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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: When does this Delta convention end?!?!?! The traffic control people working on Georgia Ave. are horrible, they have no training.

    Rant: Hot weather week… Well at least it’s not raining.

    Rant: Trying to give my mom a new phone for her birthday, trying to convince her that an Android phone would be best while my father sabotages the sales deal by recommending waiting until the new blackberry comes out… SMH.

    Rant: Temperatures cold indoors, hot outdoors, as I age I’me becoming a crusty old coot and a temperature snob.

    (all rants cuz it’s Monday)

    • I’ll join in on the rant about the Delta conventioners. I missed my train on Friday b/c a group of them refused to move on the left. They started screaming at the guy in front of me who asked them to walk left, stand right.

    • Yeah, I feel like this is way bigger than the Omegas a couple of years ago, or the AKAs in 2008. Gallery Place was a sea of red on Friday!

      • Convention ends Wed but I assume #s will decline some now that the weekend is over. I also think it is bigger than the AKA / “Q” centennial event (I assume each organization wants to have bragging rights for best centennial turnout) I encountered a group of DELTAs on Georgia Ave blocking sidewalk, walking 2 or 3 across like tourists – I am just not used to large #s of tourists on GA Ave north of RI Ave. NOTE: They are expected to drop 70+ million during the course of their events much of it in DC proper so I’ll take it.

        • Yeah, this convention has been a bit overwhelming, but you’re right that it’s a big influx of money for the city. I also wish I could’ve gone to one of the step shows.

          • andy

            Having never been to a convention like this, I’m imagining cheering most for some older ladies – like in their 70s – who’ve still got some step ability. That would just be the coolest.

          • My roommate freshman year in college was an AKA. Lots of stepping at UNC-CH.
            If you have a chance to see them, Step Afrika puts on a great show.

      • The Delta pledge line is always like 15-20 ladies– per semester at some schools. Def. more people than the Omegas or AKAs.

    • Delta Airlines?

      • No, it’s one of the largest (if not the largest) historically black sororities in the US. 2013 was their centennial, so the annual meeting in DC was larger than usual (someone told me 60,000+). And yes, they were everywhere, and yes they clogged up the sidewalks, but no more than regular summertime tourists do. Just one of the prices we pay for living in DC.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: I’ve had a headache since Saturday, and ibuprofen is useless.

    Rant: Retirement party today for an awesome colleague. I’m really going to miss her.

    Rave: My daughters are coming home today from a weeklong trip. I missed them!

    Rave: Countdown to vacation.

  • Rave: Love this picture! Hoping my gf and I will have a chance to do the free anacostia kayaking this thursday.

  • gotryit

    Revel: Kitchen tile is done! Cabinets going in – very exciting.
    Rant: Fishing wires for tile heating mats in the bathrooms – it’s never as easy as I’d like it to be.
    Revel: Tile heating mats for both bathrooms are laid, ready to be covered.
    Revel: Can’t wait to finish and move in. Also can’t wait to sell my current house. Come on seller’s market!

  • rave: Really pleased with the Double Freakquency show from CapFringe. Anyone else see anything good?
    rant: all work projects are on hold because key people are furloughed…what to do…what to do…

    • Saw “Fish Out of Water” yesterday – really good. I saw the previews for “Guide to Dancing Naked” and “Godiva Dates” and bought tickets based on that. “Miss Hiccup” was sold out last year to rave reviews and is back this year – great for kids as well.

    • I’m going to see Sapphire tomorrow – was also considering Impossible to Translate and Married Sex. Anyone see any of these?

  • Rave: Eloped last week, just the 2 of us. I highly recommend this method – it keeps the stress down and it’s just fun!!

    Rant: I wish I was still on vacay!!

    • Agree! We did that too, well we told people but didnt invite anyone. It was romantic, meaningful and totally stress free. Money spent on a big wedding went instead to 3 weeks on international travel.

    • Congratulations!!!!!

  • Rave: Last week at work. Completely freaking out about one million things I need to finish. But that means that much closer to our trip.
    Rant: we are this close to our trip. holy crap holy crap holy crap. Have one million things to do at home.

    • Very exciting! And stressful.
      Be easy on yourself and accept that not everything will be done before you leave.

  • Rant: Still not understanding how, a person can follow somebody and threaten them, and when that person defends themselves, you can kill him a say it was self defense.

    Basically what Florida has said is:

    1. Start a argument with someone
    2. Get in fight
    3. Lose fight
    4. Shoot person after losing fight
    5. Go Free.

    Rave: The Civil Suit coming his way, I hope they take every asset like OJ.

    • One person on foot, one person in a car and the person on foot is the aggressor? People like Mr. Zimmerman don’t last long, the stress wears them down. He will never be able to eat in a restaurant without wondering if someone did something to the food before they served him. He will be stared at, wispered about, will not be able to open his door without wondering what is on the otherside.

    • Smilla

      This is my rant, too.

    • You didn’t actually follow the trial, right? The prosecution was never able to prove that Zimmerman started a “fight.” Rather, there was evidence to suggest that Martin not only started the confrontation, but was literally straddling Z.’s body as he pummeled him into the ground. The ME testified that the location of the shot and the way it pierced the clothing indicated Martin was OVER Zimmerman. The crucial point for me, however, was when the detective bluffed Zimmerman and told him there was a video of the encounter. Zimmerman’s reaction? ‘Thank God someone took video- now they’ll know what I’m saying is true.’ Doesn’t sound like the aggressor to me. This was a local crime that should never have been used to stoke the flames of racial animus (both sides) around this country. The evidence, not larger social problems, should have been and was the key deciding factor in the verdict. We’ve seen these witch hunts before where emotion takes over reason (Tawanna Brawley, Duke Lacrosse), and I’m so glad justice prevailed in this case.

