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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: PEX was a ball

    • I’m busy accumulating stuff for Burning Man. Only 50+ days to go! OMGZ.

      • I think i might make that trip next year
        but there are regional burner fests as well

        i know the DC ones are in the spring and fall

      • Emmaleigh504

        I just read this and thought of you: Positive chlamydia and gonorrhea results go up by about 30% in San Francisco after Burning Man.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Left my delicious lunch at home.
    Rant: Today is a hurty day.
    Rave: Short work day due to Dr appointment.
    Rave: Anxiously awaiting Jack5’s date update. Hope all went well for him!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Additional Rant: Frequently see Jim Graham at the grocery store (he likes strawberries!) and he never wears his bow ties to the store.

      • gotryit

        Is that a rant because you see him?

        If it’s the bowtie, shouldn’t that be a rave?

        • Emmaleigh504

          It’s a rant b/c I love bow ties and he doesn’t wear them to grocery shop. I don’t really blame him, but I love bow ties! Seeing him is fine, he’s very nice and usually just quietly buying strawberries.

      • I always see Gene Weingarten in my neighborhood. Always alone (or sometimes with an old dog) and always dressed like he just rolled out of bed and grabbed the nearest t-shirt and jeans. I know he has a family but based on what I’ve seen he looks like a very lonely, solitary guy.

        • All because he didn’t care to dress up for you that particular morning?

          • You’ve obviously missed the point, but I see him a few times a week and it’s always in the same outfit so it’s not like I just caught him on a bad day.

          • I think his appearance is just not a priority for him.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I have “bitch-face” so my neighbors probably think I’m a rightfully lonely, old shrew.

          • me too! and my dog doesn’t particularly enjoy all the accolades he receives. we’re quite a pair!

    • No date, had to cancel due to bad case of the flu… (posted below) πŸ™

  • rant – friend got beat up running on the MBT this weekend. Bunch of kids, of course.

    • Ugh, I’m so sorry. I hope your friend is okay! Do you have any more info? I was considering using the trail to bike to work in Silver Spring, but all of these reports are making me really nervous.

      • During commuting hours the trail is normally full of people. More eyes=safer trail. Don’t let it discourage you. If you have a friend or know people that are going the same way, “bike”pool.

    • That totally sucks. I really hope your friend is ok.
      I didn’t hear about this till today. Did your friend file a police report? Also, it’s probably helpful to notify WABA and/or tweet #bikedc to get the word out.

    • Sorry to hear about that – hope he recovers.

      On the way home friday, I passed 4 young guys just hanging out on the side of the trail. Definitely sizing me up, but didn’t jump me. I warned the next guy I saw heading the other way and called it in to MPD.

    • jim_ed

      This may seem ludicrous, but I would fully recommend your friend taking his story to the local media outlets. It’s a bit of red meat for them, and the only way it seems the city will actually do something useful regarding the MBT and safety is through consistent public shaming. Otherwise, the city will conveniently sweep it under the rug and continue to ignore the problem.

      • you are absolutely correct. I didn’t read about this incident in the eckington listserve or the bloomingdale email. information and warnings really need to get out the. the more coverage the better.

    • Two weekends ago we saw 2 kids maybe 12-13 years old by themselves (no adults) in the home depot lingering super suspiciously by the utility knife section of the tool department for a good 5 minutes – furtively glancing up and down the aisle, taking knives down from the wall and examining them, etc, then putting them back up. Super sketchy. Shudder to think how that ended up.

      • Ditto. In April, I saw three high school age kids at the Home Depot buying a big bolt cutter. They didn’t look like they were on a construction crew…

    • I’m so sorry about your friend.

      I really don’t get why anyone sets foot on the MBT anymore.

      • B/C it’s still far more preferable than dealing with idiot drivers, that’s why.

      • I think your perspective of risk is a little off. It’s not like there’s a 75% chance you’re going to get jumped. Yes, there are disturbing incidents, but they’re still not likely. Just like everything else in life.

        Apply the same type of logic to driving, walking, etc. Just because someone had a fatal car crash doesn’t mean that we all stop driving.

  • Rave: Great weekend, nice weather, seeing my friend and her baby this week.
    Revel: Three day work week because I’m off on vacation Thursday. Ukraine, here I come!

    • My homeland! Where in Ukraine are you going?

      • I know a Maria in DC from Ukraine… Did you go to school in Western NY by chance?

