut, I highly doubt they’ll actually use it to pay down the debt. They’ll just find something else to spend it on, and probably not anything that’s going to help a majority of people.

      • Here’s a novel concept, why don’t we stop paying for Europe’s military.

      • epric002

        just b/c you’re a soldier doesn’t mean you have the expertise to do every job done by contractors. and i won’t hold my breath that these cuts will be done wisely.

    • The odds that Congress lets Hagel cut what should be cut? Zero. And god forbid we cut the number of officers, especially top ones.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Niece liked her Sweet 16 present. I liked sharing her birthday supper and cake!

    Rant: Have about 5 years to figure out what to get nephew for his 16th. Hint: It’s not going to be a car. He requested a watch, but not sure I can afford the kind of watch I would like to buy him.

    Rant: Today is the last day I can take Advil until after surgery. Please no headaches! Ibuprofen is what works best on my regular headaches.

    Rave: Surgery in 2 weeks! That means no more pain in my side and back!! (after I heal)

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rant: Just got phone call from asshole doctor which reminded me of the horrible experience I had at his office because his echo tech was bitch. Dr Goldbaum’s front office and nurses are great. He’s a jerk who never explained anything to me. His echo tech whose name I didn’t get was mean and seemed pissed that I couldn’t read her mind. She left the door open while I was 1/2 naked and then when the echo was over, but I was still hooked up to the machine she just threw a towel on my naked chest and said, “here’s a towel so you can clean up.” It was so demeaning. Then she left the door open when she left so I could put my clothes on. I complained and will never go back.

      Rave: Dr Asshole Goldbaum just called to say everything from the test was normal, but did not apologize for his his bitchy staff member even though I complained to the office manager who said she would tell him to call me.
      Rant: The first sentence from the good Doctor in my chart is that I am “delightful” WTF does that have to do with my heart? And he’s so wrong, I”m a See You Next Tuesday. I will be writing him a letter so he can correct that error in my chart.
      I’m pissed off all over again. gah!

      • “delightful” is doctor code for compliant or adherent. they have other code words for patients who do not follow the course of recommended treatment.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Well I was already pissed off and grossed out and it just made it worse. Thank God I don’t have to go back b/c the tests were normal.

      • Ugh, that sucks. I always feel so vulnerable at the doctors, and a rude or inconsiderate physician (or their staff) makes the experience 100x worse.

    • GiantSquid

      I don’t know what your price range is, but Fossil makes some nice watches that won’t break the bank.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I want diamonds, but my banks balance says no diamonds. I suppose I could give him my grandfather’s WW2 Aviator watch, but I might not be ready to part with it. Fossil is probably the way to go.

        • I’m confused here. They still make watches?

        • I’m confused too. You want to give a 16 year old boy a diamond watch?

        • I’d check back when he’s closer. What an 11 year old boy wants when he turns 16 and what a nearly-16 year old boy wants are usually two completely different things. Plus, in five years we should have personal jet packs and robot housekeepers (fingers-crossed).

          • Emmaleigh504

            The point is I have no idea what to buy boys for big birthdays. I know what to buy girls for sweet 16, graduation, etc. Crap. What am I going to get him for graduation?

  • Rave: I know objectively that I shouldn’t have anything to rant about.
    Rant: I’m tired of being single and apparently, according to my therapist, my behavior should change so that my status changes. The only issue is I have no idea what I am doing wrong (or if I am even doing anything wrong!?!?!)
    Rave: It does feel better to have discussed it with someone objective.

    • Blithe

      Huh? Your therapist suggested that your “behavior should change” — but didn’t indicate what behaviors you should change? Or suggest some specific process for changing them? I’m a little lost with this one.

      • “Come back next week for the resolution of this exciting cliffhanger!”

      • Well – one suggestion was not sleeping with people so quickly. That one is easy, identifiable, and do-able. But I guess I question whether that will make a difference. It might also feel a little weird for me to think the time is right but put the breaks on because of a suggestion from my therapist. I would love to hear thoughts on this!

        • Whether or not you sleep with people doesn’t really make a difference, IMHO. It’s actually pretty prudish advice, like sex is something that needs to be rationed. WTF?

          If you’re attracted to someone and feel like they respect you, then sleep with them. If you’re questioning their intentions, then hold off. It’s pretty simple.

