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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Nothing like a trip through Farragut North in the morning to erase good feelings about the day.
    Rave: Boss not in today.
    Rave: Fun new necklace on super sale from Anthropologie.
    Rave: Korean BBQ meatloaf for dinner tonight. So delicious, says the person who normally hates meatloaf.

  • Rant: Anxiety crushed my sleep last night. I need to do something about it but can’t seem to pick up the phone to get some help.

    • I find that wine helps me sleep. Good luck!

      • Wine (and other alcohol) may help you fall asleep but you will not get quality sleep and may not sleep through the night. Drinking within 4 hours of bedtime is not recommended.

      • Well that is part of the problem actually. It is a good short term strategy but if employed every time I have anxiety it carries its own host of problems.

      • I think Jen was trying to be helpful, but if you actually have serious anxiety (i.e., Generalized Anxiety Disorder), drinking alcohol is the last thing I’d recommend. Using alcohol to calm anxiety can lead to bigger problems. If you feel you really need help, just put it on your to-do list and do it. Call your doctor’s office and make an appointment. You’ll be wondering why you hesitated for so long… Good luck.

    • Talking to someone about anxiety is the best release, in my experience. Breathing exercises, too.

    • Exercise. A long jog after work will help you sleep easier.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I used to have worry dolls. You tell them your worries and they take care of it while you sleep.

    • I’ve been having the same problem. I wound up falling asleep at 3:00 last night/this morning. I am so tired during the day, but can never sleep at night. I, too, need to just pick up the phone and call someone to deal with it. (I’ve tried talking to people and I exercise daily-I think I’m at the point where I need medication.) It’s so frustrating! Best of luck to you in dealing with it.

    • I found picking up the phone was the hardest part. I had a trusted friend call and schedule an appointment for me — showing up, for me, was much easier than making the initial call. Good luck!

    • Talk to your doctor. There’s no shame in needing help, or taking meds to help take the edge off. I spent 15 years dealing with anxiety and panic attacks on a near daily basis, and trying everything in the world to deal with it, before I “broke down” and went on a low dose medication. I wonder why I waited so long.

    • oh man, do i feel your pain here. I see a therapist for my anxiety and, yes, making that call the first time is rough, but you won’t regret it. i also listen to these guided meditations that help ease my mind (meditationoasis.com). hang in there, you are not alone!

  • rant: some muppet stole the front tire off my bike while it was parked at union station over the weekend
    rave: just got a (different) new bike in on friday, and rode it to work for the first time today ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Revel: Moving out of our tiny apartment in a couple weeks!
    Rant: Cannot seem to get enough boxes. Does Staples give away their copy boxes? The nice ones with the lid?

    • Try checking out Craigslist or stop by a Costco/BJs for free boxes (although they probably won’t have lids). Good luck with the move!

      • Yep – there’s a bunch of free moving boxes in the free section of craigslist.

        • You can go to just about any grocery store for free boxes as well. It helps to go very early in the morning, after the night shift has been stocking.

      • Try liquor stores, there boxes are very sturdy and smaller boxes are better for heavy items (like books).

    • I used to work at a Harris Teeter and we would have people call in and ask for leftover boxes all the time. Our procedure was that if you called in the night before, the overnight manager would take down your name and how many boxes you wanted for the next morning. Worth a shot!

    • Honestly, I know I’m a bit OCD, but I would caution against free boxes. Roaches love cardboard.

      When I moved this winter, I ordered new boxes from U-Haul. I got free shipping, they came promptly, were a gem to set up and even had special heavy-duty ones for books.

      • Bedbugs too.

      • Same here. I ordered a moving kit online for about $130. Yes, it was a bit expensive but I reasoned that the boxes wouldn’t contain pests of any sort or possible residue from food stuffs and they would be guaranteed not to fall apart/rip during the move. The whole kit came with bubble wrap, wrapping paper, tape and a tape gun along with small, medium and large heavy-grade boxes. Everything worked as expected and I was fortunate enough to give the entire box set I purchased to a friend who found themselves in the middle of a nasty, relocation inducing break-up just after my own move. Good luck!

  • Rant: Bug bites! Tall grass! Benadryl that doesn’t work… ugh.

    Rave: Oddly looking forward to moving stuff around at home tonight, tidying up, changing things around, and putting together an Ikea piece. (odd, I know!)

