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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: I don’t have today off.
    Rave: 4 day work week is still nice.

  • RANT: at work today, but semi-rave: many have taken a long weekend so I can concentrate on my own projects

    RAVE: SNP White Oak Canyon was waaay less busy than I expected yesterday – maybe the rain (only a few showers) kept folks away.

  • Rave: Bootleg fireworks all over Petworth last night, and m roof didn’t catch on fire!! Yay!

    Rant: Police blocked perfectly valid parking spaces downtown for no reason at all, and then blocked all streets on the mall creating a serious traffic jam, I can understand with all the tourists though that it did save lives. Tourists are not able to cross streets in DC in a safe manner because they can’t see past their cell phone while walking.

    Rave: Date on Saturday… Wish me luck! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Rant: At work on a Friday. At least everyone else is gone. Hopefully a quiet and easy day. Thankful for Thursday, and as a matter of fact, for any day off… I work to live.

    • Is this date with the 24-year-old? (Or was it a 22-year-old whom you just recently met? I’m having trouble keeping track.) Or yet another prospect?

      • The 22 year old I met last week… She seems quite promising. I am wowed by her optimism and the way she asks me questions about myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • when a girl is young enough to be your daughter, you shouldn’t date her. I’m sorry. No matter how “mature” you think she is. I always dated older men, thinking “I’m so wise beyond my years”. But no, there is still a difference in priorities and available experiences. I ended up marrying someone just a couple of years younger, and am still surprised at the cultural divide (he’d never seen the Breakfast Club, for example).

          But it’s all too filled with drama for no reason for me to keep up with it.

          • I think there was only a 16 year difference if I’m not mistaken. I don’t think that is terrible. Mind you, when I was 22 I dated a 43 year old, for about one year. We had fun partying, but otherwise had basically nothing in common. I tend to gravitate to older men, but then realize sometimes they are even LESS mature then the guys my age. I guess it all just depends. In my opinion, if you click and it works, age won’t really make much a difference in the end.

            But, you also have to think about when you are older. Some very close friends of my family are a couple with a 15 year age difference, the man being 80 at the point and never wants to leave the house to travel, do anything, the woman still being only 65 and wants to still do a ton.

          • What if there is a 16 year difference, but the older person was in a coma for four years and therefore only experienced 12 more years of life than you did (true story)?

          • OMG!! I hope neither of us goes into a coma any time soon!

            Sounds like an episode of Young and the Restless.


            There is about a 16 year difference I believe. If I was simply to turn her down because of age, I’d be a douche bag… I look a bit younger than my years I’m told, I’m not intentionally dating younger women it’s just worked out that way so far. I’m bored. i like good company, and I like motivated people who are not too energetic and not scarred by the all too prevalent cynicism of this life. that’s mainly it.

          • So if youre 37, who cares! I think that as a man in his mid 30s it is actually kind of difficult to find women in the same age range because many are in relationships or are heavily involved in their career. Alternatively you end up the guy whos married friends are always trying to “set up” which is really just a disaster waiting to happen. I find the mid 20s (I know 22 is a bit younger) are kind of the sweet spot in terms of someone with a brain, interesting, and motivated. We live in DC, many 22 year olds are not airheads in this town.

          • For the people who think a 38-year-old guy dating a 22-year-old woman is no big deal… would you hold the same opinion about a 38-year-old woman dating a 22-year-old guy?
            Just curious.

          • Actually, when I was 23 I dated a 40 year old woman… I was in school and she worked for National Geographic. She had a nice house and all, I think she was just using me for the company, I was quite mature for my age back then, but we didn’t go to her company events together because I hated wearing suits back then. I didn’t see any problem with that.

          • Or what if it were a same-sex relationship?

        • Emmaleigh504

          I hope we get a full report on Monday and y’all have a great time!

        • Jack5, are you attracted to women your age? You keep saying that you just click with these very young women, and it makes me wonder whether you ever click with someone age-appropriate.

  • Rave: Great 4th with friends.
    Rant: Struggling at work today.
    Rant: More of a question. I recently stopped using restasis eye drops, and my eyes feel really dry a lot of the time. Has anyone else dealt with this? Anything I can do, or should I just ignore it?

  • Rant: Working today

    Rave: Leaving early! And I might see The Nighthawks tonight.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Another person at work today.

    Rave: So far very quiet day.

    Rave: Morning snacks for the folks at work.