          It’s really just about finding someone whose personality meshes and compliments your’s. In order to find that person, you need to “know thyself.” Also, be outgoing. A date full of awkward silences and forced conversation won’t turn into date #2. If you’re an introvert, just fake it ’til you make it.

          • Emmaleigh504

            “If you’re attracted to someone and feel like they respect you, then sleep with them. If you’re questioning their intentions, then hold off” I would add that you respect them as well.

          • You also have to know yourself on this point and your motivations for having sex early on/feelings about someone after you have sex with them. For example, if it accelerates your emotional attachment beyond where the relationship is, it could be a problem.

          • Hate to say it, but it can make a difference. Also it can be also to figure out after just a date or two if a person truly respects you or is just pretending.

        • I’d suggest it will make a difference if waiting means waiting until you’ve figured out that you’re both more or less at the same point on the lust/hookup-love/relationship spectrum, and not so much if you’re just setting some arbitrary deadline. Not to sound all Victorian or anything.

    • First things first…stop blaming yourself for being single. I had this mindset for several years in my life and it definitely didn’t help. Getting to a place where I truly believed that my dates had an equal responsibility to impress and woo me really changed my dating dynamic. But, before this epiphany hit, I felt it was all on me to do the work of being charming, interesting, sexy, etc. and it led to the same results you seem to be getting. I also slept with men ‘too early’. This is a tough one because women need a sex life, too so where do we draw the line on this? That is entirely up to you but I definitely agree with the poster who said that if sleeping with them leads to emotional attachment too early in the game then this does require your attention. I’ll finish where I started…believe that you are the prize to be won. Force this into your head and your heart and I promise, you will see a change in the way your suitors react to you.

      • epric002

        i think i like the first half of this, but “the prize to be won” part makes me go ick.

        • ah, choice of words can be a funny thing. i’ll clarify: believe that you are someone a man should make an effort for and that your time, attention, warmth, affection and touch are worth that effort. does that help?

          • epric002

            yes, word choice is tricky, especially on the interwebz. i appreciate your clarification, and i’ll add my own- that relationships are a 2 way street, so if you expect certain behavior from your date/partner, you should reciprocate that behavior for them. (the golden rule as applied to dating?)

          • well said. yes, this advice is gender neutral.

      • Original poster here – thanks for all the advice! I don’t have trouble with being an introvert (luckily) and I don’t think the sex causes my emotional attachment to accelerate. I do focus a lot in the early stages on how I’m being perceived/received and I should be focusing more on the flip side of that coin. It’s been an insightful day 🙂 Thanks again!

  • Rant: I hate the heat and today is about the worst. I can’t be outside for more than a few minutes without dissolving into a puddle.

    Rave: At least the air quality is much better. I’ve been here for nearly 25 years and can remember summers past when this weather automatically meant Code Red air quality days.

  • Rant: Is anyone else super annoyed at the completely senseless, timed light at 14th and Decatur NW? It’s technically an intersection, but one side is the entrance for the bus depot. There is literally never anyone there, and it sends me into a blind rage every time I’m stopped there. Why no sensor!!

    • As a pedestrian that crosses that intersection, I’m glad there’s a signal. Up in that area, drivers don’t have much respect for a mere crosswalk.

  • Rant: I actually like the heat, but this time of year I always get a strong craving for boots and tights, pumpkins and apple pies, crunchy leaves and knitting projects. Can’t wait for Fall!

  • Question:
    I live an apartment building with 30 unites.

    Last night I realized there are no smoke detectors in the laundry room or hallways, only the Fire Alarm (the old Bell system) and the pull stations. Is it a DC law to have smoke detectors in the laundry room or common hallways of a building?

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Z-pack. Three days in and I’m almost completely over my sinusitis.
    Rant: Mr. Squid has contracted what is probably a rotovirus that is giving him flu-like symptoms and digestive woes. I feel bad for him but not getting too close.
    Rant: For the first time in weeks, I’m the healthiest person in the house.
    Rant: If given the ok from back specialist, supposed to go to Upstate NY next weekend. It would be nice to relax but a. sitting in a car for long hours hurts my back a lot and we’re talking at least 22 hours, b. I’m not feeling being social with Mr. Squid’s extended family at grad party, and c. missing out on friends visiting DC that weekend.