      • So Martin started the confrontation? He is being followed by a car at night, and the person in the car following him gets out the car, and Martin is the instigator?


        • Even if Martin were the one to throw the first punch, which we have no way of knowing, how does Zimmerman have no liability in this? The problem is the absurd pro-gun laws that have over run our country. There is absolutely no good reason for anyone to be carrying a weapon in a populated area.

          • I wish they could have made Zimmerman get on stand and answer some very simple questions.

            “Why did you assume because [Trayvon] Martin was wearing a hoodie, he was committing a crime? Why did you assume that because he was walking he was doing something improper? Why didn’t you identify yourself? Why did you assume he didn’t belong in the neighborhood?”

            The answers to those questions are crux of the case.

          • theres no law against a citizen being prejudiced.
            or not identifying yourself.

            zimmerman had the right to get out of his car and follow someone he thought was suspicious.
            if someone of your neighborhood listserve said they did that to someone in your alley, people would probably applaud.

            zimmerman even had the right to say hey what are you doing in my neighborhood if he had chosen to.

            sadly, because he was a fool with prejudice and a gun, he would up being a killer.

        • you’re not allowed to assault someone if you don’t like that they are following you.

      • epric002

        a teenager is dead because a vigilante stalked, harassed, confronted, and shot him. he was found not guilty because of the absurdity of florida’s laws, a lousy prosecution, and racism. eff that “justice”.

        • If you’re referring to the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida, that was never used in the case. The defense’s argument came down to self-defense. Why do I get the feeling that many of the people offering their opinions on this case never followed it? I guess it is easier to shout and scream injustice rather than to coldly and objectively look at the facts. The jury was required to look at the facts and not consult their emotions and hearts on the matter- thank goodness!

          • epric002

            i am not referring to FL’s SYG law. and i did follow the case.

          • Zimmerman got to live every concealed carry gun owner’s wet dream. I’m not buying for a second that he forgot he had the gun with him, its the security blanket that made him able to go around town thinking he was the law. All of these assholes go to sleep at night hoping that they’ll have some reason to be the “hero” and shoot someone. If you’re really concerned about the suspicious person walking around your neighborhood, concerned enough to call the police about them, you don’t get out of your car for any reason unless you think you are going to get a chance to confront this dangerous person.
            And hypothetically, lets say Zimmerman’s story is 100% true, why does he get to be judge, jury and executioner for a crime that most certainly does not warrant the death penalty?

          • pablo .raw

            “self-defense” against a guy walking around with a bag of skittles and a sidewalk! Zimmerman basically can kill anybody he wants now, and argue that it was in self-defense and the other person was going to hurt him with a sidewalk….

      • You are correct, I didn’t follow the trial as much as you did. Please help me understand, I agree Martin was above Zimmerman, who started the process Zimmerman or Martin? Why did Zimmerman get out of the car? I think if I was being followed on a rainy night by a stranger I would get on top of him and bang his head too if I felt I was in danger.

      • +1, there is no use arguing with the oppositions passion. How about we focus on the DC murders that happen every week.

      • Bull crap!!! If Zimmerman would have stayed in the car like the 911 operator told him to, there would be nothing to report, Zimmerman wouldn’t have to look over his shoulder, and Trayvon would be at school right now probably thinking about his lunch break.

        • most of what everybody has written above has no actual legal relevance. You can’t convict someone of being an asshole racist wanna be cop. You have to satisfy the elements of second degree murder or manslaughter.

          • epric002

            782.07 Manslaughter; aggravated manslaughter of an elderly person or disabled adult; aggravated manslaughter of a child; aggravated manslaughter of an officer, a firefighter, an emergency medical technician, or a paramedic.—
            (1) The killing of a human being by the act, procurement, or culpable negligence of another, without lawful justification according to the provisions of chapter 776 and in cases in which such killing shall not be excusable homicide or murder, according to the provisions of this chapter, is manslaughter, a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084….(3) A person who causes the death of any person under the age of 18 by culpable negligence under s. 827.03(2)(b) commits aggravated manslaughter of a child, a felony of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

    • I get your sentiment. I get the fact that Trayvon was profiled and that this case reflects something deeper than just the circumstances present here. But if you are on the jury, what are you supposed to do? Ignore the law, ignore the facts as presented in the court in order to prove a point about these larger issues? The legal standards and burden of proof in a criminal case exist to ensure that criminal defendants are precisely not convicted because of emotions, suspicions, bias, and politics. The very people that seem to be clamoring about the injustice in the system with respect to other defendants, seem only too willing to ignore everything I have just stated above with respect to this case.

      • Rave: You are clearly stating facts and explaining things with reason.

        Rant: This involves emotion and some people simply aren’t going to be able to see through their personal rage to acknowledge things objectively.

      • Are they really worse than the throngs of clueless summertime tourists?

      • I appreciate this point of view. I am saddened and disturbed by the verdict; my belief is that George Zimmerman acted recklessly and in such a manner that escalated the situation and led to a young man’s death, and I thought that might have at least led to a manslaughted conviction. However, I have also been on a jury in a case with very little clear evidence, so I understand the position a juror is in. My jury service involved a matter with MUCH smaller stakes (not that any conviction at all is exactly low-stakes to the individual facing the conviction), but it was SO hard to grapple with our instinct and common-sense beliefs on one hand, and on the other hand the judge’s very narrow guidance that the prosecution was responsible for making the case–and we were to decide based on evidence, not on emotion–beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, from what I’ve read, it sounded like the prosecution had some missteps. And I’m sure it didn’t help that immediately after the crime, Zimmerman by virtue of the SYG law was given the benefit of the doubt, so the investigation was perhaps not as aggressive right out of the gate as it should have been.