    Rave: Heading to the mountains of New Hampshire this weekend for a wedding. Looking forward to enjoying the outdoors in the hopefully cooler weather.

    • NH is the best. The mosquitoes and June bugs were out in full force two weeks ago on Winnepesaukee so bring the bug spray if you’ll be outside!

    • binpetworth

      Watch out for the black flies. I spent summers in NH as a kid and those damn things used to eat me alive.

    • I’ve found Zyrtec is the best for bug bites. Good luck!

  • Rant: The weather. Either rain or don’t.
    Rave: 2 days of work until a week vacation! I finished up a personal project last night, and now I’m getting into vacation mode.
    Revel: My friend’s husband came home this morning from Afghanistan!

  • Rave: My power was *only* out three hours yesterday and was back on around 5:00 pm.

    Rant: Pepco calling at 2:14 am to tell me that my power had been restored.

  • I need some bike advice. I got new brake pads installed this weekend. The brakes were kind of squeaky before. Now they’re even worse. They squeal when I use them! Do new brake pads need to be broken in, or did the repair shop do something wrong?

    • Squeaky brakes usually aren’t a problem. There is probably nothing that will stop the squeak, especially if you have disc brakes. That said, do make sure that the brake pad is properly aligned to make sure.

    • The pads (if not disc brakes) should be set at a slight angle when they come into contact with the rim. I used to change the pads all the time on my bike and had to fiddle with the angle of contact to the rim to make sure they did not squeal. If a professional did it then you should take it back since they should know how to replace pads it is an easy fix.

      • They’re not disc brakes, they’re, um the other kind (shows how much I know about bike maintenance.) Before I got the new pads, cleaning the rims helped some. The shop I went to is pretty close to one of the trails I ride. I’ll ride by there some time this week. Thanks!

    • It’s called “toe in”. The pads should be adjusted so then when you press the brake the front of the pads come in contact with the rim slightly before the back (we’re talking a millimeter or so). It takes some fiddling, but it’s a totally DIY fix. If you got then replaced at a bike shop they should have done this for you. Take them back and ask for a free adjustment.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Second day home with a cold.
    Rant: Herniated discs and sciatica.
    Rant: Mr. Squid away on travel for work.
    Revel: No one but the dogs to see me flop around in misery and wallow in self-pity.

    • epric002

      ๐Ÿ™ no luck getting an earlier ortho appt? have you tried a heating pad? that helped my bulging disc a little until i started chiro. good luck.

      • GiantSquid

        No luck yet. I’ve asked them to contact me if someone cancels. I alternate between a heating pad and a cold pack. This time of year, the cold pack is much more appealing.

        • FWIW, Dr. Olver Roberson is someone I’ve used and he’s good about finding folks slots w/ other chiros if he’s full….

  • Rant: People who “forget” their kids in cars… Makes me not want to have children ever, almost. ๐Ÿ™

    Rant: Parking garage guy didn’t show up for his post this morning and I came in on early bird rate time. i sure hope they don’t try to charge me full price later.

    Rave: New girl (22) was understanding about my sick day, We have re-scheduled a movie and dinner. A positive sign.

    Rant: Getting over being sick, but still coughing and blowing my nose like a madman.

    Rave: Instagram, it’s facebook without all the boring clutter (for now at least).

    • Every time an awful accident like this happens, I think of this article by Gene Weingarten. Most people think of him as a humor columnist, but he’s really an outstanding journalist. It’s long, but if you have the time, I highly, highly recommend.


      • YES. This is a heartbreaking, well-written piece. I think of it every time, as well.
        I have a two year old and am thankful I’ve never forgotten her in the car (or anywhere) but I’ve definitely had some brief moments where I see the empty car seat and think “Uh oh,” only to remember she’s where she’s supposed to be.
        My first few weeks postpartum, I was so sleep deprived I thought the body pillow I slept with was my daughter so when my husband when to go get her if she was crying, I’d say “No, she’s right here, she’s fine.” Thankfully, that only lasted a few weeks. The brain does funny things.

      • Even thinking about that article brings tears to my eyes. Amazing writing, especially the last paragraph.

      • That is one (of few) articles I’ve ever read that completely changed my opinion of something.

      • Agreed, both about this article and Weingarten’s skills. I haven’t found him funny for years, but his feature writing is among the best I’ve ever read. His story about kids in hot cars is absolutely heartbreaking and presents a very nuanced view of a difficult topic, and his articles about the violinist in the Metro station and taking a long-distance bus in Israel are excellent as well.