  • I have a question for anyone informed about landlord/tenant issues. My lease is coming up for renewal, and landlord is only offering a new 1-year lease, won’t do month-to-month. I like the apartment and don’t want to move, but I am considering buying at some point. The way the market is, I know you can’t really predict the timing of having an offer accepted/closing. How does that work if you’re locked in a lease? Will I just have to break the lease if the timing doesn’t coincide with the end of the lease?

    • Yeah, just break it. Inform the landlord as much as possible, but that’s really the best you can do.

    • You must not be in DC?

      All DC leases go month-to-month after the first year.

      • I am in DC. I know leases go month to month as a default (if no new lease is signed), but does the landlord *have* to offer a month-to-month lease as an option?

        • Then there’s no need to sign a lease. If the owner wants to raise your rent, they need to give you 30 days notice. If you agree to this, you just pay the higher rent in your next check. There’s no need to get locked into another year-long lease.

          If you do end up wanting to move out, I think you need to give 60 days notice with the month-to-month lease. (pls double-check this)

        • See here: http://ota.dc.gov/sites/default/files/dc/sites/ota/publication/attachments/Tenant_Survival_Guide.pdf

          F. What Happens When Your Lease Expires
          No matter what type of lease you have—written or oral, month to month or annual—your landlord cannot evict you without a legally valid reason. (See the section on Evictions for details on the eviction process.) In fact, after a lease expires you can continue to stay in your apartment as long as you continue to pay rent. The terms of your expired lease continue to be in effect with the exception that your rent may increase after a valid 30 day notice. To increase your rent, your landlord must file a notice with the RACD. Any increase must meet certain legal requirements. (See the section on Rent Control for details regarding rent increases.)

          If you do not wish to remain in your apartment after your lease expires (or you wish to leave at some later date), you must comply with the terms of your lease regarding proper notice to your landlord. Upon vacating your apartment, you are entitled to the return of your security deposit (with interest in some cases) from your landlord unless you have damaged your apartment. (See the section on Security Deposits for more details on this process.)

          • My building will do month to month, but your rate will increase by 25-30% monthly, but much less of an increase to sign a new year lease.

          • Ugh, and this is why I’ll never rent my condo.

          • Is it legal for them to raise the rent like that every month? They are supposed to file the increase with RACD, but I don’t know what the rental increase limits are.

            Changing the rent monthly, even on a month-to-month lease, strikes me as not being kosher.

    • They can’t make you sign a year’s lease, and have to let you go month to month. Quoting from the tenant survival guide: “In fact, after a lease expires you can continue to stay in your apartment as long as you continue to pay rent. The terms of your expired lease continue to be in effect with the exception that your rent may increase after a valid 30 day notice. To increase your rent, your landlord must file a notice with the RACD.”

      See office of tenant advocate and DC Tenant’s Bill of Rights. Per DC code a written lease is not required to be a tenant. IANAL.

      • Thanks! (and thanks to anon 11:44)

      • This is true that leases automatically go month-to-month in DC, but if your apartment isn’t rent controlled, the rent increase could be astronomic. I would weigh the cost of the month-to-month lease against the cost to break the lease early. I was in a similar situation a couple years ago and ended up moving out of my apartment and into a short-term rental while I looked to buy. I didn’t end up buying and moved back into a regular rental, but one that is rent controlled and automatically went month-to-month at the end of the first year so that when I was ready to look into buying again, I wouldn’t be locked into a lease.

        • Thanks, I was definitely thinking about that too– that the advantage for me of a 1-year lease is the predictability of the rent (my apt isn’t rent controlled either). I leaning toward doing the 1 year lease now and then going month to month next year when it ends.

        • This. We are landlords, and I would want you to be completely honest with me as much as possible. If you were in the process to buy, I would ask that you either go month-to-month with as much notice as possible, or I would have you sign a year long lease without a rent increase and not charge you a penalty if you found someone to take over your lease.

          That said, if I wanted someone out of my apartment, which isn’t rent controlled, I would just raise rent a lot. We have 60 days notice to do that, and I would hope that you would be as considerate as we would be.

          But talk to them about it…or find a short term rental. You don’t want to end up screwed, and I don’t think it’s right to screw over a good landlord, either (if they were good)

  • skj84

    Rant: the auto correct on phone is out of control. It can’t even handle my own very common name!

    Rave: My family will be in town this weekend. Can’t wait to see everyone.

    • Allison

      Try putting yourself in your contacts. I noticed that everyone I put in my contacts, even if they have an uncommon name, gets “learned” by my phone.