      • I don’t think everyone who feels that Zimmerman should have been convicted is ignoring the law and the facts. I think that one’s history and experience can cause one to interpret law and facts differently.
        The bottom line for me is that even if you believe George Zimmerman acted in self-defense, the situation in which self-defense was necessary only came about because when he saw Trayvon Martin he immediately characterized him as a criminal, or a potential criminal, and decided that not only should he call the cops on Martin but that he should follow Martin around in his car and on foot. It was that initial decision – made without knowing anything about Trayvon Martin – that set Martin’s death in motion. And the reason many people are upset is that Zimmerman is not paying a criminal price for those actions – which led to Martin’s death. It wasn’t second-degree murder. Perhaps it could have been manslaughter. More likely criminal negligence or reckless endangerment.
        In any event, I think most people would agree that whatever the right to self-defense is, it should not encompass someone who instigates a situation in which they end up feeling compelled to defend themself with deadly force.

    • When thinking about kids, I’ve always wanted a boy but I don’t understand how POC mothers sleep at night. I can’t imagine my child doing something so simple as walking to the store and not coming home. I always thought my parents/grandparents were crazy/too strict when they wouldn’t let me go too far from the house or out after dusk but they clearly were wiser.

      My nephew is 11 and wears his hoodie all the time. The other day my mom told him to not pull it over his head b/c he looks like Trayvon. Is that what I want my nephew to learn?! That he can’t dress like the other boys in his class, that b/c he’s black and in a hoodie someone will think he’s a thug and/or trying to rob them?!

    • pablo .raw

      People who think the trial was fair, should put themselves on Martin’s place. A guy (with the same rights as you, with no authority like a policeman or anything) who thinks that you are an f’ing punk that always get away with whatever you want is following you around while you are going to your dad’s house. He comes to where you are and starts asking you what are you doing there. So you are supposed to put your hands in the back, lower your head and start answering this unknown person’s questions?

      • Right! If this happened to me I would have sprayed Zimmerman in the face with pepper spray, and everyone would have said I did the right thing because I’m a white woman.

      • andy

        Clearly, Zimmerman was the but-for cause of Martin’s death. But for his illogical vigilantism, nothing would have happened, and that death was avoidable at many points in this story makes it very cruel.

        The unfortunate core of why he was not convicted appears to be that no one could state clearly enough how the fight and death occurred. Serve on a jury and you will see how clear the jurors have to be about what happened and why. There is a difference between what most people would say is what most likely happened and what met the standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt.” That is what was missing here.

        I’m not going to expect any of these women on the jury to get dewy-eyed on Oprah and talk about how Zimmerman was being railroaded. The State was onto something. It just didn’t have quite enough evidence. That leaves us angrily in the gap between what we believe happened and putting someone in jail for a death he caused.

        • Well said. I know why people are angry but there is more danger in dispensing with the rule of law than following it. These jurors had a tough job to do here and, in my distanced view, not enough evidence to satisfy a strict legal burden.

        • pablo .raw

          I get it that the members of the Jury have to decide based on the information they have, laws etc. But there’s still something wrong about a teenager that ends up dead while he was doing nothing wrong after being racially profiled by an unknown person who was following him and had a gun.

          • andy

            I agree with you. This may be the way things work today, but no one should believe that this is just. This is not the way things should be in this country. Everybody should open their conscience, talk to their neighbors, talk to their kids about this.

          • I think most people acknowledge that what happened was not right and should not have happened and think it was clearly a case of profiling.

          • Well put, Pablo.

            I thought this New York Times analysis was interesting — apparently the prosecution did several things that weakened its case: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/15/us/in-zimmerman-case-self-defense-was-hard-to-topple.html

            I’m a little surprised that the jury didn’t even go for manslaughter… but I’m also reminded of the time I was a juror on a federal court in a case where a guy was charged with dealing cocaine. Pretty much everyone on the jury thought he’d probably done it… but the prosecution’s case just wasn’t very good and it didn’t stand up to the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard that’s applicable in a criminal case. It was a frustrating experience — we acquitted him, but weren’t very happy about it.

      • was zimmerman not within his rights to follow martin and ask him questions?
        prejudice and assumptions are not against the law.

    • Now the real concern lies with the important Zimmerman. Jordan. Or Ryan for that matter.

  • Rant(?): That picture makes it even harder to be sitting at my desk today.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My body is falling apart and I don’t have enough PTO to deal with all the doctor’s appointments. Just put me in an old people’s place (Bentley Village please!) now.

    Rant: Even with all the extra years I add to my age I’m too young for Bentley Village. Need to find an old dude to marry so I can get in.

    Rave: Cheese.

    • GiantSquid

      We should start our own group house for 30-somethings with the bodies of 60 year olds. Then we can all be cranky with each other, sit on the porch, and yell at people.

      • whats up? why are you falling apart? eat right and have sex a lot. next.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Eating right and having a lot of sex will not fix anything that is bothering me, but thanks for trivializing people’s actual health problems.

          Also (TMI moment), 1 of my health problems is with my lady bits so sex is actually VERY F*CKING PAINFUL Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Yes we should! We can have snacks and beverages and talk about what prescriptions we have to take lol Just like my grandpa does.

  • Rant: The Deltas really need to wrap this convention up and move on out. It is impossible to walk at a normal pace on any sidewalk (and drive at a normal speed on any road) in or around Mt. Vernon Square and Chinatown because they just swarm and mill about with no care for the people who actually live in this city. It’s not very good PR for their organization…

    • “It’s not very good PR for their organization”. It is actually great PR for them. They actually want to “red” out the city during their centennial which happens once every 100 years lol. Prospective members and young girls do not think the same as you. They now want to be a part of this organization. Besides they are pumping a ton of money into DC this one week alone.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I saw a bunch on Sunday and they were all in white and looked amazing. They were also very well behaved (left room on the side walk for others, crosses the street correctly), so I don’t get all the hate.