  • RANT: Whoever recommended viewing 4th fireworks from the US Soldiers and Airmens home on popville. Very little activities (aside from food trucks). But the crux is that 60% to 75% of the fireworks were blocked by distant trees. I would definitely NOT recommend going to a 4th of July there. On the plus side, no tourists and after paying $5 dollars for parking, the drive home was 20 minutes with no traffic !

    • Hm. I would say only about 10% of the fireworks were behind the trees and, overall, it was a very pleasant experience. I went last year and I’d go again.

      • As someone who lives in that neighborhood, I didn’t understand how you could see the downtown show from the soldier’s home, but the 13th street overlook is too far away from all the downtown action, and way too crowded to work for me. Fireworks were everywhere in Petworth until 3am… I did go downtown for a little while, but didn’t miss much as I came home to a much bigger and longer show. I don’t know where people get those huge fireworks every year, pretty sure most of them were not legal. Hah.

        We could use more publicly accessible scenic overlook buildings in Columbia Heights for these types of events.

    • epric002

      huh. my rave is the fireworks from the soldiers home. had a GREAT time, delicious food, happy people, will totally go back again next year.
      rant: the trash from all the fireworks all over the streets, and especially at the upshur/allison dog park. how rude.

    Rave: We got a new car! Our first new car ever! Decided on a Ford C-Max (not the plug in…no where to plug it in!). Can’t wait to go places now!
    Rant: Got barely any money for our trade in, should have donated it but we don’t have the time to deal with all that these days.

  • Rant: It. Is. So. Hot. And worse to come as summer progresses, I’m sure. Ughhhh…
    Rave: Quiet office today.
    Tentative Rave: I may (may) be easing into a relationship. Here’s hoping that I don’t mess it up. I seem to be constantly pursuing guys who aren’t as into me as I am into them. This one might be different. We’ll see!

  • Quotia Zelda

    There may only be one other person with me in the office today. I’m not sure if that’s a rave or a rant.

    Rave: Walked over to my town’s modest fireworks display last night with my daughter.

    Rant: Said daughter promptly ditched me when she saw one of her friends.

    Rave: The fireworks were pretty anyway.

  • Major Rant: I’m trying to not stress about wedding planning and take our time, but we’ve recently realized that a lot of things are being booked up over a year ahead of time (mainly photographers). We’ve been engaged for a while now, so I’m feeling stupid for not rushing to plan everything.
    Rave: After reading the discussion a few days ago about Unitarian Universalists on Popville, I’ve convinced my fiance to try out one of the services near us. Hoping it’s a good fit for us.
    Rant: Despite never going to Church, he feels like we should be Christian and raise our future children as Christians and doesn’t seem to understand when I tell him I’m not comfortable with that.

    • Sorry about your third rant, that’s tough and frustrating. But just because he doesn’t go to church, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some sort of belief system/faith. Or maybe it is some kind of wanting for a community. Seems to be a lot of that going around lately with the questions about the humanist groups and UUC congregations (is that what they’re called – congregations? If not, I didn’t mean to offend). Sounds like you guys need to have a big talk about this – where is his wanting to raise the future kids as Christian coming from and where your discomfort is coming from, so you really do understand each other’s positions and can think about how to tackle it going forward. Good luck.

    • Good luck. With mutual respect for each other’s positions, you and your husband don’t necessarily have to have the exact same POV on this. For example, your husband could take the kids to church (if you did not want to participate), and as long as you don’t belittle their beliefs and he doesn’t present you as a hell-bound heathen, the kids won’t see this as anything out of the ordinary — this is just the way the family works, the same way that only Mom drops them off at school or only Dad takes them to Saturday breakfast or whatever. We live in a Judeo-Christian society, so unless he chooses a very conservative or close-minded denomination they won’t be learning anything that is likely to be incompatible with your own values.

      • +1. It’s all about respect and your statement “as long as you donโ€™t belittle their beliefs and he doesnโ€™t present you as a hell-bound heathen, the kids wonโ€™t see this as anything out of the ordinary” is spot on.

      • Yes I agree with the whole if he wants to take the kids to church he can and I’ve said that to him, but he still gets a little upset by it. I guess I could be the bigger person and agree to go, but I’m just really not comfortable in overtly Christian churches. I’m hoping that a UU church will be a good compromise for us.

    • Pre-mariterial counseling. One of the biggest reasons for divorce is differences of faith that become too much. You really need to be on the same page on big issues like this.