  • Rave: Happy hour at Art & Soul. Great drinks there.

    Rant: Food prices at that happy hour. The lamb sausage was one small piece of sausage, with a couple of pieces of onion and red pepper for $13! I’ll go back there for drinks but I’ll eat somewhere else!

  • Rave – Boss is on vacation and work is quiet. Nice to have some down time to clean out my desk and organize my computer. Boss returns next week and everything will get crazy again.
    Rant – Ants in the kitchen. Anyone have tips on getting rid of them (the tiny annoying ones that eat your food)? I put out bait stations but haven’t really seen an improvement. I already keep all my food in tupperware containers because I’m always afraid of roaches and/or ants invading my house.

  • rant: called a guy a dickhead muppet for parking in the L st cycle track last night. he got out and yelled at me, so i stopped to explain that he was not allowed to park or stop there. he walked over to me and threatened to attack me if i didnt leave (genuine threat, i confirmed it with him). i checked my helmet camera and realized it had run out of batteries (i was finishing up a 30 mile ride). without evidence, i decided to book it out of there before he got violent, forgetting i had forgotten to get his licence plate number. dehydration caused me to forget i had a cell phone until i was 6 blocks away. i hope that thug gets caught soon. and yeah, in hindsight i shouldnt have called him a dickhead. but he definitely was parked like a total muppet

    • Emmaleigh504

      “dickhead muppet” is an awesome insult, but kind of mean to muppets. What did the poor muppets ever do to you? Glad you made it home safely.

    • “in hindsight i shouldnt have called him a dickhead.”
      You’re familiar with the saying about catching more flies with honey than with vinegar?

    • “Muppet” seems to be the new cool kids insult. Can anyone explain why? Muppets are nice. They sing, they dance, they save things. They’re cuddly and kind and full of happiness. Even the worst muppet is merely grouchy.
      Are you all copying some new comedian or something?

      • Haha, I agree and have been confused by this new insult. I’m guessing it has to do with the puppet aspect (i.e. they’re controlled by someone else) but even that doesn’t make sense in most of the contexts I’ve seen it used in. If anything the guy in this example is not like a muppet because he chose to disregard the rules.

      • I’ll take “muppet” over “douchebag.” God I hate that pejorative. The sooner it dies the better.

      • Bert is evil.

      • http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/muppet

        it has been used for quite some time in other parts of the world. rolls off the tounge nicely. so does “doughnut”, but muppet usually finds its way to my mouth first when im in traffic

        and it is not intended to cause offense to the henson legacy.

        • “Jim Henson wasn’t a genius – he was a stoner who glued googly eyes to a sock!”

          -Daniel Tosh

      • I thought perhaps people were picking up “muppet” from the UK — that’s how my UK friends use it.

        • So it’s like saying “cheers” or “bloody” — kind of pretentious if you aren’t from a place that uses the term. I’m guessing the UK doesn’t have the same relationship with muppets that we do?

          • Pretty much.

            I think the British use of the word “muppet” came before the American puppet “muppets”.

          • “So it’s like saying ‘cheers’ or ‘bloody’ — kind of pretentious if you aren’t from a place that uses the term.”

    • Just a heads up: threatening someone is a crime and MPD will respond. It can help to think ahead / have a plan to avoid the nerves when someone does come at you. Get to a safe place and call 911. If not for yourself, then for the next person that the asshole / dickhead muppet / “kind gentleman” will threaten or attack.

      • Blithe

        Of course “thinking ahead” would mean using enough good judgement and self-restraint to refrain from “calling” complete strangers names because you dislike their behavior. If you call someone a name, you shouldn’t be surprised if they “yell” back. And so it goes. When you start a confrontation, you should be prepared for the possibility that it can escalate. It’s highly likely that the person would not have “threatened” anyone if he had not been “attacked” by the OP who initiated the interaction by calling him names. Sigh.

        • you are absolutely right. the best option would be to just take a picture of the person parking illegally and send it to the authorities.

          i really am working on my ability to keep calm and quiet in face of automotive miscreants. no good comes from a confrontation. it probably is just as effective at changing behavior as trolling in comments and forums (ie not very)

    • Next time, say “hey, Shmohawk, what the hell do you think you’re doing!”


  • Best wishes and happy thoughts to everyone! Enjoy your day, look for the good in everything today even if it is work to find it lol, the karma will flow over you.