      • tonyr

        I think that a centennial happens exactly once.

    • Crowds of conventioneers around the convention center? Shocking!

  • Rave: Gloriously busy Saturday — marketing, cooking, dashing off to a regatta, winning with New Girl (Sorry, Emmaleigh, New Woman) watching from the banks, cooking, co-hosting a “Liberte, Egalite, [My Friend’s Brithday] dinner for 10, doing dishes ’til midnight.

    Rave: Gloriously lazy Sunday: marketing, pool, Red Hen, Downton — all staying within about six feet of my inamorata, who seems as pleased with my company as I am with hers.

    Rave: Full summer farmers markets. Makes waking up early worthwhile, no matter how hungover you are.

    • Related question: Should I be offended or flattered that people still call me “young lady” when I’m 30?

      • uhm, flattered of course.

      • If a 30 year old “young lady” ever wants to make a 50 year old man feel bad about himself, just call him “Sir.” Works every time.

        • I can confirm. Although the most devastating is when “young ladies” compare you to their dads.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Whoa, I call people sir and ma’am out of respect. This is wrong? aack!

          • I don’t think it’s wrong at all.

            And I’d rather be called “ma’am” than “young lady.” As Irving Streete said, “It’s hard to imagine referring to a 30-year-old woman as ‘young lady’ and it not being more than a little condescending.”

          • Maybe it’s a regional thing. I’m from the west coast where sir and ma’am are less frequently used. As a 50-year-old man, when I look in the mirror I see an old guy looking back at me, so I know how old I am, but in my heart of hearts, I’m still 30. My 70-year-old mother tells me this never changes. So, when a young woman calls me sir, it’s like a cold slap of reality. (For what it’s worth, I would never call someone “young lady”–I get that this is demeaning.)

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m from the deep south, so ma’am and sir is second nature.

          • so i shouldn’t be offended when people call me ma’am? i find myself contemplating plastic surgery when people older than me or close to my age call me ma’am. FWIW i am in my early 30’s.

      • andy

        Is it a 70 year-old man leering from a stoop?

      • It’s hard to imagine referring to a 30-year-old woman as “young lady” and it not being more than a little condescending. Making, perhaps, allowances for old people who are just trying to be polite and aren’t quite used to these new-fangled ways. I only call her “girl” because she makes me spend my money, write bad poetry, pine when she’s away and grin stupidly for no reason when she’s around — in short, turn me into a giddy teenage boy. She has white hair and is CEO of a 50-person firm: in real life, she is a formidable woman indeed.

        • Yeah, that’s what I meant. I’m petite so I suppose I could look young, but if I’m headed to an office building in heels and a pencil skirt I’m clearly an adult. For some reason “girl” isn’t nearly as bad, maybe because “woman” has matronly connotations.

      • I’d be fine with being called “young lady” til the cows come home, but “ma’am” instantly makes me feel double my age. I’m adamant that it should be used on anyone under the age of 40 (and when I’m 40, I’ll probably say no one under 50). If you have to, “young lady” or “miss” will do!

        • Should NOT be used, that is!

        • Allison

          Aw, try not to be bothered by it if the person saying “ma’am” is from the south! I call people “ma’am” as a sign of respect out of habit even if they are very young and very close to my age, if they hold a position of superiority over me. “Ma’am” has nothing to do with age, for a lot of us.

        • pablo .raw

          Please educate a foreigner here: So I call the female bus driver, police woman, etc. Ma’am, even if they look young. What am I supposed to call them? I thought I was using the respectful word.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I think for a police office sir/ma’am is ALWAYS a good idea.

          • Older than me – “ma’am.” Younger than me – “miss.” This is basically the rule in the South and I think it’s a pretty good one.

            Amusing how people get offended over “ma’am” but don’t offer any alternatives.

          • Pablo, I do the same. I think that addressing someone who is in an official position is different than addressing a colleague or a random person on the street. I always address a police officer, bus driver, or even the clerk at Giant as Sir or Ma’am.

          • Thanks all!

          • pablo, the truth is that there is not one thing that you can call everyone without offending someone, regardless of your sincerity.

        • Just the opposite here – “young lady” feels condescending. Perhaps not if the young lady is a teenager but for an adult – ick.
          I think ma’am is polite – would much rather be ma’am’ed than miss-ed.

      • novadancer

        lol. My boss’s boss (who hired me!) refers to me as young lady regularly and I’m 43 😉 Granted I do look really young but I will take that over m’am any day!!!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I hate “young lady” because that’s what my mother called me when I was in BIG trouble. It usually was preceded by my full name, “First Middle Last-name! Get in here, young lady!”

      • Allison

        Re: being called “young lady;” it depends on the context. I hate being called young lady when I am at work. Yes, I am a female who is relatively young, and I look relatively young. But when I am at work, I feel like it has the added effect of taking a big dump on my professional capacity. Dear male bosses: please do not call your female workers “young lady.” We are not your daughters. When I’m not at work, have at it!

        • Have you told your male bosses you prefer to be called Allison/some other name and not young lady?

      • if you are graced with the intellect to choose, always make the choice of not being offended.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel/Rant: Hit up urgent care for antibiotics to treat my runaway allergies.
    Rant: Still a week and a half before back specialist appointment.
    Revel: Ice cream sandwiches, Tiffany blue toenail polish, 12 hours of sleep
    Revel: Mr. Squid found his own birthday present: Cannondale road bike. Dinner reservations are made (Corduroy, thanks for the suggestion PoPville), all I have to do is make a dessert.

    • epric002

      why would you get antibiotics for allergies?