        • πŸ™‚ I know like 5 Marias in DC from Ukraine. And no, I went to school in Ohio. Recommendation for Lviv – cafe Gazova Lampa “gas lamp”. See if you can be seated on the top floor, get yourself a .5 of beer and order from “do pyva” menu – smoked meats and pickled veggies. Delicious.

          All the coffees are super tiny, and the biggest one is usually the Viennese coffee – similar to latte.

          In Kiev – go to any of the Puzata Hata’s. It’s like a cafeteria, but delicious. Get vareniky (don’t call them pierogies!) and thin veal sausages. But everything is good there and super cheap, so pile up.

      • We’re going to Kiev, Lyiv and Chernobyl. Anything we can’t miss, or food we have to try?

        • Lviv you should go to Veronikas (Prospect Shevchenko) for pastries/dessert. Their brown bread is AMAZING.
          In Lviv I also recommend the Lvivske Brewery tour – established in 1715; Lychakivski cemetery; and the surrounding countryside (Zhovkva and Sambir and great).
          Svirzh is an 1.5 bus ride away and is where they filmed the Russian version of 3 Musketeers.

          Have fun!

  • Rave: Third interview for potential new job scheduled this week. Anxious and excited.
    Rave: Saw Man of Steel this weekend and really liked it. I haven’t been a Russel Crowe fan in years but I really liked him.
    Rave: She & Him tickets for Thursday. Hooray!
    Rant: Boss is, once again, making everyone miserable today. Really hoping Rave #1 works out.

  • gotryit

    rant / rave: running in the heat
    rave: at least it’s not 105F out

  • Rant: How on EARTH is a junior level hill staffer expected to pay rent in this town? 50% of my incomes goes towards housing and middle-America still thinks we’re all overpaid! Who knew you needed to be wealthy to work in public service.

    • gotryit

      With roommates or in a really small space in a sketchy part of town.

      What are you paying now and for what size / location?

    • Honest answer? Every junior Hill person I know has Mommy & Daddy paying their rent. Most of your colleagues come from fairly well-to-do families.

      The aristocracy is alive & well in America.

      • I managed as a lowly House staffer by having roommates. If you’re looking for more, either become an LD or use that Hill resume to get a better-paying job in another sector! The world opened up once I left- I actually had money! Besides, most staffers only stay for 2-year stints- It’s not usually meant to be a forever gig. I called my Hill experience, “an internship with benefits.” πŸ™‚

        • Yes, this is true. But junior Hill staffers make anywhere from $15K-$25K. Even in a group house situation, you will have 50% or more of your take home pay consumed by housing costs.

          Besides, it’s very hard to get into a cheap group house. There’s way more demand than supply. Your best bet is to stay somewhere “expensive” (i.e. $1000/month) for a few months and then take another Hill staffer’s spot in a cheap group as soon as they leave DC. It’s really hard to find a cheap room in a group house before you start your job. The housing situation in DC – just like the job situation – is all about networking. Or coming from a rich family who will pay your rent for multiple years.

          • I don’t know about that. I worked for the cheapest member of the House, and my starting salary as a staff assistant was $22,500 ten years ago. If someone is only making $15K in 2013, they need to walk away and fast. You can manage without calling on Mom and Dad. I did and you should if you’re interested in being a responsible, self-sufficient adult (what parent doesn’t wish for this?- so says my dad). You just have to make sacrifices- no iPhones, cable TV, alcohol, etc… I managed to find a group of people each year when I moved from apartment to apartment on the Hill. It was a humble life. But things get better, especially when you leave the Hill!

          • I came onto the Hill in 2000 making $35,000 as a junior LA. If you’re making $15,000 -$20,000 even as a staff assistant, it’s time to look elsewhere, because frankly, you’re getting screwed.

          • Two women I know have been in their junior Hill jobs for around two years. Woman A has now just hit $25K and the other is at $19K. They both started their jobs at around $15K. And this is working directly for a U.S. Senator as staff assistants. I heard that committee staff tend to earn more.

          • my staff ass job in 1994 paid me $20k. considering rent was a zillion times cheaper then (2 bedroom basement apts for $750 in easy locations), i feel the writers pain!

      • You must not know many junior Hill staffers then.

        • The couple of staffers I know have rent paid by parents. Anecdotal of course, but that is my experience as well.

    • I’m a mid-level engineer and 50% of my income goes toward housing. It’s not just junior Hill staffers– everyone’s salary gets eaten up by housing in this city.

    • Share a home with other people.

      • I already share with 3 other people…and definitely don’t live in NW.