      • epric002

        +1 even if you don’t have any specific issues, it’s helpful to just talk about (any)things in an impartial setting.

      • I do want to say that being on the same page does not necessarily mean having the exact same belief, but finding ways to accommodate and respect each other. My parents are a devout Christian and a rabid atheist, and they’ve been happily married for over 40 years!

        • Yes, that would be fine too. They just need to have a real, honest conversation about this before they get married. And having a third party mediator will make this much easier.

          What you don’t want to have happen is having a half-assed conversation about this now, reaching some sort of truce that one or both sides isn’t really comfortable with and then five years down the road one of the two being very uncomfortable with the whole situation.

          In general, I’d recommend some sort of pre-marital counseling to everyone. Another big issue to discuss is money. How much are you going to save, what are your financial goals, how do you handle monthly financials, etc.

          • Absolutely agreed, I didn’t mean to suggest that pre-marital counseling won’t be helpful and valuable. Just that 100% agreement, even on the Big Issues, is not necessarily the only target for a happy future.

          • Thanks for your advice, I completely agree. I’ve suggested we get pre-marital counseling before, but my fiance is the kind of iffy about the idea. I have a hard time being supportive of his beliefs mainly because I don’t believe they’re his beliefs. He’s more of a we should go to church because it’s tradition kind of person rather than actually having any feeling behind it. But I’m working on acknowledging that if that makes him feel good, then more power to him. I just wish he would understand when I say I’m not Christian, that I mean it. Hopefully going to a UU service this weekend will open us up to a frank discussion. Luckily we have the money conversations pretty frequently and we generally agree in that area.

          • The fiance’s being iffy about premarital counseling does not sound good to me. Premarital counseling seems like the kind of thing that couldn’t possibly hurt and might well be helpful in clarifying/resolving certain issues.

    • pablo .raw

      One thing to know is that not all UU Churches are the same. Some are more christian or less christian and my understanding is that some other lean more to Buddhism, or not religious at all. In any case, the UU is more about the common elements of different religions and they are also involved in the fight for civil rights; i.e. the Bill legalizing same sex marriages in DC was signed at All Souls Unitarian Church.

    • em

      RE major rant: If you are still looking for a photographer, I would definitely recommend the photographer we used – Jenny McQueen at Capture Photography out of Richmond. (We went through George Street to find a photographer about six months ahead of the wedding. They contract with a bunch of photographers in the area – you give them your date, they show you portfolios from folks who are available on that date, and you get the package through George Street. But now that we know Jenny, I’d recommend going right to the source.)

      RE secondary rant: UU churches often have pretty good religious education for kids. If you find a UU church you like, you could check their website for info about their RE program.

      • Oh thanks for that photographer recommendation! And that George Street sounds like a very helpful service.. might have to check that out.

  • Rave: Headed to PEX tonight to have a trippy time

    Rant: Working today

  • Rave: Decided to go to the Yards Park last night and was really happy with the experience. You can’t see the Mall fireworks very well from there, but the skyline was filled with fireworks from MD and VA. We were there for an hour an a half watching them go off in every direction, and they were still going strong when we left. There were no crowds and lots of tables and chairs available, and it was cool and breezy by the water. And a pleasant walk from our house.

  • Revel: Quiet day in the office today with so many people still taking off.

    Here’s a question I’ve been thinking about: Do you think folks who moved to DC from elsewhere for careers sometimes look down on people who grew up around here who they otherwise would see as peers, because of the idea that perhaps they lack ambition if they are still in their hometown?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I don’t know if people do look down on people for lacking ambition to move out of their hometown, but what a bizarre reason to look down on someone. Some people like where they are from and are able to be successes there, other people aren’t as lucky.

    • Honestly, Sometimes I see it the other way around – and not only in DC, but people who live in places, who grew up there sometimes look down on the people who just moved there because they are not “natives”.

    • No way. On the contrary, I’m envious of people that grew up here. To be surrounded by so much ambition, and educational opportunities, and personal connections that can help you with future employment, is truly a blessing. Most of us newcomers grew up in blue collar small towns and did not have access to all that. And it must be nice to live in such a great city and still be geographically close to family and some of the people you grew up with.