      • GiantSquid

        If my allergies flare up (such as going several days without daily dose of Zyrtec), it becomes sinusitis, then if left unchecked, a sinus infection, then bronchitis. Luckily I haven’t made it past bronchitis to whatever the next (horrible) step is. Normally I’d try to tough it out but with my lower back and butt already hurting due to injury, every time I coughed or sneezed, it was incredibly painful. Z-pack FTW.

        • epric002

          ahhh. feel better!

        • Research into Antibiotics and Sinus Infections

          The guidelines were triggered, in part, by studies finding that antibiotics may not make a difference. About 60% to 70% of people with sinus infections recover without antibiotics, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.

          In one study of symptom relief, patients given antibiotics generally did no better than patients not given antibiotics.

          This study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, observed 240 patients with sinusitis. They were given one of four treatments: antibiotics alone, nasal steroid spray alone to reduce tissue swelling, both antibiotics and the spray, or no treatment.

          Patients who got no treatment were as likely to be better than those who got the antibiotics. The nasal spray seemed to help people with less severe symptoms at the beginning of their sinus problem, and seemed to make those with more intense congestion worse.

          The patients all had sinus symptoms that suggested a bacterial infection. Sinus problems are also caused by viruses, for which antibiotics definitely offer no help.


          • GiantSquid

            Gee thanks Anonymous, I’m well aware of what the medical opinion is on sinus infections since I get one or two every year, I guess I’m one of those 40%-30%. Or maybe I just got tired of dealing with a week of my back and butt cramping with excruciating pain every time I coughed or sneezed. I do know, after a week of being increasingly miserable, after the first two pills of my Z-pack yesterday, I feel markedly better.

          • Unless you’ve suffered through awful sinuses, do not judge. I have been through the brink with mine, and what Giant Squid is saying makes sense.

          • I get that feeling crappy can make you snippy – but no one is “judging.” I simply cut and pasted the pertinent info on sinus infections from JAMA . Clearly your doctor believes in giving you antibiotics. Other doctors might not. Other readers might appreciate knowing the facts as well. Hope you feel better soon, (and never suffer from an infection that has grown resistant to antibiotics.)

  • epric002

    rant: florida- shameful and disgraceful
    rave: pretty sure that what i thought (feared) was meningitis is likely a pinched nerve. (yes, i have an overactive imagination)
    rave: chiro appt on weds!
    rave: brother, his gf, and their dog moved in with us for a month. was really worried that our bratty dog would not get along with their sweet dog. while we were at dinner last night, their sweet dog escaped his portion of the house in order to be with our bratty dog and apparently they had a grand ole time together! 😀

    • GiantSquid

      What was the aftermath of their “grand ole time”? Fodder for a dog shaming post?

      • epric002

        no dog-shaming, amazingly. their sweet dog figured out how to move the gates we use to keep our dog off the living room couch, and apparently they ended up hanging out in the basement together. amazed that he wanted to be with her, since she’s such a brat to him, and impressed that she didn’t hurt him when he showed up in her space. yay!

  • Rave: Final interview for potential new job on Wednesday.
    Rant: Another poor night of sleep.
    Rave: Still got up this morning to get in some cardio and weights. Hopefully I won’t faceplant around 2.

  • Rant: Forgot to take a pill that I need this morning, so I will be hungry and totally without concentration all day
    Rant: Hate reading opposing arguments that are stupid (well, that I think are stupid. Of course)
    Rant: I can’t believe it’s not even 11 yet. Dammit, Monday.
    Rave: Le Diplomate tomorrow!

  • Rant: Dumped again, after really thinking that everything was going well and having several successful dates. I’m beginning to think there’s something wrong with me on a meta level. It seems to be one of those things that most people recognize but are too embarassed to tell me – the personality equivalent of something between my teeth. Or maybe I’m just not attractive enough. Sigh…

    Rave: Getting out of town for the weekend. Hopefully this will clear my mind.

    Rave: Planning my mega international trip. I love this phase of traveling – the possibility phase.

    • sorry to hear about the breakup. was this a long term boyfriend or just something new that didnt work out?

      • We started dating about a month and a half ago, so not exactly new but close to it. It got to the fish-or-cut-bait part, and he chose to cut bait. I’m good enough to make it to about date four or five, and then the axe comes down. I’m always friend material, not relationship material.

    • epric002

      likely the only thing meta-“wrong” with you is that you’re picking the wrong people.

    • Maybe it’s a confidence issue

    • Can’t speak for any one else but I wouldn’t get to 4 or 5 dates with someone I wasn’t attracted to so I doubt it’s that – at least if we are talking about physical attraction. Rejection is always personal but the less someone knows you the less personal it is. A person who has only known you for a month doesn’t know you that well so losing that ‘relationship’ may not be the best indicator of some serious character flaw. Ask your friends to give you an honest assessment -i.e., “Is it me and if so, what is it about me?” If their answer is that you’re no more messed up than anyone else, try not to sweat it and keep chugging along.

  • Rant: I think your RSS feed is malfunctioning. The last update from Popville in my reader was on Thursday, July 11th, at 4:15pm. I figured you were on vacation 🙂

  • Rave: great weekend. Friday celebrated a friend’s birthday. Saturday, went to the wedding of two people who are just perfect for each other and am so happy to see my friend amazingly happy with a woman who seems to fit him like a glove. Sunday had dinner with a new group of people I’m getting to know. Good stuff

    Rant: At the wedding I saw someone I haven’t seen in a while. Brought up a lot of hurt feelings and unfinished conversations – the last one from a few months ago where he said he wanted to talk to explain things, then fell off the face of the planet and never contacted me again (you know, just like before). Stupid thing is that until then (the email from a few months ago) I thought I’d forgotten about it all. Grrr. Well, this is really the last time I think I have to see him, so I think that’s good.