      • He won a Pulitzer for this piece. Gave me pause. I was upset when the Norfolk SPCA prez left her old dog in the car, but the circumstances were very similar – slight change in routine. We’re human, after all.

    • Your first rant is one of my biggest fears. I read the Gene Weingarten article a few months ago and parts of it are still haunting me…

    • It’s such a tragedy because the parent gets punished on top of losing their child… I think car makers should be required to invent something to prevent this from happening like a solar (emergency) ventilation system. In the age of technology it’s a shame things like this still happen.

      • The technology exists to prevent this but generally people either don’t want it or they don’t want to pay for it. Nobody thinks this can happen to them so they don’t think they need technology to help prevent it. I find that pretty surprising but I don’t understand many things that “the market” decides.

        • I should also point out that this is based on an article that I read recently – I definitely know that the technology exists, but as for the reasons why it’s not being used, I’m just going off what was in the article. There may be more to that part of the story.

    • Why do you have to keep pointing out these women’s ages? If age isn’t important to you, stop drawing attention to it. She’s interested in you, you’re interested in her, the end. Jeez.

      • Blithe

        So those of us who have been following his adventures via this blog can keep them straight — and razz appropriately? grin

  • Rave: scheduling a phone interview at a new job lead. I’m pretty excited that SOMEONE was interested in my resume.
    Rant: Figuring out how to deal with being 24 weeks pregnant and being considered for a new job, where I have no rights (no FMLA, for example). Is it too risky to jump ship this pregnant? I know, I don’t have an offer yet…but it’ll be hard to hide if/when I go in for an in-person interview, for example.

    Rant: being a landlord. PoPville will hopefully give me some good advice later today.
    Rant: being furloughed. “How was your day off”, they ask. What day off? you mean the forced unpaid day where I still did work? Oh, that day? It’ll be a big wake up call for a LOT of people in dealing with furloughed people.

    • Isn’t it illegal for you to do work on your furloughed day? We get lots of notices saying that we will face disciplinary action if we attempt to work on our furlough day.

      • oh, yes….it is. But, who is keeping track of it?
        Oh, yeah, the people looking for work to be done. It’s a catch-22.

        • Emmaleigh504

          So you are complaining about doing something illegal? Just don’t work on those days and when people ask why you didn’t tell them it’s illegal.

          • the rant part was sort of how my office put me in a very uncomfortable position. They know what “furlough” means, but they should be telling us to leave our blackberries at our desks, for example, and not directly email us. But it’s not happening. Or in my case, it didn’t. I just think the reality of this doesn’t exist for those not furloughed.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I see that now. I’m sorry they are doing that. It sucks that you got furloughed to begin with and now this. Terrible!

        • epric002

          weird. we’ve been given explicit instructions not to work a minute over what we’re supposed to. anyway you can anonymously report your situation?

          • To the people asking me for stuff?

            Like I said, it’s a catch 22. They would have been better served by given us all Fridays where at least it’s a little more quiet. I can’t wait until my first mid-week furlough day!

      • epric002

        yes, it is illegal to work on furlough days. why are you doing that?

        • I’m not sure there really is a choice.
          I know on paper the “illegal to work” on a furlough day is legit, but I was told to have my blackberry on me and was contacted all day.
          I don’t think small shops are equipped to deal with this, and the burden is on the employee. A manager shouldn’t be putting me in this position….but yeah.

          • epric002

            of course there’s a choice. if your manager is directing you to do something illegal, you should report it. it is incredibly unethical, illegal, and unfair to put you in that position.

          • There has to be a choice because that’s absolutely illegal. Your boss (or whoever told you to have your blackberry on you) should know better and cannot force you to break the law. It would be that person looking at disciplinary action, as well as yourself, I would assume.

          • Agreed with epric002. Ugh… that’s awful that your manager is expecting you to work on furlough days. (As if the corresponding pay cut weren’t enough on its own!)

          • yes, I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do. I guess I can try to ignore it more on my next day, but I don’t think they really “get” it.
            Maybe my out of office wasn’t direct enough?

            what are some furlough out of offices people are seeing? THATS a good PoP thread!

          • The rules are indeed very strict. We’re not allowed to use a government-owned blackberry, computer, etc.. If you are doing that, there is a record. You’re doing something illegal. It is your own fault if you are caught. DoD doesn’t mince words in its guidance.