        • Then I guess you’re doing it right. Carry on!

        • Do you take advantage of government assistance for low income? I don’t know what the limits are, but it sounds like you’d qualify for section 8 or something like that.

        • The problem is that many of the cheap group houses that existed even 5 years ago have been flipped into (1) single family homes for the yuppies that are no long moving to the ‘burbs or (2) condos. Hundreds – maybe even thousands – of group houses have disappeared from the rental market over the last 5 years. Unless your parents pay your rent (which more Hill staffers are now doing), entry level employees in DC are being increasingly pushed into (relatively) expensive apartment shares or having to live far from their job.

          The days of an under age 30 Hill staffer living on the Hill near their 24/7 job and getting by on only on his miserly salary are pretty much over.

    • Get a 2nd job– I worked weekends and 4 hrs after work for 2 years when I first moved to DC

  • Rave: Vacation was great, I got to relax, see my family, and spend a lot of time with my new niece.
    Rant: I forgot my reading glasses at home. I brought them home for vacation, didn’t use them, forgot them. I do this all the time and never learn.

  • Rant: Power outage. The worst is when you can see that the power’s on a few blocks away.
    Rave: Partying like it’s 1799. It all kind of brought the neighborhood together, which was nice.
    Rave: Wind-up flashlight worked like a charm!
    Rant/Rave: I’m a victim of my own gardening success. These plants are going nuts! My weekly menu is now dictated by what I have to eat from the garden before it goes bad. The herbs in particular are too fast to keep up with.
    Rave: Relationship possibilities. I really like this guy, and it seems to be mutual so far. Knock on wood.

    • So jealous – I have no gardening prospects. BTW, you can freeze herbs in olive oil using ice cube trays. Nifty way to keep them for a time when your garden isn’t producing.

      • You can also make big batches of different types of pesto (basil, parsley, cilantro, mint…) and freeze those. It’s super easy to make, and there’s nothing like homemade pesto in the middle of winter!

        • Do you think oregano or sage be good in a pesto? I always have lots of those two.

          • I don’t believe sage would be good as a pesto – too strong. But you can dry the leaves to use in cooking.

          • Sage works great in ravioli with brown butter sage sauce. Especially butternut squash ravioli. Mmmmm. Just google recipes. SOOOO good.

          • Yeah, I’ve dried the leaves and ground them up in previous years. It’s tough to find vegetarian uses for it. Seems like I have to wait until some of the heartier sweeter vegetables like butternut squash are available.

    • You can freeze muddled mint leaves in lime juice, in ice cube trays. Mojito starters!

  • Rant: Being teased with that scrumptious looking photo on Monday morning! Not nice PoP!

  • RANT: Forgot my running shoes so no lunch time workout for me today

    RAVE: Had a relaxing long weekend

    RANT: Readjusting to a full week of work

    RAVE: my farm share, produce from my garden plot. Such good eating during the sunny months!

  • Rave: Emergency vets that are open 24 hours.
    Rant: They’re really expensive. Understandably, but wow. I’m glad I have a dedicated credit card for vet bills.
    Neither rant nor rave: The man who came in to euthanize his dog. He was so sad, and I wish I could have given him a hug or a shoulder to cry on. I’m glad others came with him, and I know it must have been hard for them, too, and I’m so, so very sorry. No one who loves and takes care of their animal deserves that kind of pain.

    • I feel your rant– my parents put down aka paid someone to take care of the family dog. My mom was fretting that he was super sick and was putting off taking him to the vet. She finally took him and he was given the all clear (his severe rash was due to allergies). Instead of bringing him into the house so he can heal, they left him outside and his rash/sores got worse. Two weeks later I call, and the parents go on and on about how he is so sick (mind you the vet said he was in perfect health) and have decided to get rid of him. Now, all they talk about is how sad they are now that he’s gone.

      • I’m not sure I understand… they gave the dog away, or they paid someone other than a vet to euthanize it?

        • They paid someone to kill it. Unsure if a vet would put down a healthy dog.

          IMO, they didn’t want to pay the vet bills. Which is silly b/c they have money. I just hate that they keep bringing it up– they made a choice and should deal with it. I wish they would of told me b/c I would of took him.

          • πŸ™ That’s sad. I agree that they forfeited their right to complain about missing him when they chose to have him killed. It would be one thing if he were suffering and in pain and they’d had him euthanized, but it sounds like this was an issue of convenience/cost.