  • Rave: job interview in an hour
    Rant: it’s hot as balls. I’m taking a cab 5 blocks so I don’t look a hot mess when I get there.
    Rave: dry bar comped the appointment and the stylist ( pilar) did a great job. However, they still took me 15 minutes after my scheduled time. But they do have a parking lot which s helpful.
    Rave: childbirth classes start Friday, my folks arrive Saturday. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them.
    Rant: there are Trayvon Martins all over the country we never hear about. This was just one sad case with no winners, and I hope people wart to wake up to the injustices and we hold our law makers accountable for laws and a justice system that hurt women and minorities. I wish that wold be trayvons legacy – we all wake up and expect more from our society.

  • skj84

    Rave : new phone! I finally joined the 21st century and bought a smartphone.

    Rant: still getting used to. Especially touch screen.

    Rave: the Deltas. I loved seeing the ladies in red! i never had any issue with them clogging the sidewalk. My mom and grandma are Deltas, and my Dad is a Q.

    • I’m a member (non-financial) of one of the Divine Nine sororities and I love seeing all the professional, educated ladies out in force.

  • Rave: Great laid back weekend.
    Rave: Easy week ahead.
    Rave: An upcoming meeting with the boss to discuss how things are going, and I think they are going pretty well, yet still I am nervous.
    Rant: Trust. Unsure if my feelings of doubt are coming from my head and past experiences, or if I really truly have reason not to trust a certain someone. Crying myself to sleep at night over this and it sucks.

  • I think it depends on the tone and context. I’m usually either flattered or neutral–most of the time I get “young lady” it’s from a much older person and I gather that it’s a generational or “Southern-manners” type of expression. The only times I get offended are when I feel it’s being used as a way to condescend to me or dismiss something I’ve said.

  • Rave: 2 yrs with my partner today and almost a decade of close friendship. Feeling grateful and on cloud 9.
    Rant: Internet server and air conditioning “chiller” on on the fritz in a bad way this morning in the office. Looking like a good day to go and work from home.

  • Fallout from the “Walmart” bill has already started.

    “The recently adopted living wage bill is driving away more than just Wal-Mart, a top District official told the D.C. Council Friday. Victor Hoskins, deputy mayor for planning and economic development, said three retailers, in addition to Wal-Mart Stores Inc., have informed him they will not come to D.C. if the Large Retailer Accountability Act becomes law. Hoskins declined to identify those retailers, though he said one is eyeing a move to Northwest D.C.”

    Gee…it is funny how decisions have consequences. And the consequences to this decision were obvious to to a blind, deaf, mute three legged dog.

    Gray will veto the bill, but it is too late. Walmart won’t ever build those three remaining stores and the other large national retailers thinking about coming to the District will simply look right beyond the DC border.

    And that 1 billion a year in retail leakage the DC Treasury loses to MD and VA will only grow.

    • Every time I see an argument like this I think “What?” Do you really think DC needs Walmart (or any other big-box store) more than Walmart needs them? Really? There’s a reason Walmart wanted to build here in the first place. It’s swimming w/ young (and old) money. So growth is slowed somewhat…so what? There’s nothing wrong w/ incremental, slow, methodical growth. Sorry, but this isn’t the 80’s. DC has a ton going for it, and will for the foreseeable future. There’s no reason to kow-tow to multi-national corporations.

      • That’s not true at Skyland, and it’s not true for the store planned in Ward 7. There are 140,000 people living in Ward 7 & 8, so your observation is pretty short sighted. Even at minimum wage, there would have been a lot of new jobs created by those 2 stores.

      • +100

        Wal-Mart can come here……on our terms.

        • And our terms should be – 1. 90% of your workers must be full time. 2. No full time workers may receive any form of public assistance. Then let them all work it out.

      • Sure and all that DC money can scoot right over the borders and go to Walmart via their Maryland and VA stores, of which there will probably be more if Walmart decides not to come to DC. What DC doesn’t need is to expand its current reputation of being unfirendly to businesses that can easily avoid being within the city limits. This bill, and the way DC has treated Walmart (forcing the Skyland store) are not going to make other retailers want to locate here. Sure DC doesn’t ‘need’ Walmart, but it needs jobs, and it needs retail in varying price ranges. We’re not all going to be shopping at City Center in the future.

    • Does DC really need six Walmarts? SIX. If this bill prevents even one Walmart from opening I will not cry over it. We do not need them, and any large retailer that’s smart will see that there is money to be made in the city even if they do have to invest more in their employees (which they should be doing anyway).

    • guys, guys…. I’m pretty sure that having a walmart within walking distance is a god-given, American right. Like, tote’s in the constitution and whatnot.

      • Walking Distance? What part of America are you talking about?
        It should be within driving distance.

  • Rave: Beach vacation.
    Rant: Monday morning after beach vacation.
    Rant: Monday morning waiting 40 minutes for the D2 when three drive by “Not in Service.”
    Rant: Bar closed out my tab to the wrong person this weekend and they walked away with my credit card. Has this ever happened to anyone before???

  • epric002

    why can’t we know what the 3 retailers are?

    • epric002

      ugh, this was supposed to be a reply to franks. (why do the replies show up as new posts about 25% of the time???)

    • Probably to keep their companies out of the national PR storm that has been caused.

      But Lowes is the one Hoskins has been trying to lure into NE for a long time and had been pretty close to signing a deal so 99% sure thats one of them.

      • We do just fine with the home depot, thank you very much. If Lowe’s wants a cut of our expendable $$$, they’ll just have to pay a more fair wage to do it. I assure you that they can afford it.

        • Sure, and if Home Depot decides to raise its prices, that’s okay too. With no competition what’s to prevent that ? Oh right – all those suburban Lowes stores that DC people will spend thier money instead.

  • Rave: Just bought an ice cream maker! Any favorite recipes for ice cream or sorbet?

    Sort of rant: Will need to increase my gym time to balance the increase in ice cream consumption.