    • As a DC native, I find that an interesting question from an angle I’d never condered before.
      I think for the most part my native firends and I don’t really care what the newcomers think of us, and logically, it makes sense – why look down on us for staying in the city that the newcomers have come to voluntarily? As for my own story: I did leave DC a few times, including to places other people are often anxious to move to – Seattle, NYC (twice), coastal Maine – and each time, in each place, in a few years I’d feel the unmistakeable desire to move back to DC. The last time I came back I had a little heart-to-heart with myself and realized that it’s stilly to move out again… this place is too good to give up – I am a Washingtonian and that’s that. Newcomers can think what they want.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Work, shooting 2 more weddings this summer and getting checks from other consultant work I’ve done.
    Rave: Great quiet 4th of July ending with photos of the fireworks which I’ve never done before as a photographer
    Rant: kind of a long walk to get to the point where I wanted to shoot the fireworks from. Also, I didn’t drink enough water.
    Rant: Bike accident, no serious injuries.

    • gotryit

      what was the bike accident?

      • pablo .raw

        I got too excited riding my awesome bike, and instead of turning with the handle bar, I decided to lean on one side (like motorcycles sometimes do) and my pedal got stuck on the pavement ๐Ÿ™ next thing I was on the ground in pain and people coming to help me. It was a little bit painful but I’ll survive! Thanks for asking.

        • gotryit

          Ouch. Best luck getting back in the saddle. I had a few near misses early on that way until I learned to keep the pedal up on the side that I’m turning to.

          What kind of bicycle?

          • pablo .raw

            I got it used on Craigslist, apparently the former owner is a serious biker so this is like the “light” road bike of the 70’s or 80’s, the gears are on the frame not on the handle. Italian frame beautiful to ride. I had to get back on the saddle right away! one of my legs was complaining on the way back though ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Sorry to hear about the accident, Pablo! (But glad to hear that people came to help you.)

        • Glad you’re OK man, big fan of your photography work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rant: This: https://www.taxpayerservicecenter.com/RP_Detail.jsp?ssl=0236%20%20%20%200064

    How in the world does a blighted property continue to exist (and smell like pee) in one of the hottest neighborhoods in the city?

    On a similar note, the old Republic Gardens space is now an informal homeless shelter/hangout.

    (I know this was a topic of discussion a few days ago on Popville.)

  • Rant: There’s a tree down on a parked minivan on South Carolina between 14th St and Kentucky Ave. Oddly, a K9 Unit vehicle was the only one on scene with the guy who called it in–probably the minivan over. As I rode past on my bike, the K9 officer was shouting into his radio, “No one wants to come in and assist, that’s what this really is!” Guess there are a lot of people who are having a rough post-4th morning. Disturbing to hear that the police were so very reluctant to report to a scene.

    • Rave for the K9 officer, though — sounds like he was doing his job and was justifiably frustrated with fellow officers who refused to do the same.

    • Would you say he was barking into his radio?

  • em

    We saw the C Max on display a few months ago in the Verizon Center, and it looked interesting. I currently have a Pontiac Vibe which is in good shape – but it is 10 years old, and as much as I would like it to, I know that it won’t live forever.

    • em

      Oops, that was supposed to be a reply to JinDC @ 10:35.

      • So far, it’s fun to drive…so quiet, and a little more elevated than our old car (but not like the Escape, which would have been my preference given the additional room for baby gear, but I didn’t want to have a battle over something as stupid as a car!).

        We went to Darcars in Lanham and they weren’t pushy, but I was disappointed with the trade in value.

        I like that we have a hybrid that we can “grow” into as we start to drive more, and the standard features are pretty sweet

    • I do not know what you are talking about. You can buy a spare 2003 Pontiac Vibe and you and all the other obsessive Pontiac Vibe owners can cannibalize it for parts! Plus, I hear the Arlington library has a big selection of service manuals.

      • em

        But the other Vibe-obsessed owners of the 2003 model year that I would share this parts car with live in Brooklyn and Portland. And what if we need the same part? Plus, where will we park our shared, half-dismembered CUV?

  • Rant: Neighborhood firecrackers and fireworks. Leave it to the big professional shows. They start / end at a reasonable time and actually are impressive unlike you jerks going at it until midnight with your little bottle rockets and crap. Go the F to sleep. No, I don’t like Disney or Christmas either. And get off my lawn you kids!

    • epric002

      i felt bad for all the poor dogs. we left ours in the basement with the TV on to try and drown it out, and she was still panting/pacing when we got home ๐Ÿ™ wouldn’t even go in the backyard to do her business. on the plus side, she is totally fine today, and probably slept like a log after being so stressed out.

      • My little dog, who is normally very anxious and skittish, doesn’t respond at all to fireworks. Does it affect big dogs more?