  • A 4.5 hour drive for how long a vacation? New York’s 4 hours easy with a stop for the family to pee on the Turnpike and the inevitable unexplained backup just outside Rising Sun, and that’s a pretty standard weekend jaunt. Nine hours round-trip for (let;s say) a week’s relaxation yields a pretty good driving/drinking ratio. Invest in whatever it takes to get decent tunes into the car, hit the road at 6AM, unpack by 11AM and reward yourself for your initiative with an early beer. Unless, the problem is that you just feel roped into a family vacation when you’d rather be cavorting with your husband in a rustic B&B somewhere and are using the drive time as an excuse (as my uncle Sigmund Streete might suggest) which is perfectly understandable.

  • Rave: Awesome final interview this morning; was told it’s between me and one other person and they will be making an offer by week’s end. Fingers crossed.
    Rave: Took Uber taxi this time to avoid last week’s hot sweaty mess fiasco. Arrived cool, composed and early, just the way I like it.

  • Requested a tree via the 311 website. Checked the status of the request today: “Projected Start: JUL 10, 2013 Finish: JUN 30, 2015 Actual Start: N/A”
    So… I guess I’m not getting my tree.

    (PoP: “posting too quickly”. Am not! Also, no one else on my network today, so last week’s IT suggestion was… inaccurate.)

    • Tree plantings only occur during some select windows in the fall and early spring (your tree would die if they tried to plant it this week, for instance). They have to have an arborist come out to assess the location, find the correct tree type based on mature sizing, etc. Plus there is currently a pretty big backlog, so a two year delay in actually getting the tree in the ground isn’t unreasonable. And if you have requested a tree please PLEASE make sure you have the time and ability to water it regularly for the first 2-3 years of its life. Otherwise the city is throwing money away on your request.

    • epric002

      any idea what the status “locked” means? i reported a broken crosswalk signal and that’s the status on it, and i can’t find anywhere on the website what that means.

  • Blithe

    Rant: I’m new to homeownership. One of tines (?) broke off on the bottom rack of my dishwasher. Replacement racks cost almost $200 with shipping. That seems crazy. I miss having a super that I can call…..

    Rave: I DO recognize that this is a champagne problem. I’m glad that I have a working dishwasher. It’s over 10 years old, so…. the problem is not a shock — just the price.

    • May be worth it to price out new dishwashers, esp. if it’s 10 years old.

    • Blithe

      Thanks for your suggestions! Given the prices I’ve found for the replacement racks — you’re right, a new dishwasher would make more sense. I was hoping to wait a few years, though, so I could save up a bit of cash and plan to re-do the whole kitchen. It also seems like such a waste to trash an appliance that works fine — just because a relatively minor replacement part costs so much. For now, I’ve wrapped the rusty bit with duct tape, and plan to cross my fingers.

      • There is a kind of tape that is for sealing leaks (not duct tape) that might hold up better than duct tape over time. I don’t know what it’s called, but it sticks to itself instead of being sticky, and is usually clear. I hope that you can figure out what I’m talking about (or your hardware store can).

  • Rant: I think building management has been turning off the AC around 3pm lately (which most people don’t notice because they leave work around that time) but today it was more like noon. Dying.

  • Rave: CrossFit gym opening up on H St!
    Just a thought: I’ve never actually done CrossFit, so I don’t know whether or not to sign up for the discounted early membership before trying it. It seems like something I would like though, and I know people that live and die by it.
    Rant: Man, are those gyms expensive.

    • justinbc

      Where at on H St?

    • I used to be a member at District Crossfit and liked it a lot, but after six months it just became way too expensive. My gym at work costs $20/month and I can do similar high intensity workouts there…it’s obviously not the same experience, but it makes way more financial sense for me.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Took the lady out to Komi for her 30th birthday last night and the service and meal were flawless. Her first time there and my first time back since they switched to tasting menu only a while back. They worked with me to get a specific bottle (1998 vintage Krug champagne, as close to perfect as champagne gets) ready before we got there, and afterwards mailed out a handwritten menu from chef Monis. All of those little touches really mean a lot when you want to deliver a top notch experience for your guests.
    Extra rave: Their roasted goat dish, even better than the previous best I had in Crete.

    • That is great! We ate there with friends last September and loved all the wines we had but couldn’t remember what we had. I sent an email to them after the fact and the sommelier responded right away. Really great service.
      And yes, that goat is phenomenal.

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