    • Um…I am the queen of making ice cream! Buy the Dave Liebowitz book (the perfect scoop). brown eyed baker is a great blog with ice cream recipes. If you need more help have PoP put us in touch. I have had people ask me if they could buy my ice cream (the answer is yes) so I am happy to help you make great scoops.

    • I love ice cream from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home. The Buckeye State (peanut butter, honey, chocolate) is unbelievable.

    • Thanks for recommendations – the David Liebowitz and the Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home were also recommended by the ice-cream making friend who tempted me to buy an ice cream maker with talk of some of her interesting recipes.

      • @JinDC-I was the person talking ice cream w/ you a while back. I wish one of us had the capital to start a business, b/c I think we could kill it with ice cream in this town. There is a serious dearth. Yogurt ain’t the same, and I seriously get mad when people suggest I just go get some. Um…no.
        My old boss Drew (at the ice cream shop we ran in CO) opened his own shop in Louisville, CO last year, then expanded to a truck and just opened another brick and mortar location. I’m super jealous b/c I know I could do it too if I could afford the upfront costs. If anyone is out in CO in the near future, I highly recommend checking out Sweet Cow Ice Cream (https://www.facebook.com/SweetCowIceCream)

        • Id still love to do it but it’s so expensive. I went to baked and wired and had their ice cream sandwich and thought how much better my ice cream is. DC doesn’t need gourmet. DC needs a place with comfort -good old school tin roof, cookies and cream, coffee. None of this green tea lavender or basil. I am a purist and love flavors that make you feel like a kid again.

          • Square and Jin – please start your ice cream shop and have a truck operation! I fully support going old school with the flavors; no need for yuppie nonsense like green tea lavender. Just keep the Guar Gum and Carageenan out of it and it’ll be delicious.

          • Square and Jin – consider getting together and starting small. Make your creations in a commercial kitchen/processing facility for rent. Get your product in local stores: cafes, mom & pops, pastry shops, whatever. You will be surprised at what kind of traction you can get. Then upgrade to a small retail facility when the need arises. But going the wholesale route will save a lot of headaches.

      • Jeni uses a specific technique. It you are starting out. Stick with the Liebowitz book and some blogs and then go on – Liebowitz’s book tells you a lot about the process. Scoop Adventures is the other web site I would recommend. I use Brown Eyed Baker a lot though for inspiration. Have fun with it!!

        • Thanks! David Liebowitz has some recipes on his blog I’d bookmarked for the day when I get an ice cream maker. I’ll start there and see how it goes 🙂

  • Rave: I saw one of those snack vendor trucks near my office building this morning! Still not a proper food truck, but it’s a start. At least we have an option besides the vending machine for food now.

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: It’s summer of 2013 when the “feels like” outside it’s almost 100 degrees and I’m wearing a sweater at my office and wishing I had a scarf!

    • andy

      I know. On the way to the Metro, I saw a number of girls (young ladies, sorry) with light dresses on …. wearing or carrying sweaters. The alternative to 95 degrees and sticky outside should not be 60 degrees and breezy at your desk.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Hey Andy and Irving Streete, you can delete the “girl” and put in “woman” or “lady” instead of writing it with an apology. That way you look like decent human being instead of an asshole who has to register his dislike of having to call women “woman” or “lady” instead of your preferred “girl”.

        • andy

          If a joke must be explained clearly it did not work! Sigh. Tongue-lashing accepted.

          I was trying to get a chuckle out of the discussion, above, regarding the right terms to use, while at the same time signifying agreement with Pablo regarding overuse of air conditioning by way of anecdote.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I saw what you were trying to do and still found it douchey.

          • As a girl (whoops – woman) I thought it was amusing. Why get worked up over something like this? Who cares???

          • andy

            I care because you care. We are a community here, together. I would like to joke around while not making anybody mad. Everybody in for a hug!

          • epric002

            anon @ 1:45- i care. just b/c you’re not offended doesn’t mean that other women appreciate being called girls. it’s a relic of the eras when women’s contributions and opportunities were limited or non-existent, and when women were marginalized, discriminated against, harassed, and minimized by being called “girls”. a girl is a child who has neither autonomy nor the rights of an adult. it is similar to the marginalizing, minimizing practice of referring to adult black men as “boy”- it is demeaning.

          • I think it depends on who is saying it and the context it’s being said in. If someone refers to females as “girls” I’m not going to automatically assume they’re douches and jump down their throats unless it’s clearly meant to be condescending/douchey. It really depends on what is being said. Also, by the same token, if you’re so offended by the term “girl” should we stop calling significant others “girlfriends” or “boyfriends” for that matter? Where do we draw the line?

          • epric002

            a female- yes, context does matter. i don’t know of better terminology than girl/boyfriends, but words mean things, and especially in professional settings it is demeaning to refer to adult females as girls. it is different in casual settings, or with friends/family. and it’s also a lot easier for boys/men b/c “guys” is a good, non-weighted catchall (and can also be gender-neutral). “gals” just never really caught on though.

          • I don’t consider “guys” gender neutral and it bugs the $hit out of me when a waiter (or anyone) addresses a table (group) of women as “guys.”

        • Ma’am:

          Of course, we’d do that if we weren’t trying to tweek you because, well, we’re just boys and boys are immature like that. 😉

        • As a 36 yr old female, I’m more offended by the polite term “ma’am”. I bristle whenever anyone calls me that. LOL Of course, it’s just the reality check that startles me and I can laugh at myself for being offended. But um…. I would definitely be way more offended if someone called me an “asshole” though. -___- Now, now.

    • Emmaleigh504

      lol I have emergency socks, 2 sweaters, and a caplet in my office. So far I’m only wearing 1 sweater, but the socks are going on after lunch!