          • (In reply to textdoc, too) Maybe they feel a lot of guilt and are just kind of resistant to admitting that and that the blame lies on them. Naturally you know them and I don’t, and, really, that’s just me projecting my hope to be humble, caring, and open-minded, and to learn from all experiences. Still, that’s terrible, and not an excuse. I’m very sorry.

      • It sounds like your parents just weren’t able to cope with the situation and devolved into neglect. At least the dog isn’t suffering anymore, which is the most important thing. I’m very sorry…

  • Rant: Man flu all weekend. No date. This is my life. Perhaps it was fate.

    Rave: Flu seems to be on the decline, As an upside, last weekend was the longest I’ve slept in years.

    Rant: Lumpy roads in DC. Especially around all the construction sites it seems increasingly acceptable for the city to have lumpy roads mired by steel plates that are not safe. Repairs even after construction is completed is often spotty and mis-matched. This should be fixed and mandated to be upheld by DC construction projects.

    Rant: having to do the work of absentee employees on a Monday.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Well that just sucks. Glad you are feeling better today. Just in time for work, blech.

    • Please define man flu, and compare/contrast with [regular/woman] flu.

      • Man flu causes the most burly of man to cry and shiver like a timid defenseless little baby deer in the forest. There is no such thing as woman flu, and the regular flu just makes you feel bad. -Man Flu.

        • Man flu/ man cold is utterly debilitating. It requires total rest, zero lifting of fingers around the house, isolation from offspring, etc.
          Regular flu and colds (like the ones women get) are miserable, but life and all its requirements go on. Kids still get fed, used tissues get picked up from the floor (or never land on the floor in the first place), dog still gets walked.
          Oh, and the man cold most often manifests within a day of any other member of the household getting sick. It goes like this. “Honey, can you stop at the store? I need to pick up the kids, but this cold is kicking my ass and I’d like to go straight home.” “Uh, er, I think I’m coming down with something myself. I probably better take it easy.”
          For more, I recommend you check out Man Cold on youtube.

        • And it lasts only a couple of days? That sounds like a Bad Cold, not the flu.
          Last time I had the flu (years ago — have gotten flu shots since then) I missed two weeks of work and sometimes was too tired even to lie on the sofa and watch DVDs.

          • Emmaleigh504

            +1 my worst flu I was too tired to watch tv, so I looked at an Africa shaped flaw in my wall for days and days. That flaw in the wall of that crappy apartment possibly saved my life.

          • It’s the flu… I had enough ooze out of my nose and lungs to fill a kiddie pool. I think I’m recovering now though, gotta burn all my sheets. *sniff*

          • Doctor told me “If you think you have the flu, you have a cold. If you think you’re *dying*, you might have the flu.”

            Sorry, Jack, influenza is almost never a two- or even four-day affair. You’re looking at fevers of 102+, massive body aches, and utter lethargy lasting 10+ days.

            You just had a bad cold, or other virus. Not influenza.

          • And you rarely have any sniffles with a flu.

          • I was prescribed heavy duty narcotics to cope with the physical pain of influenza. I had to be half-carried into the doctor’s office, and couldn’t even really talk to him. Too weak, not very lucid. THAT’s the flu.

          • I had the flu in March and I had the flu shot. I walked to CVS to get supplies and it sucked, but I made it there and back. I even went to work one day because I didn’t that I was that sick.

            Here’s the key- I knew I had the flu (Influenza B) because I went to my doctor and got tested (after I went to work sick unfortunately). I was exhausted the whole time, but never had a high fever or chills. There are different strains of the virus, even in the same season.

          • Meh…

            I can’t argue with youz guys but I had pretty bad back soreness, slept for 2 days straight, had all kind of mucus in my lungs, and a fever for 2 days, today I’m still messed up but fairly functional. On top of all that the hot/humid/rainy weather and A/C weren’t helping much… I attribute my speedy recovery to my above average immune system and refusal to take drugs until things get dire. πŸ˜›

          • I’ve never had a bad case of the flu, but the last time I got a flu shot it was like that. I was home with a fever barely able to move for two weeks.

    • Blithe

      But, but, did you reschedule your DATE? πŸ™‚ Yes, I know my priorities might be a little off…. Glad you’re feeling better!

      • No re-schedule yet… I’m going to play it by ear… Not sure if she believes my valid excuse… πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Sat in with The Nighthawks this weekend. Also, after two weeks of being lazy, I finally got a good bike ride in this weekend. I’m surprised I’m not sore.