            Regarding furloughs, it is a freakin’ 11 days. This is a less than 5 percent pay cut for the year. If you can’t weather that, I have no sympathy due to a lack of preparation. I’ve had weeks and weeks between jobs in the past, but I had a rainy day fund. Eleven days is nothing. I’m loving the time off!

          • I would turn your blackberry off. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with telling your boss “It’s illegal for me to work on a furlough day, but I have a hard time not checking my blackberry if it’s on, so I’m going to be turning it off. I will follow up with any emails the next day.” and leave it at that.

            To your other question, this make be chuckle this morning. http://www.govexec.com/pay-benefits/2013/07/im-running-instead-combating-terrorism-defense-workers-prepare-furlough-season/66164/?oref=skybox

          • epric002

            if you can’t go to your HR, maybe you can try OPM’s employee services/pay & leave office? or DOL’s wage & hour division? if i were you, i’d have my out of office up and not even look at my BB on furlough days (which is essentially what we’ve been instructed to do)

          • All agencies have inspector general offices that accept anonymous complaints. There is a phone number or a contact form of some sort, I would use it.

          • Honestly, it sounds like you suffer from work place anxiety and put way too much pressure on yourself. I have a co-worker like this – she’s always freaked out about what people think of her, she must answer every email immediately, etc.

            Unless you’re working for the CIA or another intel agency on time sensitive matters (ie. in the middle of a mission and there are lives on the line this very second) or you report directly to the head of your agency, the vast majority (99.5%) of government work can wait until the next day.

            Turn off your Blackberry on the furlough day and come in a little early the next day to go through your emails. If anyone gives you crap, tell them that it’s explicitly illegal for you to work on furlough days and you can point them to the relevant statutes. Someone will probably think that you’re lazy for all of 30 seconds and then they will forget about it. Seriously.

      • Do you guys seriously think this doesn’t happen? When I started at the USPTO right out of college we had to sign a form every pay period attesting we did not work any overtime, but we had to work overtime on order to meet our quotas or else we’d be fired. Our supervisors specifically told us to do it.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I know people who take vacation days so they can work and cases and get their counts. That place is kind of insane.

    • …I wasn’t complaining about the pay cut. It definitely sucks, as in I didn’t expect a pay cut when I got pregnant, so it’s making planning for baby a little more difficult. But I’m not an idiot and know to have a good safety net. Which we do, but it doesn’t make me wanting to crack into the safety accounts any less harsh. I’m not looking forward to the time off because coming back to work after the day out SUCKS if you haven’t done it yet.

      But, good news is that my phone interview went really well and I’m sort of excited to see if they are interested. Not excited to figure out how to deal with “well, I’m pregnant…” aspect of it but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

      • novadancer

        we had furloughs at UMD for several years and I guess they handle things better. Never touched my email and never was overwhelmed the next day back.

        • I think a lot of the issues with DOD being the biggest “client” of the furloughs is that a lot of military personnel (who aren’t furloughed) don’t know how to deal with it. If EVERYONE were furloughed, it would be a different story.

          We all have different days (I have a different day every week), making it an additional cluster. The places where everyone is off on a specific day would make it a lot more organized, I think. But no one wants to hear that.

          • epric002

            i don’t know what part of DoD you’re in, but i can’t believe that there are people who have not been subject to furlough meetings/briefings/all-hands/emails ad nauseam. civilians, military, and contractors have heard about almost nothing other than furloughs for months now. if they don’t know how to deal with it (i.e., what the rules are) then they are dumb as rocks.

          • DING DING DING

            also, “we have to work 24/7, why don’t you?”
            these are the same people who didn’t see why I needed a few days off when my spouse returned from Afghanistan. It doesn’t HAVE to make sense, that’s the beauty of it ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Why aren’t you saying to these people who need to work “Well, at least you get paid for the days you’re working. I just lost 5% of my paycheck.”

            That should shut them up pretty quickly. And if it doesn’t, pull the pregnancy card.
            Please, for your own sanity, stick up for yourself.

  • Oh, I forgot:
    RAVE: New car! We’re loving our CMax. We haven’t used ANY gas yet. It’s so freaky! Two thumbs up. We are taking it on little test runs around town. Went to Tysons, NO GAS! love it. Highly recommend.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Marissa at the Doctor’s office didn’t do what she said she would do so now I’m stuck trying to get her dman doctor’s office to answer the phone.