      • I know! Our poor pup was super stressed as well. We were home with her and turned the TV loud to try and drown it out, but no luck. I really wanted to go yell at some of my neighbors. This is my first 4th with a dog and I had no idea the affect it had on dogs before, so perhaps these people don’t know either.

        • My dog is going deaf in his older age. I feel bad because it’s actually a blessing as he doesn’t chew up woodwork in my house any more during the 4th and thunderstorms because he can’t really hear so well. :/

    • I don’t mind the neighborhood fireworks, however on a week night, I would love some type of enforcement to quiet down by midnight. Afterall, they are illegal fireworks!

    • Agreed with Anonymous 11:44 am. These amateur fireworks are potentially dangerous, and the noise going for hours on end is ridiculous.

  • epric002

    well, hopefully the uber-high stress ones didn’t destroy their peoples’ houses in the meantime. we’re lucky that ours is so low key, but there are some highly neurotic dogs out there.

  • Rant: It’s so quiet in my office that I can hear the guy in the cube diagonal from mine breathing and chewing noisily.

  • Rave: Get to go see my sis this weekend before she moves out of the country forever
    Rant: its a 6.5 hour drive
    Rant: Forgot to bring any good cds for the car
    Rave: Just a generally good feeling

  • binpetworth

    Rave: Wilson Ramos
    Rave: My neighbors who launched hours of bootleg fireworks last night cleaned up the streets afterward–there wasn’t a trace of refuse at 8 am this morning. Thanks, neighborinos!

    • Nice!
      Unfortunately with my neighbors, this will be just one more source of litter for me to pick up. ๐Ÿ™

    • pablo .raw

      One of my neighbors decided that it was fun to throw some fireworks in something like a barrel, the sound was magnified and that was right when I was going to bed. Down with firecrackers!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I like firecrackers! They remind me of my grandmother. She would make my grandfather guy buy the longest strings of firecrackers he could find and tie them together so that there would be 1 super long string. It was fun. Of course they also did this at dusk, not midnight.

        • I don’t! They remind me of gunshots and the people that I’ve seen shot. Have fun, and thanks for not doing it at midnight.

          • If you ever spend a summer in a neighborhood that has a lot of both you learn to tell the difference.

          • I have been for a while now and I still can’t.

            Sure, some are obviously fireworks or firecrackers. But some sound like gunshots. And sometimes those are shot off in a pattern that sounds like people shooting at eachother. Or maybe it really is people shooting at eachother.

  • gotryit

    Rant: Sick of the violence around here. WTF is wrong with people?
    Rave: Moving soon.
    Rant: Not soon enough.
    Rave: New house will be awesome when we’re done with it.

  • I like being at work today – the commute was a breeze and the office is 3/4 empty. Best of all, it feels like Monday but then I remember that it’s sFriday and that feels great!
    I think July 4th should be on Thursday all the time.

  • Rant: ghetto fireworks kept me up most of the night. Woke up with a headache and not feeling well.

    Rant: went to the ATM very early this morning before work, head still hurts…couldn’t remember my pin number (which I’ve had for a very very long time) to save my life. I’m so tired…had to go to the bank during lunch to get cash. Still don’t remember pin.

    Non-rant: work is slow and I am going to try and am going to the pool to relax post work

  • Rant: Lost pit bull near the Takoma metro station ran across traffic to make it to shady spot in an apartment doorway near Soup Girl. He just flopped on the ground panting. I ran home to get him some water and food but when I came back he was gone. I feel so bad that I didn’t just run into one of the carryouts and ask them for some water. I should have tried to get him to come home with me.

    • lol…”lost”, just a typically pit owner, no collar no tags no nothing, somebody just set him free to get his exercise, he ran back to his “home”, before you could provide. be happy you didn’t have to deal with him.

      • The owner might be a lameass, but that doesn’t mean the dog should suffer (and risk getting hit by traffic) as a result. I think MK’s concern for the dog is commendable.

  • Annie88

    Rave: Friday!
    Rave: Empty office on a Friday!
    Rant: Roommates and I embarked on a long-term project together, but as time goes on it looks like I will be the one responsible for the majority of the project. Frustrated that people aren’t proactive about doing the things they said they would do, leaving me to badger them. I don’t wanna nag ! ๐Ÿ™

  • Rant: I thought we might be getting early dismissal today, especially since almost no one is in the office… but apparently we’re not. ๐Ÿ™

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