    Rant: Rain and thunderstorms predicted all this week.

  • Rant: Can’t believe Metro’s lame-ass excuses for ripping out the flowers that had been planted in the escalator dead zone coming out of the Dupont station. Why does everyone at that organization seem hell bent on making the world a miserable place for everyone?

    • I can’t believe people are still carrying on about this. We should be demanding that metro improve rail service, not that they let people garden on their property.

      • that’s the point. they could have used those resources to improve service instead of wasting it on undoing a good thing.

        • They’re responsible for what happens on their property. They wouldn’t have had to waste those resources if captain flower had taken his “performance art” elsewhere.

      • I couldn’t have cared less about the flowers until Metro decided to waste its time trashing something that was obviously nice and that, after sending its cease-and-desist letter, hurt no one. If the Metro brass didn’t like the flowers they could have let them die. Instead, an organization that is so incompetent it can’t even get its overpaid bus drivers to pick up passengers (2 half-full busses skipped my stop while I was waiting with 10+ people today on CT Ave) decided that rather than improving its service, it would prefer to fight some aging hippie about plants. The whole situation is emblematic of culture of petty authoritarianism at metro, be it surly station managers, incompetent bus drivers, or half-assed maintenance programs.

        • ^ this.

        • -1. I’m sorry you had a crappy commute but your argument doesn’t really make sense. They should be concentrating on service improvements, not negotiating property maintenance with local performance artists. If they let performance artists do their art all over Metro property they will forever be negotiating with the “aging hippies”; I don’t want them wasting resources on that. Further, one of their “overpaid bus drivers” stopped and picked me up right on time this morning (as they do almost every morning) so you might need to gather more data to support your point.

  • Rant: Driving. Ugh – only around 7 hours total on the road this weekend but it was 7 hours too much!

    Rave: Podcasts – such good company on road trips!

    Rave: Beautiful wedding of a good friend in a gorgeous setting. It was hot but it was tons of fun.

    Rant: Back to work and so much to do.

  • Rant: I had to part with my nanny after finding out she didn’t have an up to date work permit. I’m near tears over it… she’s so wonderful.
    Rant: Immigration reform… hurry the F up!!!

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Tried El Don Restaurant at 14th and Webster finally. Definitely the best Salvadorean/Mexican place we’ve tried so far. Tacos and Pupusas were excellent. Pollo a la Brasa was ok, but infinitely better than Pollo Sobroso. Also, was crazy cheap.

    Rave: 4th of July in Petworth was awesome as usual.

    Rave: Nationals are finally starting to play up to potential, and I’m unjustifiably excited about the moves the Wizards have made in the offseason so far.

    • andy

      I keep worrying El Don is gonna go out of business. Always seems too quiet.

    • I need to start eating there, since I live on Webster and can see it from my porch (oh, that sounds so Sarah Palin).

  • My little girl is four weeks old today! So hard to believe….

    Rant: she is a loud sleeper sometimes! She wakes us up with her little grunts before she’s really ready to wake up and eat, which compounds the sleeping issue. I think she might wake herself up before she really needs to if I let her continue to be noisy too. Not sure whether to put her in another room or to put her to sleep in her swing which seems to keep her sleeping less restlessly/more quietly. Or maybe just need to suck it up and deal with it?

    • This happened to us. My daughter was banished to her own room at around 4 weeks because she was such a loud sleeper. Opinions differ, but I think its easier on everyone to move them early. That way by the time they are conscious of their surroundings, they are used to sleeping in their own room.

      • How hard were the nighttime feedings in that case? Technically her room is on the floor above us, but we could put her cradle in the den, which is down the hall from us (gotta love tall rowhouses). I’m also a bit worried she’ll wake herself up with her noisiness; was that an issue for you? Thanks!!

        • In all honesty, the night time issues were the same as they would have been had she been in our room. Her room is right next door to ours. I think having to negotiate stairs might have been more difficult though.

        • Also, she did wake herself up with her own noise (still does sometimes, which by the way is breathtakingly cute) but she has gotten used to it. Yours will too.

    • my baby was loud from about 4-9 weeks. grunting and carrying on with gas. pump her little legs to help her. she’ll outgrow it, hopefully. I find it to be a lot easier to be in the same room. I’m so much less tired.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, both of you! I’ll try pedaling her legs more during the day. She often hates to be burped after I nurse her, and I often can’t tell whether she needs to or not. Maybe my wife and I should just see how the week goes and then contemplate about moving her this weekend–or ask the pediatrician next week at her one-month checkup. On the plus side, I usually just get up once to feed her in the middle of the night, but did need to put her in her vibrating bouncy seat this morning at about 6:30 to get another 45 minutes of sleep since she was so restless and loud (but not really awake).