    Rant: My regular doc tried to call the other doc yesterday and they couldn’t get a human.

    Rant: The dr’s office just hung up on me.

    Rant: the best time to call this huge doctor’s office would be when I have lunch, but they are closed. The whole ginormous office with their 15 visible office people and countless others go to lunch at the same time. I hate them.

    • I HATE when Drs offices are closed at lunch. It’s such an old school way to do things – does your office close at lunch? If someone asked me about when my lunch hour was, I’d say “what’s a lunch hour”?

      It’s really a huge inconvenience! A big frustration when dealing with doctors.

      • Emmaleigh504

        It drives me nuts that this particular doctor’s office closes for lunch since it’s a HUGE practice. They have enough people to cover the phones for lunch if they stagger lunches (like my work does!). My regular doctor’s office which is tiny in comparison (4 doctors compared to 25) answers the phone during lunch.

        I finally talked to a human after 5 calls. Hopefully the person I actually need to speak to calls back today. I’m running out of time since my regular doctor is going on maternity leave in 2 weeks and could possibly go earlier! aagghhh too much stress!

  • Rant: I knew it was coming (I’m technically an independent contractor), but I just talked with my boss and my end date is sooner than anticipated. I’ve exclusively worked for him for 2 years as his Project Manager. I’m ready to make a change (and get a normal, full time job with benefits), but I don’t have anything in the works yet so I’ll probably be unemployed for a bit during the job search.

    Anyone hiring?

    • Sorry to hear this…good luck finding something!
      I’ve found indeed.com to be a pretty good clearing house

  • MsNesbitt

    Rant: Unlucky first day of apartment hunting. Saw four places and none would work for us. Hoping our appointments on Thursday and Friday go better.
    Rave: Made up for a disappointing apartment hunt by spending the evening with a lovely date and discovering a new hidden gem in the neighborhood.

  • what are you looking for? Our tenants are (trying to) back out of their lease early, so we’re looking for new renters…

  • Rant: Long draining weekend, trying to provide emotional support my family while writing a final paper for grad school. My stomach is in knots because my sister was originally going to split with her abusive husband, but we all think she’s planning to go back to him tonight. I’m worried this past weekend will be the last time I see her, and there is literally nothing else we can do to help her if she goes back. She deserves so much better than this asshole.

  • Rave: Philadelphia can be a fun-ass town. A little rowing, a little culture, a little pizza, a little fine dining.

    Rave: Finally hitched a ride to Rockaway Beach. One off the bucket list.

    Rant: Kind of wasted a brief stay in Manhattan. So many shoes I could have bought!

    Rave: Being toy boy for someone with meetings in Manhattan — I will not waste a free hotel room next time!

  • Rant: Have a summer cold, was sick over the weekend.

    Rave: Finished all of my side projects by or before deadline–a big and annoying but lucrative freelance editing gig (socioiogy article) and two free but fun design gigs (theater posters).

    Rant: Stayed up too late a few nights in a row finished side projects and am now a zombie on top of being sick.

    Rave/Worry: Contemplating adopting a dog but, as a would-be first-time ownder, I’m apprehnsive about taking on the responsibility. I found what appears to be the perfect pup, though; he sounds so sweet and laid-back and he is super cute. Life decisions!

    • Yes, it’s a responsibility….feed water walk play repeat repeat repeat.

      And a joy – there is nothing like puppy love to cure what ails you!

      My suggestion would be to line up a dog walker, a dog trainer, and make friends with neighbors who have dogs.

    • epric002

      bravo for thinking about adopting! might i suggest fostering as a way to ease into full-time dog ownership? you’ll be helping out, and also learning about how much it takes to take care of a dog. absolutely agree with MPinDC- a dog walker and/or doggie daycare are invaluable.

    • I’m in this stage too! Considering adoption and whatnot. I posted a forum Q the other day about costs to try and anticipate for dogs, and the answers were helpful (http://www.popville.com/forums/topic/dog-costs/) but it sounds like you might be further along than I am!

    • I can’t tell you how wonderful having a dog is. Hooray!

    • Thanks for the support and suggestions. Yay dogs!

      • Pet insurance has been a god send for us. We have VPI, and have really, really gotten our money’s worth. Highly recommend it if you’re considering a dog and haven’t had one before.