    • epric002

      this is my every summer, all summer long rant. i keep a big pashmina at my desk that i can use as a blanket/scarf/cape. it’s being used as a blanket today. it is neither economical nor ecological to keep the AC at such temps during the summer. it is also unhealthy. if they’d just relax the business dress code for men then we could all dress for the weather and not for the AC.

      • pablo .raw

        I have an extra pair of socks at work, but I won’t wear them because they wouldn’t look good with my birkenstocks. I mean, I work in a casual office environment but not “that” casual! 😀

  • Rant: The debate over the Zimmerman verdict feels like almost every jury deliberation I have been a part of in DC, and as a 20+ plus year resident I have been in a lot. Almost all of the criminal cases where I have served on a jury have involved young black men– in cases involving drugs, gun possession, robbery. Increasingly in DC, many jury’s are majority white. When you see Black men on juries, they tend to be elderly retired men or middle-aged white collar brothers like me. The young black men on trial rarely get a jury of their ‘peers’ as such. We all bring our biases and perspectives to the jury room, which is understandable, and at first everyone dances politely around them. The breakdown often occurs though at that moment when some white person in the jury room sees their perspective as the only possible one, because of clear “facts” and “evidence.” It’s a frustrating impasse for them that you– Black person– cannot be logical because you are too clouded by emotion, or worst, you can’t be logical because, well, you’re too stupid. There’s no sense that “facts” and “evidence” can be interpreted differently or you perspective can be colored by different life experiences (e.g., your experience with the legal system in America).

    The only indisputable fact in the Zimmerman trial was the Zimmerman killed Martin. Everything else was muddy and relied on an interpretation of evidence, interpretation of laws, and the believability of testimony. A different jury could have easily come up with a different verdict, given the open questions of intent and the plausibility of Zimmerman’s self defense narrative, considering there were no eyewitnesses. But beyond the decision of the jury which is angering and saddening, it is of course, yet again, having to witness the dehumanization of young Black men. It’s my sense that those jurors and TV commentators and internet keyboard assassins could find no empathy for Martin. Somehow, he can’t have human fear, know panic and be just a scared kid trying to logically figure out his next best move. No he’s just a feral animal acting on violent instincts and in the end deserved what he got.

    • woe is you.

    • pablo .raw

      I would say that there are more indisputable facts than what you mention: The fact that Martin not doing anything wrong, just walking to his dad’s house; the fact that Zimmerman assumed that Martin was “up to no good”, the fact that Zimmerman even said “these f’ng punks…” and then proceeded to actively follow Martin and question him without having any kind of authority. Which for me means that it was Zimmerman the one who was “up to no good”.

    • Do you need to be a registered voter in DC to become eligible for a jury pool? Nationwide, that’s a more serious part of this issue than most realize.

      • I believe D.C. used to draw potential jurors from the rolls of registered voters… but discovered that some people weren’t registering to vote, so as to avoid being summoned for jury duty. After that, D.C. started drawing names and addresses from DMV records (and I think maybe other sources).
        My understanding was that in D.C., a lot of people summoned for jury duty simply don’t show up.

  • Rant- We have confirmed definitely for sure that we have bed bugs. This is just about the most not-okay I’ve been in a very long while. It’s not all bad- we’ve got a good pest control guy referred to us by a friend, have had one treatment already with others scheduled, and we’ve been taking lots of precautions to ensure that we don’t carry them anywhere (we’re using the heck out of our dryer and living out of XXL ziploc bags for the summer). And I didn’t get bitten last night. But man. I’m not sleeping well, and I have an awful allergic reaction to all the bites. I now know why people end up in therapy because of this.

    Revel- If there’s one good thing I can get out of this, it’s that this has confirmed beyond the shadow of a doubt that I am marrying the right person. My fiance has been so incredible throughout all of this, and it really feels like we’re operating as one team. This is the sort of thing that could potentially reveal the cracks in a relationship, and I feel so fortunate that this only seems to be making us stronger.

    • gotryit

      Congrats on the revel – working well under stress is a great sign. Bed bugs will be gone soon, but that marriage will potentially be for the rest of your life.

  • Rave: The coolness of the basement after walking around outside.
    Rant: Every time I go to the Coup to have a meal, all the booth seats next to the windows are filled with 1 person laptop parties posted up for hours with coffee or water. I glare at them as I am trying to fit my plates on the tiny tables. I wish they would just have a community laptop table.

  • RANT: Joined some online dating sites recently (both free and paid) and have yet to get a nibble. Shared my profile around among my guy friends (married or taken) and they all raved over it, so I thought I would be out meeting and greeting with a quickness. Nope. I can’t even get a decent conversation going with anyone. So now I keep staring at my face thinking I must be hideous like Quasimoto because no one will even proposition me in terrible grammar or anything!! Sigh.

    • Have you contacted anyone yet?
      If you haven’t done so already, have a same sex friend look at it with a critical eye – not just the photos but what you write.

      Or look at profiles similar to yours for comparison. Do you write too much? too little? I know it’s in the eyes of the beholder, but if someone goes on and on (with no paragraph breaks) I skip to the next one. Also, no photos of cars, pets, beaches, flowers, sunsets.

      • Yes, I have. I am not waiting to be plucked from the masses.

        No, I don’t have a lot of text, but I have more than a sentence.

    • Age may make a difference too. If you’re in your twenties, you’ll definitely get more interest than if you’re in your mid-late thirties.

      And I agree about volume. If a profile is too long, I skip it.

      Hang in there and don’t let your online experience shake your confidence.

      • I am not in my 20s, but I look (and feel!) younger than my age.

        Thanks, I will hang in there. I think the feedback from my friends gave me some false confidence. That, and years ago when I did this, I met my now ex-husband within the first two weeks. And now that I write that I see that I should really just chill out. LOL

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