  • Rant: getting gestational diabetes at 30 weeks really sucks!
    Rave: my little nugget is healthy, which is all that matters πŸ™‚

  • Rant: I had the flu all weekend. Unlike Jack5, it was not the Man Flu, but it was still horrible.

    Rave: Just got approved to move offices at the end of the summer. My first office window!

  • Rave: the Woodrow Wilson aquatic center in Tenleytown. I have encountered nothing but horribly mismanaged city services since moving to DC but I have to say the aquatic center is a surprise. I’m going to check out the one closer to my hose in Adams Morgan and I expect it is not as nice as Woodrow Wilson but hopefully it will be decently managed! Fingers crossed!

    Rant: Lack of eye contact and smiles from the ladies in this town. Now i expect to hear from the feminists on how I should not expect a girl to smile and yada yada yada but I’m a nice person trying to connect with people since I moved here with no friends and I am finding it impossible to even get a smile in this career climbing, politics driven, douche filled swamp. (and no I am not so ugly no one would ever smile at me regardless of the city)

    • lol – sounds like a deserved reality check

    • Wow, it’s totally weird that you call all of us douches and no one wants to hang out with you. It sounds like a real mystery to me.

    • try politely saying hi to people and not just creepily smiling at only women. we can tell who those douches are, and it sounds like you.

    • wow! such caustic responses. i’ll explain this behavior as it relates to my own conduct out in the world:

      as a female, there are definitely times when i am prone to appearing aloof and unavailable for even mild conversation. when walking around in public, my urban guard is usually up to prevent unwanted attention and to just appear very directed so that would-be street hassles are avoided. it’s really not about being unfriendly; it’s a demeanor you learn after innocent smiles and eye contact turn into requests for phone numbers, ‘can i walk with you?’, or outright creepiness that just isn’t worth risking. i truly hate the my friendly nature has to be suppressed to avoid all of the above but believe me, i learned the hard way that a friendly, smiley demeanor on the streets is viewed as an invitation by some men.

      when out at a bar or other gathering place, smiles and eye contact are the norm. just say ‘hi’ whenever the opportunity presents itself under those circumstances and i think you’ll find a much warmer response. good luck!

    • I’m a dork with zero street smarts so I smile at everyone.

  • MsNesbitt

    Rant: Apartment hunting in NYC = infinite grumbles. Keep your fingers crossed that we find a place with relative ease. I’ve already given up hoping to find a place without the defeat that is a broker’s fee.
    Rave: I had one of the best Fourth of July weekends in recent years. Spent the holiday itself on the beach and then watched the fireworks from atop the Flatiron Building. Then spent the weekend at my parents’ house BBQing and boozing. Thankful for no traffic on the way home and for the tan on my skin.
    Possible rave: Hopefully seeing The Guy this evening. Haven’t been able to get together in 2 weeks due to conflicting travel schedules. Need to see him in person soon, lest my interest wanes!

  • Rant: Okay, I’ve tried to give The Coupe in Columbia Heights numerous chances but I’m done. I love the atmosphere and the servers but waiting 40 minutes to an hour for your meal is ridiculous. My friend and I both ordered the Coupe special. Nothing spectacular, just eggs, french toast, etc. Our poor waiter came back three times to apologize for the slow kitchen response. The couple at the next table was seated before us and received their food when we were halfway through our meal. To make matters worse, they brought out only one of their orders. The woman’s boyfriend was so hungry he was eating some of his girlfriend’s meal. His food came when my friend and I were about to leave. This is not the first time the food has been slow to arrive, its happened every time we’ve gone there. Coupe, I love you but your kitchen staff sucks.

    Rave: The weekend weather was spectacular.

    • πŸ™ i only had a long wait time for brunch. have you had that problem for other meals too?

    • I tend to find the service is better if you sit at the bar, especially later in the evening.

    • I’ve been there on Sundays at 7:30 am when the place is dead and the wait for food has been loooooooong. I never looked at the time, but it’s long. My sister and brother in law go every Sunday and they say it’s always like that. It’s incredibly annoying.

  • For @Anon 3:52, I’ve had a problems with any time on the weekend. I’ve never tried them during the week which I guess I need to do before I write them off completely.

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