        • epric002

          +100 we use the ASPCA pet insurance. it doesn’t cover everything, but just yesterday i got a check from them reimbursing about 1/3 of some very expensive doggie dental work (oy). more than i was expecting, and every little bit helps!

    • As a new (as in a little over a month ago) dog adopter, I can say that a) having a dog in the house makes for an incredibly happy place (although our cats are still on the fence about it); and b) having a dog in the city is probably harder than you ever imagined (think chicken bones, wall-sharing neighbors and the joys of crate training, costly daycare and walking services, etc). Also, know that adopted dogs go through a (potentially) long acclimation phase – our dog is super sweet, but she is also way higher energy than we initially thought. We adore her, but we’re looking at a frustrating few months of laying the groundwork for her to be a well behaved, well adjusted household member. Totally worth it, but be sure not to underestimate the work involved!

  • rant: no one saved that austistic child found in a car two doors down from his house.
    rant: bikers who think they are cars, but don’t follow the rules of the road. Near misses in the cross walk cause they don’t stop at stop signs, then curse the pedestrians.
    rant: the lazy cop who sat by and watched at least 5 bikers avoid the stop sign he was sitting at.
    rant: furlough SUX for those of us who are trying to buy a home and need steady income, to increase our steady savings, even though I can’t afford to buy in the city I was born and raised.
    rave: I am alive, healthy and willing to help the next person at any costs.

    • I’m glad someone else is furious that Michael Kingsbury was found dead two doors away from his own house. I get that the cops looked – but really? A car didn’t occur to you?? How closely could they have searched?
      His mother should be upset. And yet, the cops and even McDuffie are still saying to save judgment. Fine, I’ll shut up for now – but seriously, what went wrong here?

      • binpetworth

        I wonder if the car was there the entire time the cops were searching. Many autistic children like to be squeezed up tight in things, so I could see this little guy climbing in under a seat/blanket and a person not realizing the kid is there, driving off to work/church/whatever and the police not checking anything until the car returns and it’s too late.

        If, however, the car was there the whole time, then that’s poor policing.

        I just feel so sorry for his family. What an awful thing to have happen.

        • If this HuffPost article is accurate (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/09/michael-kingsbury-dc_n_3567336.html), they were “there” four times (does that mean searching the car? the backyard? Not sure).

          I am curious if the car was moved or not there for some time, like you said. The car had been searched on Sunday apparently. Maybe Michael got in there afterwards? I don’t know and I don’t pretend to know how to the cops do their job (nor do I think I know how to do it better).

          I just know that this family must be in an incredible amount of pain. If I was that mother, I’d be uncontrollably angry at the police and none of these explanations would make this better. I just want more answers.

  • Rave: Scuttlebutt that Wegman’s is considering the Walter Reed site.

    Rant: DC’s proposed new minimum wage law might kill the deal.

  • RANT: Unit below mine tested high for radon.
    DOUBLE RANT: Board and management company are “investigating,” but not informing all residents or at the very least, first floor residents and ensuring that every unit be tested. I only found out because I inquired about the strange tube installed outside, under my window.

  • novadancer

    Rave: Rental townhouse officially under contract!
    Rave: new car purchase only a month away (or hopefully as long as no glitches on above rave)!

  • Rant: Car accident yesterday, not my fault, getting the runaround with insurance which seems to be about par for the course. Just once I wish it was easy dealing with these things.
    Rant: HR department being really annoying about my upcoming maternity leave
    Rant: Coworker is an idiot. Can’t wait to see him fail when I’m out.
    Rave: Only 2 weeks left until I’m gone for 3 months
    Rave: Get to meet my daughter in 2 weeks!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Are you my doctor??? (you don’t have to answer that) Please come back after your 3 moths! I love you!

  • Rant: Power off, again, last night. Couldn’t watch my Netflick.
    Rave: Made a nice curry instead.
    Rant: Flaky people. I know you saw that email/text. Does it really take that long to respond???

  • RAVE: Building had some electrical work done this morning requiring hours of power outages and conveniently forgot to notify tenants. Though it was somewhat annoying that I trekked to work to find the doors closed, I feel like a kid: computer is in the office, can’t do any work, so a snowday in July!
    RAVE: Got to enjoy an impromptu brunch with my team at Silver Diner. Service was bad but food was delicious!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Fun lunch out with colleagues!

    Rant: It was a going away lunch for one of my favorite colleagues.

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